10 Best Times to Buy a Used Camper

The best times to buy a used camper are typical during the hurricane season or just before new models are released. Shopping during these times can save you a significant amount of money. Additionally, taking your time to research and negotiate can result in even greater savings.

When to find the best used recreational van for your dream camper life? This article contains the magical potion:

  1. In Winter
  2. When Gas Prices Rise
  3. When a New Model is Released
  4. Well Before your First Trip
  5. During Sales
  6. Hurricane Season
  7. Holiday Weekends
  8. In Spring
  9. During RV Shows
  10. Black Friday

      If you thought about leaving everything behind for a while and leading a #vanlife but then suppressed those thoughts in fear of what it would do to your bank account, this article is just for you.

Here are 10 solutions in Times to Purchase a Used Camper Van.

10 Best Times

In Winter

A frosty winter adventure is only for brave hearts. So when winter comes, with its rain-sound sleep and hot cocoa, many people go for a cozier winter activity.

Many amateur campers and families would rather get a little extra money and sell their summer adventure vehicles than have them fill a space in the garage.

This makes this cold season the best period for going on a camper van shopping escapade.

The best months to purchase during this season are December to January.

Remember to make your negotiation game on point when making a purchase!

When Gas Prices Rise

When gas prices shoot up, it becomes inevitable for many RVers to decide that van life is no longer a privilege.

Simply put, high gas prices indicate unaffordable travel, specifically for diesel truck drivers.

But not for us, wise decision-makers! You can obtain a great deal on a second-hand camper and use it whenever it suits you.

Funnily enough, “high demand for crude oil and low supply pushed gas prices upward this year,” according to Forbes. Coincidence? I think not.

When a New Model is Released

New van models are typically the attraction of camping fanatics looking to replace their used camping vehicles for a more luxurious means of going around.

This is very convenient for new RVers who do not have the privilege of being too generous when deciding on a new camper.

So stay updated as to when brands such as Airstream or Motorcoach launch new models and start your used camper hunt.

Well Before your First Trip

Making an RV purchase is not something you can take lightly. Factors such as a proper study of the market, price comparison, and time must be considered before making an offer.

So you might want to give yourself a good period before your first van adventure to avoid making hasty purchases that could significantly lose money.

You want to mellow out and study your options before making any decisions. Remember, fellas, the best buyers are the wise buyers.

During Sales

That time of the year when sales are wide-ranging is not precisely the best period to snap yourself up a used van.

However, you may be able to secure an older model that is brand new with a very good price that fits right into your budget.

This may not always be the case, but it is worth mentioning that that is how I obtained my first camper. Who knows? You might get just as lucky.

Hurricane Season

This sucks for camping lovers out there who live anywhere near the Atlantic Ocean.

However, it is a great opportunity for used camper buyers to find the perfect sale.

Hurricane season is underrated when buying a camper van.

Still, it may increase your chances of finding exactly what you’re looking for in a van, as many sellers will be looking to replace their vans or take a break from camping for the season.

So next time the weather is bad, you’d better start your camper search.

Holiday Weekends

A very specific option, one might think. Yet holiday weekends are overlooked by many when searching for the perfect time to get themselves a new pre-owned van.

However, this period is often used to empty the garage of unused items such as a good-as-new RV, maybe?

Thus, this option should not be neglected while searching for the perfect camping vehicle.

In Spring

Spring is when van life enthusiasts typically settle for starting their summer with a new travel vehicle.

Especially after spring break, many campers’ van journeys will end, and they will be looking to sell.

Although it may not be the perfect time to go handed-down camper shopping, you never know when the perfect opportunity might present itself.

Therefore, spring should not be neglected when looking for the right van for your travel journey.

During RV shows

Some sellers are not afraid of a little competition when putting their second-hand campers out in the market.

They know that RV shows are the attraction of thousands of potential buyers who may not afford the high prices of a brand-new recreational vehicle; thus, they turn towards a more affordable option.

This may not be a conventional method of catching a good bargain, and it may not work for everyone, yet I always try to provide my readers with any options with the slightest possibility of working.

During Black Friday

Black Friday is a blessing for all types of buyers out there. You can find great purchases with huge discounts on all items online.

I like to go to my favorite store Camping World, the perfect online destination for camping enthusiasts such as myself. 

They make huge RV sales on both new and used camper vans.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, I don’t know where else you will be able to find it.


Best times to buy a used camper? During those times, prices are low, like winter and spring.

Another way is sales such as Black Friday or when a new model is released.

The key is to take time and focus on buying the perfect van for your camping life.

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