Best Time To Buy MLB Tickets (20-30% Off)

The key to saving on MLB tickets is being flexible on dates for the biggest discounts. Weeknight games typically start around 25% below weekend pricing while day games can mean 50% savings over premium night matchups. Shooting for April and May allows you to catch early season excitement before summer pricing hits. Also check team sites for specials like college and military discounts for extra 20% off. Join email lists by March to get early access to promos too. With flexibility on dates and games, you can score MLB tickets for as little as half the price by grabbing cheap April weeknight seats.

Baseball season is right around the corner and fans are already making plans to catch games this year.

As fun as it is to enjoy a ballgame at the stadium, MLB tickets can get pricey, especially if you want good seats. However, there are some clever ways to get discounts on tickets if you pay attention to the best times to buy.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the very best times and methods to save money on MLB tickets for every team.

We’ll look at the overall league trends plus team-specific advice, including some tricks for snagging last minute deals.

Follow these tips and you’ll be cheering on your home team this season without emptying your wallet.

When Are MLB Tickets Cheapest Overall?

Across the league, there are predictable patterns to MLB ticket prices and how they fluctuate. Knowing these trends is key to maximizing your savings.

The Cheapest Months

In general, the cheapest months for MLB tickets are April and May. Exceptions apply for popular interleague rivalries and games, but you’ll typically find the lowest average ticket prices at the start of the regular season.

Weekday games are cheaper than weekend games, so target Monday to Thursday if your schedule allows. The beginning and middle of the week rarely sell out for most teams.

The Most Expensive Months

As the season progresses into summer, prices normally go up across the board. July and August feature the most in-demand games.

Races to clinch playoffs spots intensify, raising hype and prices. Also, kids are out of school driving more family ticket sales.

If you want to see a rivalry game, plan to buy well in advance. Red Sox vs Yankees tickets or Dodgers vs Giants sell out fast even in April. For premium seats, prices usually start high and only rise as game date nears.

Hunt for Deals by Team

Beyond the overall MLB trends, each franchise has nuances to ticket sales that you can capitalize on. Study your home team and opponents to find hidden discounts.

Bad Teams = Good Deals

It’s harsh but true − the worst teams have more empty seats to fill, leading to generous deals for savvy fans. For example, the Oakland A’s finished 2022 with a 60% attendance rate despite having affordable ticket prices already.

Games versus top teams like the Astros will still command higher prices. But series against basement squadders like the Nationals or Reds will have promotions.

In Demand Opponents

Scan your team’s schedule for the hottest opponents. For marquee matchups like Yankees vs Red Sox or Dodgers vs Mets, prices will spike due to huge fan demand. Buy these as soon as individual game tickets go on sale, or you’ll pay a fortune later.

Weeknight Tickets

Every MLB team wants to maximize profit from weekend ticket sales which leaves Weeknights wide open for bargains. If your work schedule permits, target Monday to Wednesday games especially early in the week. There is much less competition for seats.

Weather & Doubleheaders

April and May games carry more risk of rainouts and cold spring temperatures. If bad weather leads to a postponed game, the rescheduled doubleheader often comes with ticket discounts. Also scan for bonus discounts on chilly April weeknights.

Promotional Days

Giveaway days are hugely popular for most teams, sparking a bump in attendance. Bobbleheads, jerseys, or star player figurines will bring fans out on otherwise dull midweek games. Scan the schedule for the best promo items that match your interests, then buy early.

Last Place Teams

Some fan bases like the Cubs are so loyal that bad seasons don’t dent ticket sales much. But for many teams, limping to the cellar in standings by July deflates demand rapidly.

Look to struggling clubs well out of playoff contention and you can sweep up unused seats for pennies on the dollar.

Methods For Finding MLB Ticket Deals

Now that you know the best timing, let’s discuss tactical ways to uncover deals on tickets for your team and specific games you want to see.

Buy Early

This bears repeating – once individual game tickets go on sale to the public, strike quickly if you want the very cheapest seats. Early birds will be rewarded, especially for premium opponents.

Join Team Insider Email Lists

All clubs offer insider email lists to fans which provide access to special presales and discounts on tickets. Sign up to get alerts anytime exclusive deals are released for subscribers first. Many teams hold back seats for these presales.

Shop Team & Retailer Online Sales

Around Christmas and New Years, teams and ticket retailers run huge sales on game packs and value deals to draw in shoppers. Popular packages offer buy one, get one free on upper deck tickets or discounts like 20% to 30% off packs of 12 games.

Use Membership Perks

If you have an Amex card or are enrolled in a membership like Sam’s Club, check for special MLB ticket offers. Discover, Chase and Citi also partner with teams for presales or seasonal deals.

Check Group Rates

Does your company have a group sales contact with your hometown team? Ask about discounts for buying 10+ tickets together. Many teams give employees ways to share group rates for minor savings on midweek games. Leverage any connections you have! 

Last Minute scramble

This is risky but can pay off handsomely. If you live closeby to the ballpark and can attend on short notice, check apps and sites 24 to 48 hours before game time. Unsold tickets get posted at up to 50% off face value at the last second.

Use Cash Back Sites

Ticket reseller sites like Stubhub take commissions, so returns will rarely favor buyers. Instead use cashback sites like Rakuten which gives you cash rewards for online purchases including MLB tickets from team sites. Every bit saved helps!

Things To Consider Before Buying

If you’re looking to buy MLB tickets, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the best deal and experience. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

1. Timing

  • Avoid buying tickets during advance sales, as these often come with surcharges.
  • Consider buying tickets for weekday games during the afternoon or early in the season when prices are lower.
  • Wait until the day of the game to buy tickets on the resale market, as prices are often 25% cheaper on game day compared to one week prior.

2. Opponent

  • Avoid buying tickets for games against popular teams or rivals, as these often drive up ticket prices.

3. Websites and Apps

  • Use reputable websites and apps such as StubHub, SeatGeek, Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and ScoreBig to buy tickets.
  • Check team subreddits and Facebook groups run by season ticket holders for potential deals.

4. Location

  • Consider the location of the seats and the view of the field to ensure a good experience.

By considering these factors, you can find a good deal on MLB tickets and enjoy a great game-day experience.


Scoring cheap MLB tickets is far from a guessing game if you take the right approach. Use this guide to match your target games with proven discount windows for each team.

Patience and planning are key – snap up early bird pricing at first chance for the biggest savings. But last minute deals can also pay off nicely. 

With a bit of discipline, you can treat yourself to MLB action this season without breaking the bank. Enjoy catching your home team’s chase for glory and expand your bucket list if your budget allows.

Before you know it, you’ll hear the magical words “Play Ball!” as you sit back with a hot dog and cold drink at a ballgame made affordable.

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