5+ Best Times to Buy a Pre-Reg Car

One of the best times to buy a pre-reg car is when you start needing to travel around more. Whether it’s going to work, school, to go shopping or even for dropping off people, cars have become something that most people need and rely on to complete daily tasks.

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Since the invention of cars, many have needed one at some point in their lives.

Cars give people the freedom to go places without needing to look for public transport to that place.

However, many have the problem of not being able to afford new cars, so they buy second-hand ones. Pre-reg cars, however, solve this problem.  

Pre-reg cars are new cars with second-hand car price.

They are normally bought and registered by the deal, meaning that they have to sell the car as secondhand.

Most pre-reg cars are used as test-driving cars, so they have little mileage and sometimes come with extra features that you may normally not be able to afford to add to your car.

best times to buy pre-reg car

10 best times to buy pre-reg cars

In March or September

While pre-reg cars come with discounts already, you can try getting a bigger discount during these two months.

This is because most dealerships will have high sales targets to meet during these months and want to get rid of as much stock as possible.

When you find yourself needing a car, immediately

When buying a new car, many people must wait for some time before getting it.

This is because most new cars are factory-made and will only be made after you place an order for the car.

Pre-reg cars, however, allow you to buy the new car and drive out with it immediately after all the necessary paperwork is done.

When the car has optional extras you want/need

Whenever you go to a dealership to buy a new car, there are options to customize your car.

This costs extra, making the car even more expensive and sometimes out of your budget.

Luckily, most pre-reg cars come with optional extras meaning that if one has the add-ons you need/want, you can get it at a much cheaper price.

Right before the launching of a new model/make

Car manufacturers regularly release new car models and make.

This means car dealerships are more likely to have huge discounts on pre-reg cars before the new model/make of the pre-reg car comes out.

They’ll want to get rid of stock so they’ll have space for the new cars and can start meeting sales targets needed for their bonuses to come from the manufacturer.

Dealership sales

Many dealerships will have occasional sales and specials to get rid of stock. This is a great opportunity to buy a pre-reg car at lower prices.

Depending on the sale, you can pay even less than you originally had to pay for the pre-reg car.

Needing a car to work as a driver/ taxi operator

Getting a reliable and road-worthy car is very important if you want to work as an Uber/taxi driver or a delivery guy.

However, sometimes even getting a second-hand car is too unreliable, even if they are what will stop you from having to break the bank.

Pre-reg cars are, however, perfect for drivers looking for a new car that won’t put them in heavy debt.

And with some pre-reg cars coming with little delivery milage, they are a much better and more reliable option than getting a second-hand car whose mileage is high and could result in the car breaking down at any moment.

When your child can start driving

In many households across the US, it’s become a tradition to give your child a car after getting their driver’s license.

And while second-hand cars are great for a new driver, they may not be as safe.

Pre-reg cars are great for parents or even students who want a new car but at the price of a second-hand car.

When you need a new car

Cars get old, and sometimes you need to let go of them, especially when the mileage on your car starts getting a bit too high.

And while getting a second-hand car to replace your old one is great, buying a new one with a second-hand car price tag is even better.

The pre-reg car will last longer as it has much lower mileage than second-hand cars.

During the middle of the month

The middle of the month can be the worst time for many dealerships in terms of sales and people coming in to buy a car.

Most people will buy a car at the beginning and end of the month as this is where they’ll get paid.

This also means dealerships will not have many sales during the middle and may be willing to drop the price of the pre-reg car further, especially if they need to meet sale targets.

When the dealership has a lot of stock

Sometimes, the best time to get a pre-reg car is when the dealership has a lot of stock / the same car model.

Stock takes up space, and dealerships need space to bring in more stock and newer models and makes.

So, if you find that the dealership has a lot of stock they are trying to get rid of, you can use it as a bargaining tool to lower the price.

Final Thought

Overall, pre-reg cars are a great option for people who want a new and reliable car at the price of a second-hand car.

They allow people to buy new cars at an affordable price and drive out of the dealership with a car they’ll normally not be able to get.

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