Best Time To Buy A New Laptop (60%+ Off)

For rock-bottom laptop prices, aim to shop during back-to-school sales in July to September and Black Friday in November. Retailers deeply discount current-year models by up to 60% off or more to attract students and holiday shoppers. Additionally, the announcement of newly updated models in the spring often prompts price cuts on older inventory. Sign up for deal alerts, check manufacturer refurbs, and consider previous generation models for the most wallet-friendly options.

Buying a new laptop is an exciting prospect, but it can also be a major investment. With laptop prices ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, finding ways to save money is important. The good news is that there are optimal times throughout the year when you can score big discounts on laptops. Read on to learn strategies on timing your laptop purchase to maximize savings.

Look Out for Back to School Sales (July – September)

One of the best times of year to buy a discounted laptop is during the back to school sales that take place between July and September. This period tends to have major deals and price drops on laptops aimed at students heading back to school. Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart usually offer back to school tech deals with average savings of up to 20%.

Besides great bargains, back to school laptop deals also come with freebies like gift cards, branded backpacks, mice, etc. College students can find education exclusive pricing and bundles during back to school sales. So if you don’t specifically need a laptop for the fall semester, you can still benefit from these summer savings events.

Wait for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bargains (November)

The holiday shopping stretch from late November through December sees major discounts on laptops, making it one of the best times to buy a new mobile computer. Black Friday and Cyber Monday especially have some of the lowest laptop prices all year long, with savings as deep as $200-300.

From budget laptops under $500 to high-end models over $1,000, Black Friday laptop deals span a wide range. Brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and Asus tend to offer the steepest price cuts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Besides the laptops themselves, retailers also provide bundle offers adding extras like gaming mice, laptop bags, and external storage to sweeten the purchase.

Look for Price Drops Around New Laptop Model Releases

An opportune time to grab laptop discounts is when updated versions hit the market, usually early in the year or fall. Retailers will discount existing laptop models to clear out older inventory and make way for new releases. For instance, buying a laptop in the spring could mean snagging the previous year’s model at 15-25% off.

The key is to track laptop manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Lenovo to find out their yearly refresh timelines for flagship lines. Then watch for sales in the timeframe around 1-2 months before the official announcement. At this time stocks of older models will be limited, so expect aggressive price cuts intended to sell out remaining inventory.

Identify Year-End & Post Holiday Clearance Deals

The end of the year from December through January sees many leftover holiday laptop deals and inventory clearing sales after the rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Retailers are eager to get rid of surplus laptop stock, so this is when shoppers can scoop up even steeper bargains. Discounts typically range from 25-50% off with some reaching up to 60% for clearance items, making this period ideal for scoring budget laptops.

Aside from off-price retailers like Walmart and Best Buy, check manufacturer websites like HP and Lenovo for direct flash sales on laptop overstock. Refurbished and open box deals also surface during this time, if you don’t mind gently used tech. The key is checking frequently for short-lived deals on a daily or weekly basis.

Consider Refurbished and Used Laptops

If you’re looking for even cheaper ways to save money on laptop purchases, buying refurbished and used devices is a smart route. Refurbished laptops offered directly from the manufacturer or trusted resellers can provide premium models at hundreds below retail pricing. Refurbs undergo stringent testing and restoration to function like new. Many even include full 1 year warranties.

Used laptops in “Good” or “Excellent” graded condition purchased through reputable sites like Best Buy Outlet and Amazon Renewed also offer solid savings off new models. On sites like eBay, Craigslist or OfferUp you can find even cheaper secondhand device locally, but should thoroughly inspect and test before purchasing.

Just keep in mind factors like older components, shorter battery life, and lack of original warranty when weighing if the discounted cost is worth it. Always verify return policies as well when buying used or refurbished.

Wait For Promotional Discounts and Store Gift Cards

Another way you may luck into laptop deals is by timing your purchase around promotional sales events. Retail chains like Best Buy frequently run limited time discounts like coupon codes and dollars off for newsletter subscribers. Signing up for email lists and downloading retailer apps can alert you to exclusive laptop price cuts.

Stores also offer gift cards with laptop purchases on select models and brands, bumping up savings especially around the holidays. Building up and redeeming your own gift cards that were received earlier in anticipation of a laptop purchase is another simple way to secure a bargain. 

Consider Open Box, Floor Models and Demo Units

Checking open box laptop inventory and displays in local stores can reveal heavily reduced offers if you don’t mind units handled by other customers. Models used as in-store displays and demonstration units for a few weeks or months often get marked down significantly when retired from service.

While these systems are technically used, they have seen limited customer testing. Visual inspections before purchase is recommended, along with checking return policies closely. This approach works best for bargain hunters less concerned over getting brand new sealed packaging and who prioritize maximizing savings over mint condition.

Take Advantage of Student and Work Discounts

Specialized discounts exclusive for students and employee purchase programs offer another money saving opportunity for laptop shoppers. Students and teachers can access academic discounts from manufacturers and retailers using a valid school email address and ID during checkout for 5-20% off laptops.

Many corporations also partner with computer brands to extend special rates for employees looking to purchase laptops for personal use with average discounts of 10-30% on select models. Checking for these types of exclusive promo codes and verifying eligibility is an easy way to effortlessly save money on new laptops. 

Consider Price Matching

Savvy laptop buyers can optimize deals by utilizing generous price match guarantees extended by major retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon and more. This strategy guarantees you get the lowest price by allowing you to request a credit refund for the difference if your recently purchased laptop gets discounted lower post-purchase or by a competitor.

Terms typically allow for price adjustments within at least 14-30 days from original purchase date. Executing this perk around Black Friday when prices fluctuate wildly can really maximize your savings. Just make sure to understand each retailer’s specific price match policy terms before buying.


Finding the best laptop deals is a mix of timing, luck and employing savvy shopping strategies. Peak discount periods coincide with major sales holidays like Black Friday and back to school season. However excellent savings can also happen year round if you pounce on time sensitive promotions and inventory clearances.

Considering used, refurbished and open box items, working student/employee discounts and utilizing price matching opens up even more ways to get the lowest price on your next laptop purchase. Following these tips will ensure you score the absolute best time to buy your new laptop computer.

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