Best Time To Buy A Hot Tub At Costco (25-60%+ Off)

The hot tub experience is one of life’s affordable luxuries. Once purchased, a hot tub brings years of pleasure and healthier living to you and your family. Soaking in a hot tub provides amazing relaxation and rejuvenation benefits.

Here are some of the key benefits that hot tub owners enjoy:

– Stress and tension relief – The warm water and massage features provide soothing relief for aches and pains, lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

– Improved sleep – There’s nothing better than soaking before bedtime to relax your mind and body, promoting a deeper sleep. 

– Increased well-being and quality time with loved ones – Simple pleasures like talking, dining or relaxing together in a warm spa.

– Relax and entertaining guests – Perfect way to top off a backyard barbecue or party.

And with convenient mobile app controls, a home spa provides blissful hot tub enjoyment 24/7/365.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder a hot tub adds value and has become a must-have investment for both homes and vacation properties.

Most major spa brands like Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Bullfrog Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs, Cal Spas and Marquis share common advantages, but there are differences in spa features, hydromassage therapies, jet designs and construction. 

When it comes to value, service and consumer ratings, Costco is a great place for your first hot tub purchase or your next upgrade.

How Costco Helps Save You Money on a New Hot Tub

Costco invests heavily in the reliability and support behind every hot tub model they carry and sells in very high volumes, allowing them to provide pricing that’s often $1,000-$2,000 lower with additional perks compared to other retailers.

Here are some main ways Costco provides more hot tub value:

Cost Savings:

– Special pricing & rebates not found elsewhere

– Includes delivery and install

– Includes cover lifter

– Includes chemical start-up kit 

– Removes & recycles old spa (if applicable)

Peace of Mind:

– 90-Day Price Guarantee

– Exceptional warranty & after sales services

– Ability to extend spa warranty

– Return policy

– Low-price maintenance kits & supplies

– Water testing & troubleshooting

Some of the most popular hot tub models sold exclusively at Costco are from major brands like Nordic, Marquis, Aquaterra and Coast Spas, often featuring special upgrades and finishes available only at Costco locations.

The Best Times to Buy a Hot Tub From Costco

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming home renovation or special event like a wedding or holiday party, there are great times of the year to find hot tub sales and added incentives at Costco.

While Costco stores don’t run traditional holiday or annual sales events, there are optimal windows you can target to maximize savings by coordinating special warehouse rebates, instant discounts, bonus gifts and seasonal promotions.

As you evaluate the current specials and upcoming promotions, here’s an overview of the key times to buy a hot tub:

January Clearance Sales

Most hot tub manufacturers release new models each fall, so January brings opportunities to save big on previous year’s models. Discounts may range from $1,000 off on display units and as much as $2,500+ on remaining dealer inventory being cleared out to make room for newer product.

In addition to extra savings off already discounted prices, January clearance sales may include free upgrades like more powerful pumps, additional jets or larger cabinets as part of the incentives to buy during this slow retail sales month. 

January is typically the best chance all year for new hot tub buyers to maximize purchase incentives when dealers and Costco warehouses clear out older inventory coming off display. There can also be added rebates and attractions to warehouse events that sweeten these post-holiday deals even more.

Spring Sales Events

The arrival of spring weather brings excitement and preparation for summer entertaining and backyard improvements. April is National Hot Tub Month and May kicks off the prime graduations and wedding season. This makes spring a targeted promotion period with special buyer incentives on select spa lines and models.

It’s common to find $1,000 instant rebates or bonus packages from the major hot tub manufacturers timed with spring retail events and at participating Costco warehouse locations, making this another potential peak buying opportunity.

While overall discounts may not match those found during winter clearance events, spring sales remove another 5-10% off costs at just the right time to install your spa and break it in with a few weeks of usage prior to peak summer entertaining season.

4th of July Outdoor Bonus Time 

Major holidays are peak selling periods for big ticket consumer discretionary purchases. savvy buyers can take advantage of the high retail inventory levels and festive promotions programs targeted for Independence Day shoppers.

Capitalizing on the peak interest in outdoor living upgrades, you’ll find red, white & blue bonus offers ranging from free chemical start up packages to bonus cover lifters, steps, handrails and even matching towels to complete your holiday spa oasis package.

While overall pricing may be slightly higher than other discount periods, buyers taking advantage of 4th of July bonus offers essentially offset costs by getting $500 or more in free additions to enhance their hot tub experience. Retailers like Costco use the freedom celebrations to move inventory so savvy buyers benefit from bonus giveaways.

Back to School Backyard Bonus Time

Back to school season is big for consumer spending. As buyers fill up carts for classroom and campus life, retailers shift toward promotions to clear our inventory of seasonal merchandise. 

For hot tub dealers, those late summer months also tend to be slower for walk-in shoppers coming off earlier buying sprees or prime home improvement activity during June and July. 

That combination makes August/September a prime period for hot tub sales geared toward a final summer push on backyard bonuses ranging from steps, cover lifts, to discounted accessories packages. While overall pricing discounts still may not match winter clearance sales, back to school bonus offers add another $500 to $1,000 or more in free extras to sweeten your hot tub purchase.

Early Holiday Sales

Black Friday has become the iconic year-end target for bargain shoppers. But buyers don’t need to wait for after Thanksgiving to find holiday deals from retailers motivated to maximize sales and clear year-end inventories for tax and accounting purposes.  

Especially for goods carrying high price tags like hot tubs, most dealers launch Black November sales campaigns with early bird discounts to motivate buyers looking to invest part of their annual bonuses or tax refund checks into home improvements prior to heavier holiday spending commencing.

While overall discounts of 5-15% may still not match January’s clearance pricing, November early bird sales often incorporate holiday bonus items like free winter spa covers, steps/handrails, plus chemical or accessory packages adding extra value freebies ranging $500 – $1,000 to your purchase.

The November/December winter sales push also tends to include the most attractive manufacturer rebates and flexible financing offers to tap those serious buyers willing to make a major discretionary purchase in advance of new models and pricing coming the following year.

Year-end clearance deals in December can match or even exceed January discounts if you negotiate with your dealer as they make that final 2021 inventory push. Costco’s seasonal extensions allow you to leverage their member satisfaction pricing pledge for the lowest price later if it drops again before your 90 price guarantee period expires.

Summertime Sales Strategies

For buyers unable to align one of the key seasonal or holiday sale events, summertime still brings sales opportunities by focusing on lesser known insider strategies:

Off-season clearance – Buy winter covers, accessories & chemicals at 50-80% off giving you chance to stock up & save big bucks.

Floor model purchases – Ask for extra discount taking floor model off their hands saving storage and having to sell as used next year.

Post demo sale discounts – Attend demo events then negotiate extra 5-10% off for taking demo unit off their hands. 

Price match guarantees – Research competitor prices then request zone managers special bid under Costco’s lowest price guarantee.

Referral bonuses – Ask if referral bonuses to help them get a sale with a friend to benefit you both with extra spa discount. 

Loyalty rewards – Sign up for dealer VIP Program in advance so you earn points with purchase to redeem for future discounts and perks.

These insider tips help you leverage Costco’s consumer-friendly price pledge and zone manager flexibility to negotiate extras 5-15% minimum off hot tubs during peak season periods where demand typically limits traditional discounting.

Smart consumers can play the angles to save money without waiting for sales by orchestrating creative bonus bundles, price matching, floor model discounts and other value accelerating strategies.

7 Money Saving Tips for Buying Your Hot Tub from Costco

Here are some additional hot tips for maximizing the return on your investment when purchasing a spa for your home:

1. Calculate the True Cost

When evaluating different hot tub models, look beyond just the retail price. Be sure to factor running costs over 5-7 years for maintenance, electricity and any financing interest. Higher quality spas often cost more upfront but pay

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