Best Time To Buy Volaris Tickets (Save 25%+)

The best way to save money on Volaris tickets is to book early and be flexible. Buying at least 6-8 weeks in advance saves around 25% on average. Flying midweek on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays can mean up to $75 savings over weekend departures. Finally, consider nearby airports for cheaper base fares – a two hour drive can translate to $100+ discounts. Booking early and staying flexible with dates and airports nets big savings on Volaris airfare.

Booking airline tickets can be an expensive endeavor, especially if you are traveling internationally or during popular travel seasons.

However, there are ways to get cheaper flights if you know the best times to book your Volaris airline tickets.

As Mexico’s largest low-cost carrier, Volaris offers affordable fares to destinations across Mexico, the United States, Central and South America.

But ticket prices still vary depending on travel dates, seasons and how far in advance you book.

Follow this guide to learn insider tips on the optimum booking windows for cheaper Volaris airfares.

key pointers

  • Book domestic routes 1 to 3 months out (or 1 to 4 weeks out for midweek flights)
  • Purchase international and US itineraries 4 to 8 months in advance
  • Use fare calendars to identify lower-priced days amidst trends
  • Always compare one-way versus roundtrip pricing
  • Try open-jaw booking for more flexible and cost-effective travel
  • Clear cookies and search incognito for unbiased true fares 
  • Book directly on and apply promo codes 
  • Check alternate nearby airports for smaller crowds and sales 

When to Book Volaris Flights for the Cheapest Prices

To save the most money on Volaris tickets, the two key factors are when and how early you book your flight. Booking at the right time before your travel and understanding airfare trends by season can lead to significant savings.

Here is an overview of the best times to book Volaris flights:

Domestic Flights

  • 1-3 months in advance: Prices are generally lowest and availability is still decent.
  • 6 weeks out: Still a good time for deals. Prices may start rising.
  • 1-4 weeks out: You may find last minute fare sales, especially mid-week.

International/US Flights

  • 4-8 months out: Great availability and cheaper prices, especially during off-peak seasons.
  • 2-3 months out: Prices rise but deals are still possible, depending on destination.

Holidays/Peak Dates

At least 4-6 months before: Lock in flights as early as possible for major holidays and busy seasons when fares are higher.

Here is more detail on the best booking windows for Volaris airfare deals broken down by route and season.

Domestic Mexico Flights 

Volaris serves over 70 cities across Mexico. When flying within the country, aim to purchase tickets 1 to 3 months in advance for the best fares.

The exception is last minute deals 1 to 4 weeks out if traveling mid-week instead of Friday/Sunday flights.

Early Booking: 1-3 Months Out

Booking Volaris flights within Mexico about 1 to 3 months ahead often provides the best prices and decent availability.

Fares usually hit their peak 14-21 days pre-travel, so buying earlier saves money. Plus you still have flexibility if plans change verses booking 6+ months in advance.

Aim to book Mexican domestic flights at least 6 weeks out if possible, which is still reasonably early for cheaper fares.

Prices may start to elevate closer than that. For desired departures, check fares daily 1 to 3 months ahead as sales can pop up anytime.

Signing up for Volaris email alerts can help you snag deals right when they appear too.

Last Minute Mid-Week: 1-4 Weeks Out 

If booking closer to your travels, aim for mid-week flights. Tuesday/Wednesday or Saturday flights are generally cheaper last minute versus higher demand Friday/Sunday departures that attract higher fares.

While rare, you may also luck out with a last minute fare sale 1 to 4 weeks out if weekdays are more flexible.

Mid-week flights that haven’t sold well could drop briefly. Use fare calendars to monitor prices and set alerts. Jump on a short sale fast before discounted fares expire or sell out.

International and US Flights

For flying abroad and between Mexico and the US, the best time to book Volaris flights is earlier at 4 to 8 months pre-travel.

Prices progressively get higher the longer you wait with such routes.

Peak vs Off-Peak Seasons

Airfare to popular destinations usually spikes during peak summer and holiday seasons.

For trips from late May through August or during major holidays like Christmas, secure flights as early as possible.

Aim for 4 to 8 months out or whenever fares are released by the airline to lock in tickets before costs jump higher.

In contrast, fall and winter trips allow more leeway on booking times. Still, aim for 2 to 6 months advance purchase for cheaper prices during off-peak seasons.

Monitor fares using calendar tools as sales can occur anytime. Flights to leisure destinations often drop in late August/September after the summer rush too.

When Personal/Vacation Dates are Fixed

If your travel dates are firm and you need specific flights, buy as soon as your schedule is set.

This avoids no longer finding your ideal flights available later at a workable price. Again, peak summer trips should be booked up to 8 months out when possible.

Holidays and Busy Travel Times 

During major holidays and college Spring Break weeks, Volaris flights fill up fast.

Booking last minute around the holidays almost always means paying a much steeper airfare.

To save money, purchase holiday tickets 4 to 6 months early at a minimum.

Setting fare alerts is wise too so you’re notified if holiday sales release discounted seats before they sell out.

Here is a breakdown of when to book Volaris airfare for major travel periods:

Travel PeriodRecommended Booking Timeframe
Christmas/New Year’sSeptember at the latest, up to 10 months out
Easter WeekJanuary, around 2-3 months in advance
Mexican Spring BreakJanuary/February, buy 3 months ahead
US Spring BreakDecember/January, around 4 months ahead
Mexican Independence WeekJune, about 3 months early
Summer VacationsFebruary/March for June-August trips

No matter when you book, be sure to compare fares across multiple days. Price variances everyday are common. Don’t assume one date is cheaper than another without checking regularly first.

Inside Tips to Find Cheaper Fares

Beyond perfecting your booking timeline, leveraging these insider tricks can help reveal lower airfares on Volaris too:

  • Use Volaris or Google Flights calendar tools – Their visual calendars make monitoring prices across dates easy. Set email alerts when prices drop.
  • Clear browser cookies before searching – This hides your browsing history from raising prices.
  • Try Incognito or private browsing – Prevents tracking of your searches impacting fares.
  • Book one-way flights – Combining separate one-ways is sometimes cheaper than roundtrips.
  • Consider open-jaw flights – Fly into one city, return from another can cost less.
  • Try nearby alternative airports – Search flights to Mexico City’s Toluca airport or Monterrey’s Querétaro airport which attract less demand.
  • Fly mid-week dates – Prices are usually lower on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays versus Fridays or Sundays.
  • Watch for sales releasing 24 hours or less – Swiftly jump on last minute deals that may disappear fast.

Now let’s explore all these Volaris airfare booking tips more in-depth.

Use Fare Calendars to Pinpoint Best Prices

Volaris and Google Flights offer calendar tools that display month-by-month fare trends. This helps visualize the cheapest and most expensive travel dates at a glance. Monitoring changes daily also shows when sales pop up.

Simply enter your route to pull up the calendar view of pricing. each date will display the lowest fare available. Here’s what to look for: 

  • Green/red date boxes – Green means cheaper flights, red is pricier.
  • Price drops on specific dates – This signals a short sale worth jumping on.
  • Cheaper mid-week flights – Typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Saturdays. 
  • Steady low fares early on – These gradually rise closer to departure later.

Set email price alerts on your preferred travel dates and buy once airfares hit your target rate. Traffic light color coding makes this visual approach simpler than checking back manually each day.

Clear Cookies to Reveal Better Fares 

Travel sites use cookies to track your browsing and shopping behaviors online. The more you search a route, the more they learn your travel plans over time.

To counter their fare algorithms, regularly clear your cookies and cache when searching flights.

This hiding your browsing history tricks the system into providing different results as if it’s your first search.

After clearing cookies, search Volaris in an incognito browser window for added privacy. The refreshed session can display more accurate pricing without assumptions from past views.

Search Anonymously in Incognito Mode

Similarly, flight search engines track data during each online session to personalize results.

Switching to incognito or private browsing prevents saving this activity. Plus it hides your location which can alter fare availability.

Like clearing cookies, this anonymous approach resets online tracking for true pricing. Bypass personalized results or locations impacting rates to see actual fares available to any new customer.

Some key points when searching Volaris flights incognito:

  • Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browsers
  • Open a new incognito window, not tab
  • Compare fares to a normal browser session

If incognito prices differ, this technique is working by providing unbiased ticket options. Book the lowest fare you find between regular vs private modes.

Price One-Way Flights Separately 

Most travelers instinctively search roundtrip airfares. But two one-way flights separately can surprisingly be cheaper at times.

This opens up more fare possibilities across individual dates verses locking return flights together.

Volaris offers ‘Plan Simple Fares’ where routes sell each way at fixed rates when reserved as single trips.

If no roundtrip discounts apply, dividing your itinerary into two one-way searches compares more rates per flight.

Whenbooking one-ways, be sure both flights work schedule-wise in case connections differ.

One-way logic applies to open-jaw itineraries too (see below). Just price segments A to B and then C back home individually.

Try Open-Jaw Flight Options

Open-jaw flights involve traveling to one destination but returning back from another city.

Essentially combining two one-way flights with the outbound and inbound cities different. This maximizes exploring more places without backtracking.

For example, flying Volaris from Mexico City to Cancun, then returning later from Merida. Since traditional roundtrips end where they began, open-jaws unlock more flexible routing.

Beyond convenience, dividing an open-jaw into two one-ways can reduce costs below roundtrip fares. The inbound city swap often lowers demand so cheaper flights get released.

Be sure to price open-jaw flights both as a full itinerary and as separate one-ways. Compare options to determine the cheapest booking method per trip.

Consider Nearby Alternative Airports

Major airline hubs attract higher demand given their larger size and plentiful flight options. Searching smaller alternate airports can provide cheaper Volaris fares by avoiding mainstream choices.

Two examples include using Toluca Airport (TLC) when traveling near Mexico City instead of Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX).

For Monterrey flights, try Querétaro Airport (QRO) versus Monterrey Airport (MTY) itself.

Similarly, don’t assume the closest hub is best when multiple airports service a region. Weigh options across smaller airports which compete aggressively on fares to attract leisure traffic from their larger neighbors.

Just be sure alternate airports work logistically with ground transportation and connections factored into total costs. Avoid excessive taxi/transit rides that diminish cheaper flight savings.

Fly Mid-Week Dates for Lower Fares

We touched on this briefly already, but travelers rigid on only flying Fridays and Sundays pay a premium due to higher demand.

More flexibility choosing Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday departures can provide big Volaris airfare savings.

Check a fare calendar’s cost spectrum across days of the week to pinpoint cheaper mid-week flights.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays in particular attract less leisure traffic than weekends. So prices dip on low-demand days to motivate purchases.

If your schedule allows wiggle room, compare airfares shifting outbound and return dates earlier/later in the week. Even one day shifts can display major fare differences when less travelers compete to fly.

Act Fast on Last Minute Fare Sales

While rare, Volaris may suddenly release discounted fares close-in just weeks before departure.

This flash sale tactic aims to fill remaining seats that haven’t yet sold. The deep discounts are temporary, sometimes only available for 24-48 hours.

Typically cheaper last minute deals appear for mid-week flights where availability is higher. The airline hopes lower fares will entice last minute planners to book previously empty seats.

Set price alerts and monitor calendars for sudden drops signaling sales. Being ready to book immediately before the sale ends lets you score genuine deals other procrastinators will miss. Just know options may be limited.

Maximize Booking on the Volaris App and Website

Volaris offers a streamlined booking experience through their mobile app and website (no offline ticket offices). Optimize these self-service platforms using their built-in tools and exclusive promotions.

Get Rewarded Booking Direct

Always purchase tickets at versus third-party websites. This earns frequent flyer points for money-saving perks like: 

  • Earning free flights
  • Elite status upgrades
  • Waiver of change fees
  • First bags checked free
  • Additional baggage allowance

Booking directly also provides proper confirmation details should any customer service help be needed later. Avoid potential complications using third-party sellers.

Leverage Promo Codes

Volaris actively offers promo codes providing discounts on base fares year-round. Before confirming any booking, search current promo codes which typically range from 10-25% off flights.

Popular deal sites like Groupon also receive exclusive Volaris discount codes to share with members. Signing up can alert you to budget flight sales and stack add-on promo savings too.

Some coupon caveats:

  • Fine print may restrict certain routes or travel dates.
  • Codes are often one-time use or expire quickly.
  • Discounts apply to base fare only versus fees.

Use the Volaris App Hints

When searching flights in their app, enable ‘App Hint‘ notifications in settings.

This triggers pop-up alerts about expiring promotions and even upcoming destination deals.

Offer timing through the app often debuts sales early before wider public announcement.

Turning on these notifications provides insider access to cheap fares and mistake fares updated in real-time.

Consider the VClub Membership

Volaris’ paid VClub subscription starts at $49 per year and includes worthwhile perks like:

  • First checked bag flies free
  • Flexible flight changes with no fee
  • Priority boarding zones 
  • Exclusive member fares

VClub essentially bundles add-ons that otherwise cost extra to purchase individually per flight.

Frequent Volaris travelers can easily recoup their initial fee through free first bag and change fee savings alone.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Before buying Volaris tickets, there are several important factors to consider to ensure a smooth and cost-effective travel experience. Here are some user-friendly and practical tips to help you make an informed decision:

1. Flexible Travel Dates

  • Volaris often offers the best deals on flights during specific times of the year. Being flexible with your travel dates can help you take advantage of these offers.

2. Membership and Discount Programs

  • Volaris offers membership programs like and v.pass, which can provide access to exclusive deals and discounts on airfare.

3. Additional Services

  • Explore the additional services offered by Volaris, such as, travel deals, and v.pass, to customize your travel experience and potentially save on your overall trip costs.

4. Payment Options

  • Familiarize yourself with Volaris’ various payment methods, including online banking, credit/debit cards, and cash payments at airport counters, to choose the most convenient option for you.

5. Saving Tips and Promotions

  • Keep an eye on Volaris’ official website and promotional offers for saving tips, group travel benefits, and low-cost travel options to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential discounts.

It’s also essential to carefully review the terms and conditions of your ticket purchase, including any additional fees for services like seat selection, carry-on luggage, or airport assistance, to avoid any surprises during the booking process.

By considering these factors and staying informed about Volaris’ offerings, you can make well-informed decisions when purchasing your tickets and potentially save on your travel expenses.


Using these tips to optimize when and how you book should lead to considerable savings on Volaris fares for flights within Mexico as well as to the US and internationally.

While flight costs will continue to fluctuate, following an optimal booking strategy boosts your odds of savings. Remain vigilant in tracking prices as unexpected sales can occur anytime too.

Snapping up cheap fares quickly lets you explore Mexico, Central America and beyond without overspending!

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