5+ Best Times to Buy Bowflex

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and January are the finest times to purchase fitness equipment. Additionally, you can also avail discounts and coupons through various websites like Amazon.

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Are you looking to buy a Bowflex at a discount but confused about when? I can help you answer the question.

The best time to buy Bowflex to upgrade your home gym is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon prime day sales.

Best Time to Buy Bowflex

One of the most well-known brands of fitness equipment worldwide is Bowflex.

The company’s well-known infomercials are so gripping that Bowflex has become a household brand in the US, where almost everyone has seen one.

Numerous fitness lovers have found the training more convenient and enjoyable because of the unique designs and features of Bowflex, which is largely considered the best brand of home exercise equipment.

Bowflex is a well-known brand of exercise gear. Since its founding in 1986, the business has grown steadily in its ability to provide home consumers with top-notch gym-quality equipment within their residences.

To help you exercise safely and keep your home environment secure, the firm now sells equipment such as bikes, max trainers, home gym sets, dumbbells, kettlebells, treadmills, and other accessories.

For those who can’t lift weights freely or don’t want to, Bowflex home gyms are a great alternative.

They can be adjusted to practically any fitness level, don’t need a spotter, and are beginner-friendly.

They are also far more space-efficient and adaptable than many other solutions.

Since 1986, Bowflex has been in existence. The idea was to offer goods that delivered gym-quality outcomes without cumbersome equipment and pricey gym memberships.

A vast range of cardio and strength-training tools and equipment have been added to Bowflex’s revolutionary product line throughout the years, enabling individuals worldwide to maintain their health and fitness with ease.

Maybe you’re searching for new equipment to squeeze in more cardio exercises.

For your home gym, you might want some compact, space-saving choices.

In any case, if you’re seeking to spend money on new equipment to advance your fitness objectives but don’t know when the right time is, Let me help you with it.

List of the best times to buy

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday offers huge discounts on exercise equipment, including Bowflexx.

Shoppers might save up to $450 on particular equipment, thanks to the event’s varied promotions.

Mats and free delivery were available with some orders. For instance, the VeloCore Bike 22′′ was available for $2,199 and included free delivery and a complimentary mat, while the C6 Bike was priced at $999 and included free shipping.

The 840 Kettlebell cost $179, while the MaxTrainer M6 cost $1,699.

Free delivery was included with both goods. The TC200 cost $1,999, while the TC100 was $1,599. Treadclimbers were also on sale.

The Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell and the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells can be purchased for up to $250 less.

Stocks of these tools frequently run out. You might have to wait until Cyber Monday 2022 to find another amazing deal like this if supply chain problems are added to the situation.

On average, you can save up to 50% on Bowflex at Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

We all know that Cyber Week and Black Friday are fantastic occasions to get substantial discounts on the newest products, but they aren’t the only times you may get a deal on Bowflex goods.

You may score some great offers throughout the year if you know what to search for.

Amazon Prime Day Sale

The Amazon Prime Day sale is the ideal opportunity to replace outdated gear and equipment, regardless of whether you are a frequent gym goer, runner, or fitness fanatic.

The year’s two-day Prime Day event will take place on July 12 and 13, including hundreds of amazing bargains from the top Amazon companies.

This year’s Amazon sale event is greater than ever, with discounts available across all categories, including fitness, football gear, fashion, gaming, and more.

I bring you the finest fitness and gym equipment bargains throughout the two-day sale event, from at-home gym equipment to name-brand protein powders.

Some amazon prime deals are as follows:

• $179 plus free delivery for the Bowflex 840 kettlebell

• Bowflex SelectTech 5.1S Bench with Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells – $678 plus free delivery, originally $703.

• $999 plus free delivery for the Bowflex C6 Bike

• Bowflex VeloCore Bike: $1,699 plus free delivery and a mat.

• Max Trainer M9: $1,999 plus free delivery

• Max Trainer M6: $1,699 plus free delivery


Regular promotions from Bowflex include free delivery, 15% off your order, and savings of up to $400 off particular models.

They also offer Home fitness sales, anniversary sales, and plenty of discounts and promo codes.

You can save up to $400 on a Home fitness sale. Various coupons and discount codes help you save up to 35% and offer free shipping.

Isn’t it exciting, right?

You can also keep a lookout for deals at the following merchants in addition to the Bowflex website:

  • Amazon
  • The Best
  • DICK’S Sports Equipment
  • eBay
  • Target
  • Walmart

Some stores bundle exclusive bonuses with Bowflex discounts to help you receive even better value.

For instance, you frequently receive a complimentary one-year JRNY membership when you make a purchase.

With the help of the JRNY app from Bowflex, you can exercise at home with top-notch trainers.

On a short note, keep yourself updated with the latest sales and promo codes if you want to save some money. Don’t forget to shop from the Year’s best sales.

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