5+ Best Times to Buy a Snow Blower

After the new versions are out in May or June, this is the ideal time to purchase a snow blower. Most manufacturers produce new versions during this time so that there is never a shortage of snow blowers. Because they are so busy making snow blowers, they don’t begin production again once they sell out until early summer.

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I’ll probably want to buy a snow blower if I realize I can’t keep shoveling snow at home.

I can save a sizable sum of money by waiting until the off-season to buy my snow blower.

I’ve discovered that the end of winter is the ideal time to get a snow blower. Snow blowers are on sale to make room for summer and spring gardening equipment.

I’m also swearing now that I’ll never want to shovel snow again! The discounts can differ depending on the brand and model; if the item is discontinued, I will save more, and where I buy the item.

Compared to peak-season prices, I would consistently experience savings of roughly 30 percent.

I’d think about whether I’d like heated hand grips for my snow blower. The added comfort and lengthened use duration might make the price worthwhile.

Best Times to Buy a Snow Blower

The ideal period for purchasing a snow blower

Sadly, not many of us have the means to buy a snow blower until spring.

Fortunately, there are other seasons of the year when I might receive lower prices.

The price reductions stated below are better discovered in-store rather than online, in my experience.

I suppose this is because brick-and-mortar businesses have less room available than online retailers, who have enormous warehouses and rely less on setting aside space for shoppers to see the best seasonal products.


The number of snow blowers that will likely be sold during the busiest season is estimated by stores using prior sales.

Most stores have very few snow blowers left as this season ends in the spring.

Stores give incentives that entice people to buy because they need to make room for other popular things sold in the spring and summer.

 I might even request to purchase the floor model snow blower being used as a demo at this point.

These are always in demand, so stores frequently mark them down an additional 10% to 20%.

The same guarantee is still included with these machines, and the user manual is also commonly included-they frequently do not have the box.

The benefit of buying a snow blower now is that dealers are likely to offer clients significant discounts to hasten the clearance of the remaining stock, even though the variety of snow blowers is likely to be limited, contrary to the busiest winter months.


A snow blower is challenging to find in the summer.

Any snow blowers left over from the late spring sales are frequently pushed to the back to make more prime retail space available for the most popular products.

Snow blowers, however, must still be sold at select retailers during the summer.

Either because they have no storage in the back and must spread out all of their inventory on the floor.

Or because they require the money for repairs or additional stock to be reinvested into the company.

As a customer, I’m not concerned about buying a new snow blower (while donating my old snow blower) or the prospect of clearing snow from my property in a few months because it’s sunny outside, and there isn’t any snow falling.

Instead, I’m focused on mowing my lawn and fixing my fence.

Therefore, offering steep discounts on snow tools will be the only way for a retailer to persuade me to buy them.

While it could be challenging to discover snow blowers in brick-and-mortar businesses, and the selection might be constrained, the payoff will probably be a sizable saving.

Season of early fall

I choose to purchase any new snow tools in the early fall. It’s one of the tasks I have on my checklist for fall home maintenance.

I use this opportunity to evaluate the items I own and prepare a list of those I will probably need to replace.

I’ll then search online forums and reviews to discover the best makes and models of each item; I’ll often find three, so I have some wiggle room when I buy.

I’ve learned that August and September are beneficial, especially in preventing myself from forgetting that I don’t have a machine to clear snow from around my home when it’s December.

As stores start to get ready for the winter months, the choice is much better, even though the pricing might not be as competitive as in the late spring and early summer.

The manufacturers distribute the most popular snow tools in new models. 

Black Friday

Even though Black Friday is during the winter, when I might need a snow blower, I can still find some deals.

These reductions are frequently offered online and in-person, which are highly typical for older models that are getting rid of in favor of a new model.

Given the discounts offered and the high demand for snow blowers at that time, availability can be unpredictable.

Black Friday can be the ideal time to buy, though, provided I’m willing to accept a somewhat older model that is still brand new.

The winter’s end

Although the snowy season may be by winter’s end, manufacturers are anxious to make sure they still sell the inventory to make room for the new models they will be launching in a few months. 

There should still be a decent selection of snow blower manufacturers and models available in major retailers, even though the peak season for sales may have passed.

If I plan it properly, sales will start to occur, allowing me to balance acquiring the greatest snow blower for my needs while still saving money.

To use it, I might have to wait ten months.

Final Thought

A snow blower purchase entails sifting through a vast selection of items with various bells and whistles.

It could be an expensive choice even if I buy anything on my own and include all the desired features.

Fortunately, there are excellent and terrible periods to save on buying a snow blower, just as with any other product.

I’ll always check for sales and compare costs at other retail locations.

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