Best Time To Buy Tickets On Seatgeek (Save 50%+)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, especially 6-8 weeks before an event, are the cheapest ticket days on SeatGeek. Prices typically rise as the event nears, so planning ahead and flexibility on dates can mean 50%+ savings versus last-minute buys. Signing up for price alerts helps catch deals.

Buying tickets to concerts, sports games, and other live events can get expensive. SeatGeek is a popular online ticket marketplace where you can find great deals, but timing is everything when it comes to scoring the lowest prices.

This comprehensive guide will explain the ins and outs of SeatGeek pricing so you can learn the optimal times to purchase tickets and maximize your savings.

We’ll cover key factors like when new events are listed, the impact of pre-sales and waitlists, how prices fluctuate over time, tips around holidays and special events, and more.

Whether you’re looking to buy the hottest concert seats or family-friendly sporting event tickets, read on to become a savvy SeatGeek shopper.

When Are New Events Listed on SeatGeek?

SeatGeek doesn’t pre-determine when new concerts, games, and shows are loaded onto the site. Event organizers and ticket sellers choose when to release tickets and list them.

However, checking SeatGeek routinely, especially on certain days and times, raises your chance of finding fresh ticket inventory.

Generally speaking, most new events are added Monday through Friday during regular business hours. It varies by region, but SeatGeek ticket inventory is often updated between 10 AM – 6 PM local venue time on weekdays.

Following venues, sports teams, concert organizers, and other event promoters on social media can clue you into on-sale announcements. Turn on notifications so you instantly know when it’s time to hop online and shop for the tickets you want.

It’s less common for new high-demand events to be added over the weekend, though it does occasionally happen. Holiday weekends in particular tend to see very little new event inventory added. 

Does Getting Tickets in the Pre-Sale Matter?

When popular bands, comedians, Broadway productions, pro sports teams, and other hot events announce an upcoming performance or game, they sometimes offer ticket pre-sales ahead of the general on-sale date.

Getting access to the pre-sale, which always occurs before tickets are available to the general public, is advantageous for a few key reasons:

– Earlier Access Means Better Selection – By pre-purchasing early, you can pick better seats before they sell out. You’ll have your sights set on front row or VIP seats rather than settling for whatever leftovers remain available later.

– Incentives Like Presale Code Giveaways – Artists and event promoters sometimes offer pre-sale codes as incentives to loyal fans. Codes unlock access to purchase tickets early and get preferable seats as a reward for following the event organizer on mailing lists, fan clubs, social platforms, etc.

– Potential for Cheaper Pricing – While pre-sale prices generally match general on-sale prices, they can actually be discounted too. Popular shows that sell out fast sometimes increase ticket prices later to capitalize on demand. Locking in pre-sales access means capturing tickets early before any price hikes.

If the event you want to attend offers a pre-sale opportunity, it’s almost always advantageous to pursue that early bird shopping window. Just be vigilant about the precise pre-sale date and time so you can log-in promptly and secure seats from the initial batch released.


Can’t snag pre-sale access? Stress not. Exploring waitlist options when ticket demand outpaces supply is wise. 

Waitlists serve an alternate pathway to score seats even when an initial on-sale appears sold out. As more inventory gets released over time or current ticket holders cancel their plans and seats open back up, waitlists help fill those seats.

Here’s how waitlists work on SeatGeek:

When an event sells out fast, a waitlist button appears on the listing. Click to join and provide your email address. If tickets later become available because the venue releases more or current ticket holders default, SeatGeek notifies waitlist members of the new chance to buy.

Waitlist notification emails get sent out on a first-come, first-served basis. So it benefits you to join early when the waitlist originally opens. This puts you higher up in the queue for tickets if/when new batches are released down the road.

Pro Tip: Don’t wait around once a waitlist ticket purchase email reaches your inbox! They include short 15-30 minute windows to complete the transaction before your hold gets removed so seats can go to the next waitlist member in line.

How Do Ticket Prices Fluctuate Over Time on SeatGeek?

Have you ever checked ticket prices only to discover they dropped the next day? Or logged in later to shockingly find all available inventory now costs way more? Dynamic pricing that evolves over the full ticket sales timeline is the norm. Knowing when to make your move is key to spend less.

Ticket prices primarily shift based on good old supply and demand economics. When an event first gets listed, prices typically start on the lower side. This allows demand to increase and venues to collect early momentum.

The more popular the event proves, the faster initial ticket allotments sell. And once the most in-demand sections sell out fully, remaining tickets often jump up in price. Why? Because fans tend to crave seats together and will pay escalated rates for pairs, groups, etc. rather than get separated.

In other cases, especially for repeat annual events like certain music festivals or sports seasons, ticket prices actually drop as game day approaches IF inventory is still available. That’s because holders start desperate to at least recoup some of their money on unused tickets as zero sales represents a total loss on their investment.

Tracking an event over the full sales cycle requires some dedication. But paying attention to early-bird rates, mid-cycle price jumps after initial sell outs, and late-game plunges for lingering inventory puts your wallet in advantage. 

When Should I Buy Tickets Around the Holidays?

Booking affordable holiday event tickets hinges greatly on acting early. The most popular seasonal performances often see rapid price inflation closer to show dates. Plus, waiting too long raises the risk of missing out altogether as passage availability evaporates.

Here are some key holiday ticketing purchase windows to target:

Thanksgiving Events – Shop 1-2 months out. Prices jump in days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Christmas / Holiday Concerts & Shows – Buy 4+ months pre-event, ideally 6+ months out. December event tickets sell out extremely fast. Waiting until November or December means paying big bucks for whatever scattered singles and pairs linger unsold. 

New Year’s Eve Events – Shop early fall when tickets first list, 3-4+ months pre-NYE. By November and December, only overpriced final pairs/singles remain.

Valentine’s Day Events – Buy 1-2 months out to get ahead of mid-late January price surges. Last minute February shoppers pay inflated rates and risk sell outs.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Sporting Event Tickets?

Scoring cheap tickets to see your favorite sports teams in action requires careful timing and awareness around league schedules.

First, bookmark your team’s full regular season schedule as soon as it gets posted, usually weeks pre-season.

This allows you to identify the highest demand opponents and games expected to garner big attendance (rivalries, playoffs, etc.) and lower fanfare matchups (vs weaker opponents, weird one-off event nights, etc.)

Next, pay attention to on-sale dates, especially for the earliest presales. Shoot to purchase as soon as you can once tickets hit market to benefit from first-come pricing specials.

For very high fan demand games, buying the moment tickets open to general on-sale puts you in best position to snag seats before quantities run out. If those initial allotments sell fast, scope out waitlist options too for backup access later.

In terms of timing, earlier buys are better if aiming for the best location at starting rate prices. But for budget buys on leftover seats, checking back closer to game day can reveal last minute price drops by the team, venue, or resellers stuck with extra inventory. Just know availability will be very limited by that point.

Other Sporting Event Ticketing Tips

  • Buy group packages (4+ tickets) for bigger shared discounts
  • Ask about student and senior citizen discounts
  • Attend practice days and team scrimmages for major rate savings
  • Avoid ticket fees buying direct at the box office when possible
  • Invest in full or half season ticket packages for maximum per game savings 

Saving on Concert Tickets 

Concerts make special memories, but snagging affordable seats starts with careful planning. Beyond buying early before shows sell out or prices inflate wildly down the road, here are some other live music ticketing tactics:

  • Seek artist fan club and VIP member programs offering access to preferred seating options before the general public
  • Join artist, venue, and promoter email lists and social channels for special presale codes and early bird specials 
  • Buy unsold Platinum level/VIP tickets at the last minute as sellers drop prices to avoid zero income on leftover inventory 
  • Purchase obstructed view or “cheap seat” options far corners behind the stage or high up with lesser views but ticket price trade off
  • Buy solo odd number tickets more likely to get unsold vs standard pairs; often businesses buy blocks of 2s and 4s 
  • Attend pre-parties and smaller venue opening act shows to get on cheaper tickets pre on-sale hype kicks in 

Saving on Group Event Tickets

Planning group outings for parties of 4, 6, 8 or more people? Beyond typical sports events, concerts, and holiday shows, lots of other venue seating works great for big gatherings: 

Comedy Shows – Headliners at clubs book lots of multi-show weekends perfect for grabbing rows of seats to keep your crew together laughing. 

Theater & Broadway – Reserve balcony blocks or chunks of midfield orchestra seating to share the show experience.

Festivals – Buy weekend festival passes as a squad and transfer/distribute digitally to your group. Coordinate meet ups via social media or group chat.

Motorsports – Share rides around the raceway getting 4 pack or more racing event suites. 

Theme Parks – Family trip with all the cousins? Multi-park and waterpark annual passes keep admission costs low. 

Conventions – Get the gang passes to big comic cons, trade conferences and fan meet ups.

Group Ticket Buying Tips

  • Look for “Party Pass” options on ticket seller sites gathering available seats across a row to keep groups intact.
  • Buy early together once on-sales begin so you can coordinate best on chunking seats before scattering occurs.
  • Appoint a ticket buying point person to streamline purchasing instead of tackling individually.
  • Splurge on Suite, VIP Box or Cabana group packages for exclusive food spreads and views.  

Ticket Presales & Promo Code Strategies

Beyond timing your ticket purchases wisely as early sales launch, getting access to special presales and promo codes unlocks extra savings opportunities.

Presales give fans first dibs on seats several days or weeks before the main public on-sale opens. Codes are required to unlock these early entry benefits. 

Similarly, promo codes supply ticket buyers with instant percentage discounts or value adds like merchandise credits or concessions vouchers when entering at online checkout.

Here are some top tips to benefit from presales and score codes:

  • Follow event sites, venues, artists, teams, etc on social media platforms and sign up for email lists. Many presales and discount codes get announced through these channels in the days/weeks before on-sales open. 
  • Invest in annual artist fan club memberships granting subscribers exclusive presale ticket windows before anyone else.
  • Download artist and team mobile apps where loyalty programs provide app-only ticket allotments for fans at the top membership tiers. Checking these first secures early access.
  • Listen to select radio stations that give away presale codes on air to loyal tuners as promotions.
  • Check band tour sponsor companies. Credit card, wireless carrier, streaming platform, and other corporate partners run presale promotions.
  • Buy early bird ‘announce day’ tickets for the lowest rates before dynamic demand pricing kicks in. Sign up for venues’ $20 Club or other announce alerts.
  • Grab tickets as soon as sales open near the holidays, for college rivalries, major championships, etc. when high demand ignites quick sell outs and price jumps. 

Booking with Confidence on SeatGeek

A few final reassurances when booking your event tickets on SeatGeek:

All tickets purchased on SeatGeek are 100% guaranteed valid for entry. Their proprietary technology ensures your barcodes allow stadium/gate admission without hassle.

SeatGeek also offers buyers peace of mind through their Buyer Guarantee. If an event gets canceled or you can’t make the newly scheduled date, they help you recoup 120% of your purchase via SeatGeek account credits or as a refund.

Further, SeatGeek displays dynamically updated listings showing quantities left across ticket type searches so you always see latest availability counts.

View their Deal Score on each listing illustrating ticket price value relative to historical norms – helping you gauge if seats merit a buy now or hold off move.

Between buying early, tracking optimal on-sale days, and benefitting from promotions, SeatGeek offers tremendous opportunity to save on remarkable events. Follow this guide and happy ticket shopping!

Things To Consider Before Buying

When buying tickets on SeatGeek, there are several factors to consider to ensure a smooth and secure purchasing experience. Here are some user-friendly tips based on the provided information:

1. Ticket Authenticity and Seller Ratings

  • SeatGeek aggregates ticket listings from various sources and provides detailed information about each listing, including seat location, price, seller rating, and any additional fees.

2. Secure Payment System

  • SeatGeek offers a secure payment system for purchasing tickets, where users can enter their payment details and complete the transaction with confidence.

3. Mobile App Convenience

  • Using the SeatGeek app can be the quickest way to check for updates, view tickets, and gain entry to events, making it a convenient option for purchasing and managing tickets.

4. Customer Support

  • SeatGeek has a dedicated customer support team available to assist users via email, phone, or live chat, providing added reassurance and assistance throughout the ticket buying process.

By considering these factors, such as ticket authenticity, secure payment, mobile app convenience, and customer support, users can make well-informed decisions and enjoy a seamless ticket buying experience on SeatGeek.

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