5+ Best Times To Buy A Bass Boat

I discovered the best time to buy a bass boat can be anytime, provided I’m ready for the purchase. All seasons have pros and cons when it comes to boat Purchases; as such, I don’t have to exert too much pressure on myself. I relax and ensure I’m ready and have all the resources needed to make the purchase.

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A small bass boat is powered by an outboard motor primarily for fishing in lakes, streams, and rivers. To me, getting a bass boat technically depends on my fishing abilities.

Many people have trouble deciding on the perfect time to get a boat while considering factors like; the price, the boat quality, durability, etc.

I’ll be looking at the different seasons of the year and how it affects boat purchase.

Best Time To Buy A Bass Boat

Spring And Summer (Late March To The Early Part Of September)

This is the fishing period when I engage in many fishing activities.

During this period, boat buyers are more than boat sellers, and this is due to the high demand for boats during this fishing season.

The spring and summer seasons can be a very good period to purchase bass boats because;

  • I can get good-quality boats and test their durability. If I purchase a boat within this period, I can put it to use immediately, which will help checkmate the quality of the boat and how long it will last.
  • I’m able to put the boat into use immediately. Since I am purchasing the boat during the fishing period, I can partake in the fishing activities and enjoy the actual reason I got the boat for fishing. I can also use the boat for recreational activities on the water during this season.

The disadvantage of buying a boat during this period is;

  •  The cost price; due to the high demand for the boat by buyers, the prices of the boat seem to increase at an alarming rate. The sellers take advantage of the season and increase the price, and this can also be due to the scarcity of boats due to the purchase rate.
  • I might not be able to do a proper survey; Due to the crowd that is always lining up to buy the boats, and I might not have the ability to do an in-depth check on the boats in the boat shop to pick the boat of my choice.

Fall (Late September To Early December)

This season is towards the end of the fishing period, where the demand for boats reduces as the fishing period draws nearer.

A boat purchase during this period is also a good investment because;

  • The buyers become fewer than the sellers, and boat availability becomes sufficient, thereby reducing the prices of boats. People do less purchasing this season as the fun part of fishing ends.
  • Apart from the prices of boats, which will generally reduce, boat sellers also give discounts and incentives to their customers to boost their sales as patronage has reduced.

Despite the affordable prices of boats, this season has its Cons, which include;

  • Risk of not getting a good quality boat. Low-cost prices come with lots of problems most times, the boat sellers might have reduced the price due to the bad quality of the boat, and I might ignorantly buy it because I was more focused on the price. Getting a bad boat that needs regular repairs is worse than getting an expensive one.
  • Inability to make use of the boat. Getting a boat towards the end of the fishing activities won’t give me the privilege to use the boat to my satisfaction, and I might not be able to determine the boat’s durability.

Winter (Late December To The Early Part Of March)

This is a festive period where most people don’t include boat purchases in their budget but are more focused on spending time and money with their families.

There is usually a boat show during this winter season involving different boats coming in for the show at a centralized location.

Since everyone’s attention is drawn away from boat purchases, this is a good season to get a boat. Its advantages include;

  • A lower purchase price; due to the extremely low demands of the boat, there will be a decrease in the pricing level, and you can leverage that. Sellers will also give discounts during the festivities, making boat purchases easy and cheap.
  • During the boat show this season, I am exposed to different models of boats, which will help me decide on the model I want to purchase and the good-quality model. This show helps us get to know the latest model of boats.
  • Due to the scantiness of buyers, I have the liberty to make a good choice when I want to purchase a boat. I can peruse every available boat and make a good choice.

Despite the juicy advantages of this season, I might still risk getting a bad-quality boat, and testing a boat during this season is next to impossible.

Things To Consider When Buying A Bass Boat

  • Affordability: I try to get a boat within my means as much as possible. I go for the boat I can afford, considering the size and horsepower.
  • Pick the right outboard: Choosing the biggest engine the boat is rated for is advisable. Using an underpowered boat reduces its performance and depreciates it during resale.
  • Accessories and Options: The accessories and options help increase the boat’s value; they include; Electronics, battery systems, props, shallow water anchors, led lighting, etc.
  • Bass Boat trailers (Single Vs. Dual Axle): The sizes of boats determine the trailer used. Boats for fishing in lakes and smaller water bodies are to use a single axle which requires less maintenance.


There’s no best season or time for a boat purchase; my financial capability and maintenance ability determine when I can buy a boat.

I got a boat when I was stable enough to keep one. I stretched a good plan but considered the necessary things, and I bought a durable boat to enjoy my fishing activities.

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