5+ Best Times to Buy Snow Tires

Here are some of the best times to buy Snow Tires:

  1. Traveling to colder regions
  2. When supply is more than demand
  3. During discounts and sales
  4. Off-season
  5. When initially buying a vehicle
  6. April and October
  7. Online
  8. Before the cold weather
  9. Relocating to a mountainous region

Regardless of where you live, checking your tires in the fall is usually a good idea, particularly if you are expecting rain or snow! 

If your tires are started to wear out, you could perhaps consider replacing them to be prepared for the harsh weather ahead!

In this article, some of the best times to purchase snow tires will be discussed.

Best Times to Buy Snow Tires

Traveling to Colder Regions

People should especially consider changing their tires before going on journeys to hilly, mountainous areas.

These areas are the regions with the most dangerous routes, with a very high probability of accidents, which is the reason why the tires of the vehicles should be in their best condition.

Snow tires in good condition provide better braking stability and a relatively short braking distance.

They reduce the chances of accidents and increase the safety of the vehicle and the people.

When supply is more than demand

One of the best times to buy snow tires is when there is a higher supply, as the price would be low in high supply.

This is the time when the prices of the tires droop down and make it easier for customers to buy them.

This is a great time to purchase a good pair of snow tires. Buying them during these times will benefit you by greater means.

During discounts and sales

You can also buy snow tires during offers and rebates.

Buying snow tires during discounts or sales is really beneficial as they are available at a much cheaper price which will be a very good deal made.


It is preferable to buy these snow tires in the off-season.

The reason they should be bought in the off-season is that it is when the demand for the product is the lowest and supply is the highest, making the tires much cheaper than the on-seasonal rate.

Tire manufacturers begin stockpiling seasonal tires for winter during the summer.

You should get your winter tires as soon as possible. Waiting too long may result in fewer options.

Thus, buying snow tires in summer or off-season is much more helpful.

When initially buying your vehicle

The best possible moment to go and get snow tires is when you initially consider buying your vehicle.

Dealers, for instance, can offer incredibly competitive retail prices or even add a collection of armored units with wheels and tires as an incentive.

However, check the tire brand that comes with these deals; perhaps a complimentary pair of snow tires won’t be worthy of the effort if they belong to a brand with dubious wear ratings.

In such cases, you can always request an upgrade to a more well-known label as well as pay the distinction yourself.

April and October

The best months to buy tires  are between April and October.

Those six months have been identified as the ideal time of year to buy new tires.

The April sales are because it is just before the vacation season.

Summertime travel is popular, with many people opting for road trips.

There is competitive pressure among manufacturers as many people want to buy tires for extended journeys in their cars.

Due to the upcoming winter months, October is a prevalent month for sales.


You can still save time by ordering new tires over the internet.

One advantage of ordering your tires available on the internet is that you can choose from a wider range of manufacturers.

You’ll also notice greater deals available online than in stores throughout the year.

If you need tires quickly , you can save money if you purchase them outside of April and October.

You can track the price levels for the tires you want on various websites.

If you linger until a promotional code becomes available, you can apply it to your purchase. It’s an excellent idea to purchase them ahead of time.

Before the cold weather

Just before the temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius, or ahead of the first snowfall, is the best time to purchase these tires.

Many drivers install winter tires in October to prevent congestion at service stations following the first snowfall.

People should be encouraged to go down that path and contribute to making it an annual tradition.

People living in colder locations should for sure buy these tires before the first snowfall.

They should not wait for the colder weather to arrive as those times are the periods when the tires will be at their highest prices. 

Relocating to a mountainous region

All-season tires are suitable for locations where snow and rain are uncommon.

However, if you reside in a region prone to rain or snow, keeping an eye on your vehicle’s tires is critical.

Winter tires assist their users in maintaining vehicle stability while driving in bitter cold and cold conditions.

The deep tramp and tire edges stiffen the road and reduce snow buildup, which might lead to sliding and dragging control.

Final Thought

Purchasing winter tires is a wise financial decision that will save you money over the long term.

You’ll be able to predict when it’s time to replace your tires if you keep track of their condition.

It is critical to keep up with this information in order to avoid accidents.

Inadequate tire maintenance can improve outcomes in sprouted tires or tires that continuously seep air.

Flat tires also happen on the road, and carrying a spare tire always comes in handy.

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