Best Time To Buy First Class Tickets (Save Huge)

Aim for Tuesday afternoons between 3-6 weeks before your travel date using the Hopper app to track historical price drops. Sign up for airlines’ email lists for sales alerts and exclusive promo code offers. Be flexible on departure days/times if your schedule allows – even one day variance can mean $100+ savings. Consider booking on Wednesday mornings when new airfare sales tend to release. For international flights, start monitoring prices 5-6 months out for optimum deals.

Booking lavish first or business class seats often requires spending thousands. But by following clever tips from travel experts, you can dramatically cut costs and still enjoy premium flights. This simplified guide reveals when and how to buy discounted fares.

We’ll provide key data like the best airline sales seasons, most affordable destinations/months, along with step-by-step techniques to leverage.

Expect money-saving hacks on locking in low fares to everywhere from the Caribbean to Dubai and Honolulu to Paris.

Let’s explore smart ways to experience luxury planes without sky-high prices!

Snag Domestic First Class Deals

For flights inside the U.S., aim to purchase first class approximately 6 to 8 weeks out. Tuesdays at 12am ET consistently have cheaper fares listed across airlines.

December through February (excluding the holidays) offer lower rates while peak summer season is more expensive. Try browsing for deals on Sundays between 1am to 3am as well.

Pro Tip: Sign up for fare alerts from AirfareWatchdog and set price drops on Google Flights to catch periodic sales. Frequently check JetBlue, Delta, American and United directly for seat sales too.

Score Discounted Fares to Europe

  • Prime booking window: 2 to 4 months out
  • Cheapest travel months: March, late August, November
  • Best days to buy: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 

Pro Tip: Follow flight deal sites like Scott’s Cheap Flights and Secret Flying on social media for mistakes and flash sales to Europe. Taking red eyes and being flexible by a day or two can also yield major savings.

Find Affordable Asia First & Biz Class Tickets

  • Prime booking window: 4 to 8 months out
  • Cheapest travel months: April to May, September to mid-December
  • Best days to buy: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 

Pro Tip: Google Flights is fantastic for easily monitoring prices across major Asian carriers like Singapore Airlines, ANA, and Cathay Pacific. Sign up for memberships and email subscriptions for early access to sales.

When to Buy First Class to South America 

  • Prime booking window: 2 to 5 months out
  • Cheapest travel months: Mid-April through early July, September
  • Best days to buy: Monday through Wednesday 

Pro Tip: Iberia and LATAM often have better availability and cheaper last minute sales to South America than U.S. airlines. Check their Spanish language sites for deals as well.

Insider Tricks to Uncovering Deals

Leverage these pro tips and hacks to amplify chances of finding affordable fares worldwide:

  • Book at the start of airline sales seasons like January, April, August, and October
  • Be flexible on route preferences for cheaper airport options    
  • Connecting flights are typically cheaper than nonstop 
  • Consider flying 1 to 3 days earlier or later than your perfect dates
  • Check both airline and aggregator sites like Expedia for a fuller picture  
  • Wake up early and browse redeye flights at odd hours like 2 to 5am local time

Additional money saving strategies involve using miles to upgrade with airlines you have status or just requesting a free bump at check-in if seats are open.

Optimizing Days & Times to Book 

While top level timing varies based on destination, here are the universally cheapest days and times to book first class tickets:  

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays starting at 12am Eastern
  • Sunday late nights between 12am to 3am
  • Monday & Tuesdays from 2am to 6am

Set calendar alerts so you remember to check often during above prime times. The key is finding when new seats get added or prices reduced across various sites.

How Early Should You Start Monitoring Prices?

We recommend beginning your search for the lowest fares approximately 9 to 11 months prior to departure dates. This gives you sufficient runway to analyze trends, snap up sales, and leverage points for upgrades.

As a rule of thumb, expect to spend around 15 to 25 hours researching to find the very best first or business class airfare rate for your chosen destination and dates.

While checking last minute can yield surprise deals too, dedicate effort to tracking early. Data shows over 75% of all premium seats get sold between 330 to 100 days pre-takeoff. Know that persistence pays big when securing top notch flights without paying full price!  

Tips to Confirm You’ve Found the Best Deal

Double check you’ve scored the cheapest first class tickets available across a few dimensions:

  • Verify against Google Flights explorer for your dates
  • Check both airline and third party booking sites   
  • Set price alerts and re-check if rates drop
  • Ask the airline to price match a lower fare you find
  • Calculate total cost adding fees, upgrades, etc. to ensure cheapest

Things To Consider Before Buying

  1. Type of Airline: Not all airlines provide the same first class experience. Carefully check what facilities are offered by different airlines, such as the level of privacy, quality and types of food, drink selections, lounge access, seat comfort, etc.
  2. Length & Timing of Flight: If you’re flying long haul or overnight where ample rest matters, upgrading to first class can be especially worth it for its flatbed seats and numerous amenities.
  3. Price Differences: The cost factor is considerable when upgrading from economy/business to first-class. Try analyzing the price difference and then decide if the extra amenities warrent the increase in cost.
  4. Check Reviews: Leveraging online reviews on platforms like Skytrax or TripAdvisor can give you an idea about other travelers’ experiences with particular airlines’ first class services.
  5. Service Quality: It’s not just about luxury, but also personalized service and attention by airline crew members. Check for data on which airlines consistently deliver excellent service.
  6. Loyalty Programs: Enrolling in frequent flyer programs can earn you points/miles that could potentially get you an upgrade to first class at a reduced price or possibly free.
  7. Cost-benefit Analysis: Contemplate whether benefits like priority security lanes/check-in counters, larger luggage limits, better meals are worth the additional expense for your travel needs.
  8. Booking & Refund Policies: Always take into account flexibility in ticket changes or refunds considering how unpredictable travel circumstances can be sometimes.
  9. Deals & Offers: Be vigilant about discounts and package deals often found on booking websites which may provide you with a bargain on upgrades or affordable first-class tickets during specific periods or events.

final words

Review amenities between similarly priced options if deciding between first class suites on Singapore versus business class on Lufthansa for example. Know what matters most like lay flat beds, lounge access or arrival times and choose accordingly.

With these pro skills for finding deals in your toolbelt—happy luxury flight booking! Don’t hesitate to call airline VIP lines to inquire about unpublished lower fares and last minute upgrades too. Bon voyage!

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