The Best Time To Buy Granite Countertops

The best time to buy a granite countertop is during the Summer.

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Doing a kitchen renovation or changing the countertop is a complex task, and doing it at the right time is essential to achieve a faster and better result.

We know that many individuals choose to carry out this renovation at random times. But what is the best time to buy a granite countertop?

This big question will be answered in this article.

Best Time To Buy Granite Countertops

What is the buzz about Granite countertops?

Granite countertops are made from natural stone, are available in various designs, and stand out mainly for their enormous resistance.

This is a special countertop made of granite. It is weather resistant and can withstand high temperatures.

One of the basic reasons why granite is used for countertops is that it is extremely hard.

It withstands bumps and scratches and remains without losing its original color for years!

Even if it is subjected to the sun or water, which is extremely favorable if you want to use it in your kitchen.

Suppose you have to hit something hard or casually drop a heavy pot on the counter…while any other surface may take some damage, a granite countertop will do just fine!

Granite is so strong that you can even run a knife over it, and it won’t scratch!

However, for added durability, it’s best to use a cutting board on your countertop, but if it slips or a fork or any other metallic object falls on it, you will not have to worry! Your granite countertop will be.

The resistance of granite has been famous for generations.

Of course, if your kitchen is going to have continuous use or if you have a large family, it will be best to use this wonderful material for your countertop.

When is the best time to buy a granite countertop?

Considering the sturdy nature of the countertop, all seasons are great for granite installation. What matters is your convenience.

If winter favors you and you have ample time to refix your kitchen, go for it. If Summer is your most convenient time, then go ahead.

However, kitchen refurbishing is mostly carried out in the Summer; hence the demand for granite countertops might be high during Summer.

The increase in demand will cause the price to reduce. The best time to buy a granite countertop is during the Summer.

If the price during the Summer is very friendly, go for it.

Why you should buy granite countertops during the Summer

Now let’s throw lots of light on why Summer the best time to buy granite countertops. Here we go!

Cleaning granite is very simple

Since granite comes in different shades, but mainly it has a great light background, you may be wondering how to clean a granite countertop; well, although this material has great durability and does not stain easily, some products can damage it.

Muriatic acid, for example, is extremely corrosive and should never be used neatly.

It is forbidden to clean the granite because it burns it to such an extent that it can damage its surface, making a crack the size of the amount of acid you have put, also producing toxic vapors on contact.

In case the granite has been stained, for example, by a burn, it will be enough to call an expert to polish it so that it will be as good as new and polished in a few minutes!

It is resistant to high temperatures

A fundamental aspect when considering when to buy granite for kitchen countertops is that it resists high temperatures.

However, the manufacturer must guarantee that the granite material is pure and not an imitation.

If you use a surface stove in your kitchen, a granite countertop can be an effective solution to have a beautiful and durable space.

Still, you must consider the distance between the stoves that are close to the wall space, wide enough so that the flame of the gas burners or the electric resistance is not too close to the end because it does not give the surface of the pots a tolerance space will cause the granite to smoke.

Granite offers a wide range of colors

Due to its composition, granite offers a wide range of colors, such as a white base with gray and black dots, a pink base with brown and red flecks, a gray base tone with shades of green and black, and even a dark green base with black flecking.

In the last season, one of the most requested colors for granite countertops is black, which combines with extremely elegant styles, such as minimalist, and looks good with all kinds of colorful tiles and walls.

It is a very elegant material

Granite is a natural material with timeless elegance that combines with any kitchen style; its design is completely natural and can be cut to suit your needs.

Its wide range of colors combines very well with all types of furniture and gives a spectacular and long-lasting shine with minimal maintenance.

A countertop in black or green looks spectacular in large spaces, focusing visual attention on a certain point.

In contrast, light-color granite countertops easily expand the space visually.

Benefits of changing the countertop in the Summer

One main reason people buy their granite countertops in the Summer is that there is more time to do it.

It is vacation time, in which, in addition, the neighbors are less disturbed, with more available on the part of the workers, etc.

There is also more time to choose the most suitable materials, fundamental in countertops, in which quality is the key to greater resistance and durability.

Another factor that affects this is that the summer months do not involve as frequent use of the kitchen as other seasons of the year.

It is common to spend days away from home or go on vacation, even when the kitchen is stopped, or make fresh meals that do not need to be cooked, for example.

Wrapping up

One of the most important decisions when we face the reform or design of a kitchen is deciding the best time to buy and fix your countertop.

One material that stands out in this area is always all the pool granite countertops.

Of course, they are not the only options; there are many more, but few with a better combination of quality, price, and design. Summer is always the best time to buy.

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