5+ Best Times to Buy Basketball Shoes

Looking for the best times to buy Basketball Shoes? You have come to the right place. Let this article be your guide:

  1. In Spring
  2. Sales and Discounts
  3. Holidays
  4. When new ones are launched
  5. Online deals
  6. ‘Back-to-school’ season
  7. Early summertime
  8. Markdown and Clearance time
  9. Start of the year
  10. Off-season

If we’re talking wholesale, a pair of today’s basketball shoes should cost hundreds.

But, for those who aren’t as acquainted with the footwear market, what if you are informed that there are always ways to get a pair you want for a lower price?

Let’s go over how to get cheap basketball shoes.

Best Times to Buy Basketball Shoes

In spring

Athletic shoe sales are predicted to start in April and continue through May. There are good bargains for the family members.

This is why spring months are a good time to purchase a pair of basketball shoes if one wants to save money.

So, spring is one of the times to buy athletic basketball shoes.

Sales and Discounts

Everyone looking for less-expensive goods should always have their eyes open for a sale.

Athletic shoe sales may come around any time of the year, so it is important to check for these discounts.

Sales generally make everything much less expensive than they already are.

Sometimes discounts might even reduce the price of a product to its half! Hence, it is worth saving your money until sales come around.


Whether Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other special days are always the best times to go on a shopping spree, as these are the times when stores put huge price reduction sales on everything.

Just like that, holidays are a great time to buy athletic footwear.

Holidays and specific days are gold mines for good deals if you can get ahead of others.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, pre-Christmas, and other notable days are the best times to look for a bargain.

When new ones are launched

Individuals are not required to buy the most recent and best basketball shoes, although if users understand that once new athletic shoes are released, they may get a good deal on old stock.

They should contact their neighborhood sports footwear store and inquire about the arrival of new shoes.

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a set of basketball shoes that these newcomers have restored on the shelf.

Online deals

Before we get into the details, let’s go over the best spots to purchase good pairs of shoe deals online.

Nowadays, most people try to do as much of their shopping online as possible.

So the first place to look is at your brand’s retailer. A large number of discounts and offers can be found here.

Aside from your brand retailers, you can check reliable sites like amazon.

Amazon has great deals, especially when celebrating its prime day event.

This event goes on for a couple of days, and during these days, customers can buy anything at reduced prices.

‘Back-to-School’ Season

Back-to-school promotions and sales can be expected from your typical stores as it coincides with the commencement of the new NBA season.

Retailers understand that when children return to school, they require new shoes.

Combine these sale prices with tax-free times and other special promotions to conserve money.

The advantage is that, in addition to a sale on children’s shoes, there is a sale throughout the footwear market, lowering the costs of these athletic shoes.

As a result, back-to-school shopping is a great time to buy basketball shoes.

Early Summertime

Aside from the beginning of the basketball season, the “back to school” season and summertime are both good times to look for bargains.

Summer is also ideal. At that time of year, I see the most out-of-the-blue discounts on brand retailers.

It’s also an occasion when retailers clear out their Autumn-early Spring inventory, and even basketball footwear can see a price drop.

It’s a good idea to look for one preferred shoe during the summer, especially early in the season.

Markdown and Clearance time

Numerous shops have a schedule for relocating products to the clearance section to provide space for new items, and if you’re informed, you could become the first in line.

Also, clearance season is a great time.

So, if you can linger until the following shoe in the lineup is launched or nears release, get the old version and relish a strong and fast deal. It is here that big money is saved.

Start of the Year

A fresh new year brings verdicts to change our ways of life. For several people, this entails weight loss and exercise.

Vendors try to capitalize on this surge in action by running sales on a wide range of athletic footwear, which includes shoes.

Many sports shoes are on sale if you look through the weekly and monthly ads from retail stores after the new year.

Combine such purchases with post-Christmas promotions and discounts to make the bargains even sweeter.

Concentrate on shops that allow you to use any Christmas gift cards you receive.


Another time best for purchasing basketball shoes is off-season for the player.

When the player is not playing officially, they can buy new pairs of shoes and get the hang of them by wearing them and practicing.

This will make their performance on the field more efficient, and the players won’t have any difficulty adjusting to the new pair of shoes.

People can also buy these shoes when the basketball season is off.

That is when the demand for these shoes is lower, and the retailers decrease prices to attract customers.

Final Thought

The best time to buy basketball shoes at lower prices is when you see sales and discounts.

Holidays like Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales are also great times to purchase.

Basketball shoes can also be brought through online deals too.

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