5+ Best Times to Buy a Rug

Spring, fall, the holiday season, and summer are the best times to buy rugs.

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Are you contemplating the purchase of a new rug for your living space? There is a possibility that you are making the right decision here.

There are several benefits to installing a rug in your house, including making it more comfortable and visually appealing.

Rugs have become an essential part of several homes in recent years. However, it isn’t really a bargain. This might inspire you to search for low-cost carpets.

You may enquire, “When is the ideal time to purchase rugs?” You’ll find out if you keep reading.

best time to buy a rug

Purchasing a new Rug carpet at the ideal moment

You’d have to spend a lot of money to get a new carpet. It’s estimated that most homeowners will pay at least $800 for a new carpet, according to the website Home Advisor.

Even so, this is much less expensive than new hardwood flooring, which may cost up to $2,500, according to the same source.

You may save a lot of money by purchasing your new Rug carpet later. There are 3 seasons of the year that you should keep in mind while seeking fresh rugs.

The first period is between Thanksgiving and the Fresh Year’s break. People decorate their houses for vacations; this year period is no exception.

As a result, rug merchants typically provide additional items with a broad selection of color schemes to serve their customers better.

Rug discounts are also prevalent. It’s never too early to start buying if you want a new rug for Xmas.

However, springtime is the best time to purchase if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for better carpet discounts .

The widespread belief is that this is the best time or season to purchase carpets.

Why is spring the ideal time of year to purchase new carpets?

Regarding rugs, it’s a good time of year for producers to unveil their new designs.

Las Vegas hosts The International Surface Event, the country’s biggest trade expo for floor coverings.

The latest and most promising rug lines at this exhibition are shown to the world. At this time of year, several rug producers put their earlier versions on offer.

Those new carpets on the show may also be available when spring arrives.

Some producers may also decide to sell their unique items to raise awareness about them. However, the savings aren’t that big.

The end of the academic year or the end of summer vacation are good times to look for rug deals. The additional time spans from the middle to May’s first day of June.

This year, people are preparing for big occasions like Dad’s Day.

Restocking with fresh carpet patterns and brands is common when suppliers replenish their inventories during this year.

It’s possible to get great deals on inexpensive rugs throughout the summer and autumn.

Summertime is generally a sluggish season for most merchants since most people take vacations during this time of year.

To enhance one’s mental state, people are more inclined to go to a place of employment than a storefront.

In places where you can feel all summer, you’ll find many people taking advantage of the great surroundings.

New flooring for the loungeroom isn’t what they’re in the market for. Because of this, certain retailers may cut the pricing of carpets to boost sales.

Rug merchants go back to work when the economy slumps. As the temperature drops, more people stay inside to stay warm. There is less outside time for them.

Additionally, they must get their houses in order for the upcoming Christmas season, when they’ll be hosting relatives.

Companies launch their greatest deals, particularly in October, just before the Christmas shopping season starts.

If you’re shopping for rugs at a repair shop, anticipate seeing deals like vouchers, refunds, and on-the-spot deals. Fresh rugs may be obtained at a significant discount.


Spring is the best time to go shopping for new rugs if you’re a style connoisseur worried about getting the latest “just in” home furnishings.

While some new products can be introduced at any time of the year, most of the big manufacturers present their newest collections and most promising lines at the largest trade show for floor coverings,

The International Surface Event usually takes place at the end of January each year in Las Vegas.

After products have been introduced at the show, manufacturers begin distributing samples to their retailers, which means new rugs will typically hit store shelves in early spring.

Some manufacturers may be running special offers to help promote their new product lines, but don’t expect big savings this time of year.


Summer does not entail the hustle & bustle for any retailers because it’s the best time of year to take a vacation.

Additionally, during the summer months, especially in climates that truly experience all four seasons, many people have turned their attention outdoors, focusing on their patios and outside chores rather than thinking about buying new carpets.

The potential benefit for customers shopping in the summer is faster turnaround time: if stores aren’t as busy, they won’t be as busy measuring and installing.

Also, stores may offer incentives to try and increase sales during these slower months, so there’s a chance for some savings.


Fall is typically the busiest season for carpet retailers.

Just as people focus on the outside of their homes during the warmer months, they begin to pay attention to the interior as the weather starts to get cooler and they spend more time indoors.

They also want their homes to look their best when family and friends visit during the holidays.

More importantly, fall is the time of year when manufacturers (as opposed to retail stores) run their biggest promotions, usually during October.

Large carpet mills may offer on-the-spot savings, rebates, coupons, or sweepstakes as part of a national program.

The promotional campaign makes fall one of the best times to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a great deal.

Retailers are also starting to think about clearing out existing inventory before getting their new products in the spring, so they may offer lower prices to facilitate that.


The winter months often represent a lull in the flooring industry.

The pre-holiday hustle is over, and new style introductions are yet to come out (although some new products may start hitting stores towards the end of the season).

Early January can increase foot traffic at rug stores as people spend money on holiday gifts or embrace the “new beginnings” philosophy with the new year.

People in the industry are a bit busy this time of year due to the trade show, but typically not much happens in stores during the winter months.

Stores with carpet rolls in stock may have great deals as they continue to clear their inventory.

Otherwise, you may want to wait a few months and benefit from a larger selection of new styles.

Final Thought

Many people wonder what the best time of year to buy a new carpet is.

The ideal answer that will solve your question depends on your goal for your carpet purchase and what you want to buy.

Every season offers something to take advantage of. Adding a rug to your home can make your place even more attractive.

As described above, you can do this without spending much on your carpet purchase.

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