Best Time To Buy A Jet Ski (Save 20-30%)

For maximum savings on your next thrill-riding jet ski, aim for the off-season months. Prices dive 20-30% during winter months after demand drops post-summer. Attend boat shows in early spring to score discounts and manufacturer incentives on remaining previous year models too. Certified pre-owned offers up to 40% less over new with warranty coverage as icing. Got storage? The deep discounts available on auction sites for fixer uppers could mean more money for custom accessories instead. Winters might be cold, but the deals on jet skis heat up!

Jet skis deliver excitement, adventure, and freedom out on the open water. Zooming across lakes and oceans with the wind in your hair epitomizes summer fun. However, brand new jet skis come with steep price tags. Even used personal watercraft cost several thousand dollars on average.

Fortunately, excellent opportunities exist throughout the year to score discounted jet skis. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by strategically timing your purchase.

This guide will reveal the best jet ski buying seasons to maximize value. Read on to learn insider tips for securing the hottest jet ski deals!

Major Holiday Weekends

Much like cars, mattresses, and other big ticket items, jet ski prices dip around major holiday weekends. Retailers know shoppers are actively looking for deals during these federal three day holidays. By marking down jet skis, they aim to drive customer interest and sales.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day kicks off summer in late May, making it the perfect time to get shoppers thinking about hitting the water. Jet ski dealers advertise sales touting 25% to 40% off select models leading up to the holiday weekend. Keep an eye out for rebates and limited time bonus offers as well during this period.

The Thursday before Memorial Day also sees many dealers participate in red, white and blue jet ski sales with patriotic discounts. Strike before or during the three day weekend to get the widest selection of sale priced stand up and sit down jet ski models.  

4th of July Holiday Sales

What better way to celebrate freedom than sailing across the lake or ocean on a brand new jet ski scoring an Independence Day deal? The July 4th holiday brings with it another long weekend boasting aggressive jet ski promotions. Expect comparable 25% to 40% discounts on 2020 and older inventory.

Retailers also mix in creative limited time bonuses around Independence Day like free trailers, covers, life jackets and storage. Jet skiing and July 4th already go hand-in-hand, so why not buy during the peak summer sale period? 

Shop early while inventory of deeply discounted models lasts through this popular federal holiday sale weekend.

Labor Day Clearance Sales

The early September Labor Day holiday signals the coming fall and closing weeks of peak jet ski season. Dealers attract end of summer customer shopping with blowout clearance sales in tandem with final summer adventures.

Shoppers benefit from the widest selection of models marked down 30-50% off original MSRP.

Retailers are also much more willing to wheel and deal around Labor Day to clear out aging inventory before winter. The Thursday ahead of Labor Day even brings Rumbler sales focused on clearance deal hunting. 

Overall, the August – September timeframe lets buyers take advantage of the lowest jet ski prices of the entire year outside of winter clearance events. You’ll easily save $1,000+ buying Labor Day deals across all major jet ski manufacturers.

Winter Clearance Sales 

The very best values on new jet skis often come during winter clearance sales in January. Retailers look to sell remaining inventory after the holidays leading up to the release of next year’s models. Discounts up to or exceeding 50% off MSRP are not uncommon on older units during the winter clearance period.

The tradeoff is far fewer models available after the popular summer and early fall jet ski shopping seasons. However, for maximum year round savings on a quality machine, target late December through January clearance deals.

Persistent shoppers can sometimes negotiate eye-popping prices in that 60%+ off range on aging showroom units!

Hunting for Closeout Deals

Outside of blockbuster sales tied to holiday weekends, continuously monitor for closeout deals as well. Retailers routinely cycle older jet ski models out for newer versions with enhanced features and graphics.

These closeouts offer shoppers steep discounts to purchase final remaining inventory in a certain model or production year. 

Popular times for jet ski closeout deals include:

  • Early spring following initial inventory sell-offs
  • Late summer & early fall right before introducing next year’s models
  • Winter clearance season along with holiday deals

Savings for jet ski closeouts often fall in the 30% to 50% off MSRP range. But especially desirable or aging models can promote even cheaper pricing.

Be ready to act fast when you find a coveted jet ski model offered in limited closeout quantities. Call dealers promptly and place a deposit to secure exclusive remaining inventory at the advertised discounted price.

Buying Pre-Owned Jet Skis

If buying brand new isn’t a must, consider purchasing a used jet ski from a private seller. Scour sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for local deals on pre-owned jet skis in good condition. Private sellers are often significantly more flexible on pricing for quick sales.

Depending on model year and usage hours, purchasing pre-owned can chop 50% or more off current new jet ski costs. Just be sure to thoroughly vet the machine and trailer prior to purchase.

Closely check hour meters for excessive wear and bring along someone knowledgeable to inspect functionality.

Follow these essential tips when buying a used jet ski to maximize savings:

  • Review maintenance logs & hour meter
  • Take an extensive test drive
  • Inspect hull, frame, storage areas
  • Evaluate performance across rev range
  • Haggle once inspection complete
  • Confirm registration & ownership

With deep discounts on pre-owned jet skis and strategic timing of new inventory purchases around sales events, you can easily save $1,000+ compared to normal retail pricing. Use the enclosed 2024 Jet Ski Buying & Discount Calendar below to target optimal deal timing throughout the year.

Jet Ski Shopping & Discount Calendar

Use this jet ski buying calendar to hone in on key discount windows across 2024. Note major sales kickoffs and Holiday Weekend dates to score the lowest prices.


  • Hunt late December & January winter clearances for peak closeout deals & discounts
  • Inspect pre-owned classifieds and dealer trade-in inventory


  • Watch for early spring new model closeouts 
  • Browse pre-owned classifieds and trade-ins


  • Monitor for aggressive spring closeouts as riding season nears
  • Strong pre-owned buying opportunities


  • Scope out Memorial Day early bird discounts and limited time bonus offers 
  • Solid deals on pre-owned models


  • Memorial Day sales launch 2+ weeks ahead of 5/29 holiday
  • Memorial Day Weekend blowout deals


  • Scope 4th of July savings previews and teasers 
  • Secondary summer clearance deals possible 


  • July 4th Deals launch early in month
  • Independence Day Weekend peak sale period 


  • Deepest discounts launch ahead of Labor Day  
  • Last call on new inventory for dealers


  • Labor Day sales extend several weeks pre & post holiday
  • Absolute best clearance deals of the year


  • Off season deals paused for inventory resets


  • Possible Black Friday limited discounts on gear/parts/accessories 
  • Bargain hunting for pre-owned machines


  • Return of aggressive year end closeouts
  • Shop holiday deals leading up to New Year’s


The prime times throughout the year offering steep jet ski discounts are now clear. Key holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day host consistent savings alongside periodic closeout deals and peak clearance timing.

Stack additional value buying pre-owned models during off months. Use this knowledge and enclosed calendar to score an exciting jet ski without breaking the bank!

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