Best Time To Buy Six Flags Season Pass (25-60%+ Off)

The best savings on Six Flags season passes comes when you buy early. Pre-season passes typically go on sale right before the parks close for winter and offer up to 60% off summer gate pricing. Opting for a full season dining or deluxe pass means paying as little as $5 a visit when they revert to $50+ day tickets come May, saving $200-300 over summer prices. Download their app around Thanksgiving to get notified of Black Friday cyber specials too, which can mean nearly half off passes compared to spring. Plan ahead and purchase pre-season to lock in up to 60% savings on 2023 Six Flags access compared to peak gate entry.

Visiting Six Flags amusement parks is a thrilling experience, with world-class rollercoasters, shows, and attractions for all ages. However, admission tickets can get pricey, especially if you plan to visit more than once a year.

That’s why Six Flags season passes are so popular – they offer unlimited admission for an entire season at a significant discount compared to purchasing individual tickets each time.

But when exactly is the best time to buy your Six Flags season pass to maximize savings?

This comprehensive guide examines the Six Flags season pass options, pricing, and best purchase timing strategy based on current deals and historical trends. Follow our tips to keep more money in your wallet while still enjoying everything your favorite Six Flags park has to offer all season long.

Key Takeaways

Let’s recap the key points to ensure you save the most money when purchasing Six Flags season pass admission:

  • Buy season passes preseason in March, NOT after parks open in spring 
  • Watch for short March flash sales offering insane discounts around 70% off gate price
  • Membership purchases can score free season passes for kids
  • Check upgrade ability + expiration dates to maximize multi-year usefulness 
  • Lock in pricing right before announced September increases year over year
  • Black Friday still nets some discount compared to gate prices (around 25% off)

Six Flags Season Pass Options & Prices

First, let’s review the different season pass levels offered by Six Flags and their general admission prices:

  • Basic Season Pass ($60-$100 per park): Unlimited general admission to your home park
  • Gold Season Pass ($100-$130 per park): Unlimited admission to your home park + admission to any other Six Flags park + parking + additional benefits/discounts/rewards
  • Platinum Season Pass ($150-$200 per park): Unlimited general admission to all Six Flags parks nationwide + parking + additional benefits/discounts/rewards + bring-a-friend ticket packages
  • Diamond Elite Pass ($300+): Everything in Platinum Pass plus skip the line passes, premium parking, food/merchandise discounts & benefits

As you can see, upgrading your pass level unlocks additional park perks and offers better value for those who visit multiple Six Flags locations.

Now let’s explore when to actually purchase these passes to maximize savings off these prices.

General Season Pass Buying Tips

While Six Flags season pass prices and options may vary a bit year to year or park to park, these overarching tips will set you up for savings no matter where or what pass you choose:

Buy season passes preseason: Prices almost always increase once the park opens for the season in spring, so purchase ahead of opening day to get the lowest base rate. This alone could save you $20-$30 over gate pricing.

Time it right using temporary deals: Watch for short preseason sales around March offering discounted passes at up to 70% off gate prices. These rates tend to be significantly better than Black Friday rates.

Consider Membership levels for young kids: The Six Flags Membership program offers free season pass inclusion for kids under a certain age based on your Membership level. This allows the kids in your family to be included for free with an adult season pass purchase.

Check Black Friday sales if you missed preseason deals: Season passes are usually discounted around 25% off gate prices for Black Friday weekend sales. Not as low as preseason pricing, but a good fallback option.

Watch expiration dates & upgrade policies: Check if your pass includes upgrades to next year’s season + expiration date into the next season. This allows you to maximize value from early purchases by extending useful life.

Buy just before a price increase is announced: Keep an eye out for season pass price increase announcements that normally hit in September. Buy just before this to lock in lower pricing before the hike.   

Now that you know the optimum times to purchase Six Flags season passes for the lowest pricing, let’s take a deeper look at the single best month for maximizing savings…

March is the Ideal Month for Buying Six Flags Season Passes 

If you really want rock-bottom season pass pricing at Six Flags parks, March is the prime month for purchasing. Here’s why:

Flash Sale Discounts Reach Peak Levels

As an incentive for early season pass purchases, Six Flags parks across the country offer flash sales with up to 70% off normal gate prices on season passes.

The highest volume and deepest discounts on these sales take place preseason in March. It’s extremely common to find Gold or Platinum Passes priced as low as $30-$50 per park during these limited-time March flash sales.

Compare that to paying $100-$200 at the gate once the parks open in April or May. That’s potentially 70%+ off by buying a March flash sale.

Longer Time to Use and Benefit From Pass

Not only is a March flash sale likely to have the lowest season pass pricing all year, but you also get the longest duration of use from your purchase.

Most Six Flags passes expire either at the end of that year/season or include upgrades into the next season.

Buying in March gives you the full operating season plus extensions rather than losing months paying higher gate admission early season.

Trying to save a few extra bucks waiting until Black Friday really limits how much you can utilize your pass and benefit from the value priced in.

Preseason Perks Incentives

To encourage early season pass purchases, Six Flags also offers preseason perks if you buy before opening day.

These normally include invites to exclusive preseason events, extra friend tickets, unlimited soft drinks during your first visit, and more. These benefits provide even more bonus value by buying ahead of time in March instead of waiting.

How & Where to Buy the Discounted March Flash Sale Passes 

To find and purchase these steeply discounted March flash sale Six Flags season passes, here are the best places to look and buy from:

Your Home Six Flags Park Website

The official website of your local Six Flags park is the most reliable place to find their upcoming flash sales. Sign up for email and social alerts to be notified as soon as sales are announced – they often sell out extremely fast due to high demand and low pricing so speed is key. Set calendar reminders in early March to keep watch for deals.

Six Flags Membership Site

If you don’t live near a specific Six Flags park, keep an eye on the main Six Flags Membership site for nationwide flash sales open to everyone. These typically launch in coordination with the individual park sales.

Consider buying a Membership as another way to access discounted season passes every year.

Authorized Third-Party Sellers

Watch for flash sales on sites like AAA, Sam’s Club, and Active Duty Military sites that provide exclusive Six Flags ticket access.

Just be careful to only purchase from authorized sellers to guarantee valid park admission from your passes. Check park websites for current authorized seller lists and verification policies before buying from unfamiliar third parties. 

What If You Miss the March Flash Sale?

While March offers prime seasonal purchasing conditions for Six Flags passes, flash sales only run for about a week before expiring or selling out.

Don’t panic if you happened to miss out though – there are still some savings opportunities later in the year.

As mentioned previously, keep an eye out around Labor Day when parks normally announce upcoming changes and season pass price hikes.

Buying passes right before these September announcements can grandfather you into lower pricing for the remainder of that season.

And if all else fails, Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend still tends to offer season pass deals around 25% off gate prices. Just know that you missed peak savings back in March and plan better next season!

Things To Consider Before Buying

When considering a Six Flags Season Pass, there are several factors to take into account to make an informed decision. Here are some tips to help you decide:

1. Number of Visits

  • A Season Pass is worth it if you plan to visit the park more than once. The pass covers multiple visits, allowing you to save money compared to purchasing individual tickets for each visit.

2. Duration of the Season

  • The Season Pass lasts through 1/5/2025, with some exceptions. Ensure the pass’s validity aligns with your visitation plans.

3. Types of Season Passes

  • Six Flags offers different types of Season Passes, such as Platinum and Diamond Season Passes, each with varying benefits. Compare the features and costs of each pass to find the best fit for your needs.

4. Payment Options

  • You can purchase a Season Pass in full or with a payment plan through the Six Flags app or in person at the park. Consider the payment options that best suit your financial situation.

5. In-Park Benefits

  • Season Pass holders receive various in-park benefits, such as free parking, skip the line passes, and discounts on food and merchandise. Evaluate whether these benefits justify the cost of the pass for your visit.

6. FlexiblePay Options

  • Six Flags offers FlexiblePay, allowing you to spread your Season Pass payments over several months. This can make the purchase more manageable if you’re on a budget.

7. Dining Pass

  • If you plan to visit the park for three or more days during the season, consider purchasing a dining pass to save on food costs.

By considering these factors, you can decide if a Six Flags Season Pass is a worthwhile investment for your visit.

final words

Use this buyer’s guide to strategically time your Six Flags season pass purchase in March for unbeatable rates.

Preseason preparation nets the biggest savings so you can focus more budget on enjoying park foods, souvenirs, and upgrades instead of just basic admission.

Plus lock in peak discounts so you can visit again and again all season long!

Follow these tips to affordably experience world-class coasters, shows, rides, and attractions all year.

Let the thrill ride begin just as soon as you swing through the gates with money saved and season pass in hand thanks to smart early planning!

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