5+ Best Times to Buy a Kia

The best time to purchase the Bestseller, the Kia Sportage, one of the most successful SUVs on the market, is during the “10 Kia Days” campaign. It includes all the dealership’s days and comes with a special price.

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A vehicle is probably the largest outlay we make throughout our lives after a house.

It’s a paramount choice that must be considered, but do you know when it is better to buy a new car?

Imagine that you are ready to get your ideal car; You have already done an exhaustive search on the internet, set your budget, and thought about how you could get the best offer.

In case you didn’t know, you can save a lot of money if you choose the right time to buy since dealers offer great discounts depending on the time of year.

It is time to review the best dates of the year to buy a Kia and why!

best time to buy a Kia

Things to consider when considering the best time to buy a Kia

When buying a car, of course, we know the cost and what it implies. Well, some, not so much.

However, something we all have in mind is that it is a very important decision, not cheap.

Since you don’t just have to see the purchase of the vehicle, and that’s it, there are many other factors to consider in your calculation.

Now, we are obviously looking at a scenario where the buyer’s budget is limited.

But even if you have the money to purchase the car of your dreams, who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks?

Perhaps you have already performed a meticulous investigation and comparison of brands, vehicles, distributors, evaluated your needs, etc.

And you are ready to close the deal with the seller, but you may be forgetting something very important—the ideal time to buy your car.

There are several suggestions that we make so that you can contemplate them; take note…

As you can well imagine, not every month of the year is equally good for buying a car if you want the best price.

There are times of the year or even the month when dealers are more willing to make better deals.

Of course, before looking for it, we recommend you inform yourself, compare models, analyze your needs, and evaluate what type of car you can afford according to your income and the different financing options.

If you have already gone through those previous steps and are looking to achieve them at the best price, you may be interested in waiting until the end of the year.

December is traditionally a good month to buy a vehicle.

The reason is that the year is ending, and distributors are looking to close it with good registration numbers and release the models they have in stock before next year’s news arrives.

If they have not had the sales they expected during the year, they will take advantage of December to offer strong discounts and thus try to reach the sales objectives set by the brand and obtain the corresponding benefits such as commissions or bonuses.

Even if it has been a good season, sellers will still be interested in adding a few more units to increase their bottom line.

But don’t worry if you don’t want or can’t wait until December. You can also try to negotiate a good price at the end of the month.

In those three or four days before the end of the month, the dealers will already know how they have been doing, and if they have not had a good month, they will be more willing to offer you a good deal on a new car.

The same happens with quarter or semester closings, as they are usually moments that companies take advantage of to evaluate their sales results and try to achieve previously set objectives.

Another tip is to go to several dealerships and check the different prices since they can vary substantially from one to another; even if you can go to another city, it may be worth it and save several hundred dollars for the same model.

Also, remember that a dealership with numerous models and a high stock for sale is more likely to offer discounts than one with limited or exclusive models.

For this reason, look for the largest and superior offer to ‘hunt’ for the best price. Good luck (and patience).

When is it better to buy a new Kia?

At the end of…

Surely you have heard more than once that the best deals appear at the end of the month… and it is true.

But not only in that period, you can find great prices if you decide to make your purchase at the end of any period of the year. Yes, keep in mind that this will always depend on each dealer.

In the automotive market, what is known as ‘month-end closing’ takes place on a monthly basis.

It is that moment in which the dealers make an economic balance based on the sales that have occurred in that specific period, and around that, they decide whether to make offers.

But, as we have said, this type of offer is not only limited to the end of the month because buying a car can also be cheaper at the end of March, June, September, and December, key months for dealers since they correspond to the end of the quarter.

During these periods, sellers try to reach their goals so that good bargains can be obtained.

Prior Year Model

You will save loads of cash if you buy a Kia model from the previous year.

Brands usually update their fleet of vehicles annually and, depending on the renewal cycle, can be limited to slight aesthetic improvements or, on the contrary, introduce a radical change, both inside and out, aesthetically and technologically.

It depends on your basic needs and the cash you have, but if you don’t mind not being up to date and considering your budget to be the most important thing, definitely buying a model from the previous year is a good option.

Special events: Black Friday, Christmas…

 There is an emergence of a new trend within the world of dealerships: many already hang the sales sign as if it were a shopping center.

They have been doing it for years at Christmas, but now they are introducing themselves to the well-known Black Friday.

These are special dates on which dealers offer their best prices and which, without a doubt, are worth bearing in mind.

Carnovo, the new way to buy your car

Unless you go to every dealership in the country and ask one by one the price of the vehicle you want to buy, it will be impossible to know when and where you can get the biggest discounts.

Luckily, many of them work with Carnovo to offer you the best shopping experience; use the configurator to create your perfect car and find out how much you can save.

You will have the opportunity to get better offers at the end of the month since agents may not have completed their sales goals, and they will send you better prices.

However, keep in mind that this is not always the case; everything will depend on the operations closed that month.

Save on the purchase of your new Kia

Select your perfect car using our configurator, which you will find on the main page, and get ready to receive the best offers from official dealers nationwide – we have an extensive network that works to offer you the best price.

You will find the best shopping experience in Carnovo; join, and you will receive immediate and quality treatment.

About Kia and when to buy

Kia Motors Iberia has started its popular “10 Kia Days” campaign in all the Korean brand dealerships in Spain.

For this reason, Frau Automobiles, the official Kia dealer in Son Ferriol, wants to share it with all its current and potential customers by carrying out special activities.

From February 9 to 20, all those who visit the Frau Automobiles facilities located on Carrer Civada de Palma will benefit from special conditions when buying and financing a new KIA vehicle.

Bestseller the Kia Sportage, one of the most successful SUVs on the market, can be purchased during the “10 Kia Days” campaign at all dealerships days with a special price.

A good example is the new Sportage X-Tech. The new Kia Sportage X-Tech differs by incorporating 19″ alloy wheels that mount 245/45 tires, giving it a totally different air than the traditional Sportage.

In addition, the new browser includes the possibility of connecting any Android device and using Google’s system for connected vehicles, Android Auto.

The X-Tech is available in two engines: the 1.6 GDI with 132 CV of gasoline and the 1.7 CRDI diesel with 115 CV. In both cases, the transmission is manual.

The opening hours of Frau Automobiles during the “10 days Kia” will be from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

In addition, the dealer offers special units, Km. 0 and KIA Okasión, revised and guaranteed vehicles of up to 2 years.

Final Thought

Remember that if you have already decided which brand of Kia you will buy, you have our configurator at your disposal where you can create your ideal vehicle.

You can go to the main page of Carnovo to start your purchase; you will receive the best offers from official dealers nationwide and without leaving home!

The best buying time matters; I hope this article will help you.

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