5+ Best Times to Buy a Sectional Sofa

From my experience, the best time to buy a sectional sofa or any indoor furniture is towards the last months of Winter(January, February) and the end of Summer (August, September). Pieces of Furniture are cheap depending on the season, so to get them at a lower price, I buy them during the winter and summer seasons. However, to get the latest model, I buy it during the spring and fall seasons.

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Pieces of Furniture are of different types, and buying furniture depends on the cost when buying it. The time to get indoor furniture varies from when to get outdoor furniture.

I get my sofa at a time that will help me save money.

However, it is worth noting that sofas and other furniture can be gotten anytime in the year, but I prefer the seasons when discounts are high.

Let’s look at the different seasons and how they relate to an indoor furniture purchase when to get cheap furniture, when to get a new one, and also some tips for getting furniture.

Best Time Of The Year To Buy A Sectional Sofa

The Best Time To Buy A Sectional Sofa (In Terms Of Cost)

As I stated earlier, I buy sofas in January, February, August, and September to save money.

I do this because this is the time of the year when the furniture sellers(dealers) try to sell off the old stock and get ready to bring in the new stock.

They give lots of discounts, and I take advantage of this. These discounts may range from 10% to 60% slash off the original price.

The indoor furniture company runs a biannual schedule in furniture distribution, so I target a few months before that to get a good furniture purchase.

Apart from these seasons, another period to get a lower price of sofas is during the holidays.

Numerous holidays are observed within the year (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.), and during these holidays, the prices of furniture are slashed for the benefit of the customers.

I also take note of these holidays when planning to get a sofa at an affordable price.

The Best Time To Buy A Sectional Sofa (In Terms Of Newness)

As much as I love saving money, I also love acquiring the latest stock, so I get sofas in all seasons (when it’s expensive and affordable).

The furniture manufacturers run a biannual schedule, which means they provide new stocks twice a year during the Spring and Fall seasons.

If I want to get new and the latest sofas and other indoor furniture, I purchase them during spring and fall.

This is when furniture will be on the high side in terms of price, but it’s worth it, right?

I take my time to examine and admire the new stock of furniture.

It gives me an upper hand in the social circle, that feeling of getting a new product before any other person.

Buying the latest furniture is similar to getting the latest model of gadgets. The feeling of superiority cannot be overemphasized.

Best Time To Buy An Outdoor Furniture

The best time to get outdoor furniture is mid-March till April when I can get up to an 80% discount.

This is when the sellers give discounts to their customers to create space for new outdoor furniture models.

I buy my outdoor furniture at this time to save money from the discounts given.

Note: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days for huge price slashes in the marketing sector. Works for both online marketing and physical marketing.

I use this opportunity by taking note of the days for this great discount, and it helps save a lot of money; I know you’ll like that too.

Tips For Getting A Furniture

Do a quality survey

When I want furniture, I don’t rush it; I survey until I get the furniture of my taste. I move to the next if I’m not okay with the furniture in a showroom.

No one can convince me to buy what I don’t like.

Pieces of Furniture are one of those things that stays in an owner’s possession for quite some time, depending on one’s financial capability, so I get what I’ll wake up every morning to smile at and be proud of.

I go for the best even when I need something affordable.

Give room for negotiation

I get my furniture in a showroom which gives room for negotiation.

I negotiate prices with the retailer if I’m not comfortable with the price and I happen to have a liking for that particular furniture. There’s no harm in price negotiation.

Stick to the list

Humans are naturally greedy, and greed can do a lot of harm to us financially.

I try as much as possible to stick to my list before purchasing, so I don’t buy everything in the showroom.

Lists help us stick to our priorities, so having one is advisable. Pieces of Furniture are very attractive, and I need a list to maintain the discipline of getting the most important ones.

Inquire about warranties

In furniture purchases, a warranty is of great importance in case of any damages caused by the company. I ensure that the furniture I buy has a warranty for at least a few years.

This ensures that whatever issues I may realize later won’t be on my expenses. A warranty helps save one from unnecessary spending after purchasing a product.

Online or In-store purchase

I like shopping online because the discounts are more effective there and there is a wide range of choices.

Still, at the same time, in-store shopping is good because I get to touch and feel what I’m about to purchase.

This is to ensure that it is of good quality and to reduce the shipping fees charged when something is ordered online.

Final Thought

Getting a sectional sofa or any other furniture depends on one’s buoyancy.

When I have the money, I go for new and latest products, but to save money; I make my purchase in January, February, August, or September.

Taking note of holidays also helps in cases like this; I ensure that I mark holidays on my calendar to get a discounted sofa.

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