5+ Best Times to Buy String Trimmer

Every year, sales of string trimmers soar from April to September. Then, in October, these sales plummeted. This makes sense because grass grows most abundantly between spring and summer when homeowners spend more time outside tending to their lawns.

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Although I can’t always predict when I’ll need a new string trimmer, I can partly predict the cost.

According to survey results from companies like Home Depot, Machinery Pete, and Stotz Equipment, timing is vital when searching for a new string trimmer because the time of year a person shops will affect the price.

The best times to buy a string trimmer are in March, April, October, and December.

There are more options to buy a string trimmer at a lesser price during these months.

While sporadic brand- or deal-dependent sales are scattered throughout the year, these are less reliable than adhering to straightforward seasonal sales cycles.

To find out when to buy a string trimmer, continue reading.

Best Times to Buy String Trimmer

The Ideal Moment to Buy

The buying cycles of savvy consumers typically correspond with supply and demand cycles.

Every year, sales of string trimmers soar from April to September. Then, in October, these sales plummeted.

This makes sense because grass grows most abundantly between spring and summer when homeowners spend more time outside tending to their lawns.

The best string trimmers are available when supply is high before the busy season, but demand is still low, making it possible to get a deal.

Discounts, however, are almost nonexistent during periods of increased demand, and popular models may sell out.

So my best chance to get a great deal on an older trimmer once demand drops is when retailers start to empty their shelves.

February to March

Dealers frequently increase their inventory at the start of every year, but merchandise doesn’t move as rapidly.

For this reason, waiting until February or March to buy my string trimmer may be a good idea.

During these months, as a purchaser, I’ll have the chance to purchase a high-quality trimmer at a low price, thanks to preseason discounts and previous year’s models.

The end of February or the beginning of March would be ideal. The best incentives might be made available to me at that time.

Between the end of February and the beginning of March, significant shops offer bargains where I might save between 10 and 20 percent as a customer.


In April, demand starts to increase. However, visiting my neighborhood vendors is worthwhile, especially during the first half of the month.

The start of the season means businesses offer promotions to satisfy customers’ curiosity.

April is still an excellent time to buy, even though I might not save as much as I would in other months.

If I buy in April, I could save up to 10% because demand is slow to pick up before the summer.


October is an excellent month to shop around for deals because demand starts to wane.

End-of-season sales make room for snow blowers and prepare for new sales the following year.

I probably won’t discover any brand-new models at this time, but I could be able to locate a fantastic deal on the stand-out from the previous season.

If I make my order in October, I’ll probably save up to 10%.


If a business still has string trimmers available in December, they’ll probably want to eliminate them to make room for the models for the following year.

However, I don’t count on this month as my best option.

Deals might also happen if the winter season is low, business is sluggish, and they need the money.

On the other hand, I won’t be able to test my new string trimmer until the spring, so I won’t know immediately if anything is wrong, missing, or misaligned.

When should I buy cheap string trimmers?

When buying a new string trimmer, there are various elements for each season.

After the summer, I’ll probably be able to find a decent deal because retailers are attempting to move their final models, and new trimmers are frequently marked down before the busy season.

If I want to save some money, now is the ideal time to pounce on a string trimmer that is reasonably priced.

On the other side, there are typically more makes and models to pick from in the spring, but there are also fewer discounts.

This is due to the debut of new string trimmer models and the tendency for interest in lawn and garden equipment to peak in the spring.

Therefore, now would be the most fantastic time to buy if I’m a true grass fanatic and have my heart set on a particular brand and model because inventories will be nicely restocked.

It’s vital to remember that the more recent the model, the more expensive it will be if I’m searching for a budget trimmer.

Because of this, spring is a terrific season for a wide variety of options but not the ideal time to score a deal.

Nevertheless, right before the summer season begins, most string strimmer makers will hold spring-summer sales, giving their trimmers a little discount.

Still, these offers won’t compare to the deals I’ll discover following the summer season.

The bad news is that summertime is typically not a great time to buy a string trimmer if I urgently need one.

Model availability generally is less during the busiest streaming season, and costs stay high due to rising demand.

Fall is typically the most fantastic time to buy if I’m looking for a high-quality string trimmer at a lower cost and aren’t particular about the precise make and model.

Once September arrives, most of the string trimmer models from this year will be discounted because merchants are clearing out space for the new season’s stock.

Despite the allure of fall savings, I’m against purchasing a string trimmer in the middle of winter.

This is because I won’t be able to test my trimmer since the grass is too short thoroughly, and by the time spring arrives, my warranty may have already run out.

Final Thought

Spring is the most outstanding season to get a new string trimmer because there will be many models to choose from.

However, while a product is in high demand, prices will also be increased.

I aim to get a new string trimmer at the end of the growing season as fall approaches if I want to keep costs down and score a deal.

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