10 Best Times to Buy Bath and Body Works Candles

The perfect answer for that is always. You want to make memories, luscious, heavenly-scented ones. There is never a wrong time to do that. Make sure you’re accompanied by the scent that will make you relive things all over again the second it hits your nose.

When is the best time to get some nice candles from Baths and Body Works?

  1. Candle Day
  2. After your first (or third) B&B Works Coupon of the Year
  3. After Christmas
  4. Home Spa Day
  5. Before Starting a Healthy Habit
  6. Date Night
  7. Summer
  8. Right After a Divorce

     There is something about a candle that turns everything around it to magic,  a Bath and Body Works candle’s ability to do that is other-worldly; maybe it’s the way it burns itself just for you.

There is at least one of these magic sticks in every home, but if you’ve tried them once, you will always need more.

So when is the best time to get some more? Here are 10 ideas!

Candle day

You might want to clear up space in your candle drawer for this one!

If you know anything about Bath and Body Works, then you know about Candle Day.

It is that magical day of the year that nobody knows when it will be but looks forward to.

It typically falls days before Christmas, and it’s the best opportunity to replenish your home (or your gifts list) with some ambrosial, on-sale bougies

So when it starts smelling like Christmas, let the hunt begin.

After your first (or third) B&B Works Coupon of the Year

Bath & Body Works want your life to be fragrant. Why else would they give you free coupons as soon as you subscribe to their mailing list?

According to their official website, all you need to do is “fill out our Mailing Address Update email form.”

Choose “Add me to your mailing list” as your Request Type and provide all relevant information. Then you should be good to go!”

This is a great way to save money and satisfy your candle thirst (or your candle scent?).

After Christmas

The holy semi-annual sale by Bath & Body Works is the best time to grab some fancy bougies at great prices.

The sale takes place twice a year, one of which is instantly after Christmas.

When the snow melts and the weather is less jolly, it is time to replace those Christmas lights with some low-cost, aromatic 03 wicks from B&B Works.

Home Spa Day

There is nothing like a relaxing pamper day at home to help you recharge.

With the Japanese Cherry Blossom or the Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity 03 wicks, you are granted resort-level spa baths.

It takes four business hours to receive your orders from Baths and Body Works and start your heaven scented pamper routine at home.

Don’t forget to add your favorite book and some relaxing Jazz music to the mix for the perfect results. 

Before Starting a Healthy Habit

Here are the benefits of a good candle: it calms the mind, a calm mind leads to restful sleep, restful sleep leads to a good mood, a good mood leads to consistency, and consistency is the key to the ideal lifestyle.

Whether relaxing in your reading nook or maintaining a clean space at home, a cluster of candles around is your best friend.

Tell me a good candle from B&B Works isn’t a magic stick. I dare you.

Date Night

Needless to say, walking into a candlelit home after a long day at work can work miracles for your love life.

Adding some glims of your favorite scents from the Baths and Body works collection to your candle-lit home ensures the right ambiance for a romantic, quality time with your chérie.

Besides, their dim lights will put just the right twinkle into your partner’s eyes. How lovey-dovey is that?


Remember the semi-annual sale we talked about earlier?

The second period is one summer month, usually from June to July. This is the ideal time for a luscious Baths and Body Works candles haul.

These sales will guarantee the most aromatic content if you are a content creator or a lifestyle blogger/Youtuber.

Plus, summer is always the right time to stock up on good candle bargains for those cold winter nights.

Right After a Heartbreak/divorce

Heartbreaks are hard. Heartbreaks without the recipe I’m about to give you? They are harder.

A half-full bowl of ice cream, a soapy Netflix series, and some Bath and Body Works candles are the way to go when suffering from heartache.

As soon as the scents start hitting, don’t forget to cry your eyeballs out until you’re lulled into sleep.

After a few days of this routine, your heart will feel as good as new.

Just remember who was there for you when life was unbearable. Here’s a hint: they’re wax sticks that light up your life.

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