5+ Best Times to Buy hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is an investment, and as with any investment you’re considering, it’s a good idea to wait for the right time to buy. When is that? The best time to buy hardwood flooring is in the summer, in this article you will find out why.

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Many people look first at their floors when it comes to home renovations and upgrades.

Hardwood flooring can give any space an elegant and sophisticated feel while adding value to your home.

Armed with this knowledge, you might think that you need to wait for the right time to buy hardwood flooring.

And while the real estate market can be a bit unpredictable at times, there are some very good times to make that investment.

Here are the 7 best times when you should buy hardwood flooring:


List of the best times to buy

Summer is the best time to buy hardwood flooring

The best time to buy flooring is during the summer. Summer is when most people are looking to make home improvements and changes.

With so much competition for hardwood flooring, you can expect prices to be lower than usual.

Summer is also a good time to buy hardwood flooring because many companies will be willing to offer better deals on installation services.

This way, you can get the wood and have it installed for a reasonable price.

Another reason to buy in summer is that many companies will run sales or promotions to attract customers.

You can expect them to offer special deals to move their stock before winter comes along and business slows down again.

It means you’ll have more options when selecting wood species, finish, and other options like installation costs or financing plans.

Is Spring a Great Time to Buy Hardwood Flooring?

Spring is a great time to buy hardwood flooring because it’s the best time of year to purchase since most people are looking to get their new flooring installed as soon as possible.

Some people will want their floors installed ASAP because they’re hosting large events like weddings or parties, and they’ll want their new flooring in place before then.

If you’re planning on getting your floors installed during spring, then you’ll want to make sure that you don’t go with very cheap options because cheap hardwood floors tend to be more prone to damage from moisture and humidity, which can cause them to crack or warp over time.

Buy Hardwood Flooring During the Holiday Season

Another best time to buy hardwood flooring is during the holiday season.

This is because many people will be looking to redecorate their homes for the holidays and looking for new materials, such as hardwood flooring, to use in making these improvements.

Because of this, you can expect prices to be lower than usual during this time of the year.

You can also expect that some companies will be willing to offer special deals to move their stock before business slows down again.

Also, the holiday season is a good time to buy hardwood flooring because there will likely be more people looking for it compared with other times of the year, so you can get better service from installers and other professionals.

Just make sure you don’t shop around too much since prices might not go down as much as you think, and you’ll spend more money trying to find a better deal than if you had just bought it straight away instead.

Also, try your best not to wait until the last minute since most companies will run out of stock quickly during this time of year, so you should get your selection done early.

Buy Hardwood Flooring When You Have Some Extra Money To Spare

If you’re planning on buying some hardwood flooring, don’t do it when money is tight or other important expenses are piling up.

This is because hardwood flooring is a very big investment that can cost thousands of dollars for a single room, so you want to be sure you can spare the money.

If you can’t, then you shouldn’t buy it until your finances are in order.

If you buy some hardwood flooring when times are tight, then make sure that you only buy the cheapest kind since there’s no point in spending a lot of money on something you don’t need or can’t afford.

Buy Hardwood Flooring From A Reputable Dealer

When buying hardwood flooring, make sure it comes from a reputable dealer to get the best possible quality at the lowest price possible.

The last thing you want is to buy some cheap wood from an unreliable source only to find out later on down the line when problems occur, like cracks and warping, which costs even more time and money trying to fix them.

You should also check around before deciding who to buy from just so that you’ll know if they’re reliable and if their prices are competitive enough with other dealers.

If you find out, they’re not competitive enough. You should do more comparison shopping and see what other dealers offer.

When the real estate market is up

The real estate market experiences cycles, and it’s logical to assume that buying flooring is better during certain times.

When the market is up, it’s a great time to buy and sell homes. This means that there are more buyers in the market, and they are more likely to spend more on homes.

With more buyers, you will likely have more options for finding a buyer for your home.

So if you want to make a big return on your investment, now is the time to buy.

That being said, you should be careful not to overpay for a home because there are more buyers.

The best time to buy hardwood flooring is when the market is up, not when you have to get a deal.

After a major renovation

If you plan to majorly renovate your home, you may want to wait until after your project is done.

This way, you can know exactly how much money you will need. After a big renovation, the value of your home will likely increase.

As a result, you may want to wait until after a renovation to buy flooring to increase the value of your home with the new flooring.

However, this is a risky strategy. If the market drops before you buy your flooring, you might lose money on the investment.

Instead, it might be a better idea to buy before the renovation.

You can then increase the value of your home with the new flooring and have more money to complete the renovation.

Final Thought

I hope this article has been helpful and informative to those planning to buy used hardwood floors.

It’s not impossible to find high-quality wood at low prices, but it will take some time searching online before finding something up your alley, so be patient and keep your eyes peeled.

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