Best Time To Buy Dewalt Tools (30%+ Off)

Mark your calendar for DeWalt’s annual “Red, White & New” sale every July when tools are discounted up to 30%. Also check for Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Black Friday promotions on combo kits and batteries. Sign up for DeWalt’s newsletter for flash sales and personalized promo code offers. Check Amazon Warehouse for open-box tool returns that function like new for 20%+ off. Consider reconditioned models on BackMarket with full warranties for like-new quality at 40-50% savings. Always price match at checkout!

Investing in high-quality power tools can make a big difference for both professional contractors and passionate DIYers. DeWalt tools have earned a sterling reputation for their durability, power, precision and versatility on job sites.

However, these pro-grade tools come at a premium price point. Fortunately, DeWalt runs frequent promotions that allow savvy buyers to score huge savings at the right times. This comprehensive guide examines the ideal times and strategies to purchase DeWalt gear for maximum value.

When Are The Best Sales for DeWalt Tools?

DeWalt rotates a reliable slate of seasonal and annual sales on tools that you can plan around to optimize savings. Mark your calendar for these peak DeWalt shopping opportunities:

Major Holiday Weekends: DeWalt unleashes some of its biggest markdowns in tandem with major federal holiday weekends. Keep an eye out for Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales with sitewide discounts up to 30% or more plus free bundles.

Father’s Day (June): Cash in on Father’s Day sales in June to save big for dad or yourself. Retailers advertise discounts up to 40% off.

Amazon Prime Day (July): The e-commerce giant offers epic 48-hour-only sales during its annual Prime Day extravaganza. DeWalt bundles reach 50%+ discounts.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday (Nov-Dec): Score DeWalt tools for stellar prices to kick off the holiday shopping season. Retailers advertise percentage-based discounts plus value-packed free bonus offers.

Post-Holiday Clearances (Dec-Jan): The post-holiday period from mid-December through January sees retailers clearing out remaining holiday inventory with deep discounts that can rival Black Friday pricing. Shop end-of-season clearances for huge savings on discounted and reconditioned DeWalt gear.

In addition to key seasonal sales, DeWalt partners directly with online retailers for limited-time or exclusive bundle deal events. Browse sites like Acme Tools, Tool Nut and Ohio Power Tool which advertise daily deals on DeWalt combo kits.

The brand also teams up with big box partners like Lowe’s and The Home Depot which advertise DeWalt promos for online orders with in-store pickups.

Savvy shoppers can stack additional savings by applying promo codes from cashback sites like Rakuten to seasonal sales and online orders. You can easily secure bonuses up to 15% cash back to help defray costs on big-ticket DeWalt purchases.

Key DeWalt Product Categories to Buy On Sale

DeWalt manufactures an immense, ever-evolving spectrum of professional power tools across all trades. When sales pop up, focus your buying strategy on snatching up these essential items marked down:

Combo Kits – The most beginner-friendly and economical way to invest in DeWalt’s lithium ion Powertool ecosystem is via a combo kit. Kits pack together drill/drivers, impact drivers, circular saws, reciprocating saws, LED worklights and more. Shop discounted kits to inexpensively access DeWalt’s innovative 20V Max battery platform and FlexVolt versatility.

Bare Tools – Once you’ve invested in DeWalt batteries and chargers, subsequent bare tool purchases become much more affordable. Key tools to buy ala carte include biscuit joiners, angle grinders, belt sanders, jigsaws and more.

Batteries – Outfit your existing DeWalt arsenal with extra battery packs while bundle deals take prices down. Extended life XR models offer advanced electronics and cell capacity. Sales present the perfect time to adopt innovative FlexVolt and specialty 12V Max batteries.

Chargers – Upgrade older DeWalt batteries with new rapid chargers that juice packs up quicker than ever. Hardwired and portable chargers see major markdowns during holiday promos. 

Radial Arm Saws – DeWalt’s 10″ and 12″ radial saws rank among the most powerful and precise on the market. These workshop staples go on sale regularly with bundle offers adding extra blades, stands and work stops for complete packages.

Planers – DeWalt’s benchtop and portable thickness planers help flatten rough stock and straighten edges with precision. Steep discounts enhance the value proposition of these advanced cutters even further.

When considering heavily discounted reconditioned/refurbished tools, scrutinize return policies and warranty coverage to understand potential compromise

Strategies & Tips for Buying DeWalt Tools On Sale

Follow these expert tips and purchasing strategies to keep more cash in your wallet when investing in DeWalt tools:

Set Up Price Alerts – Use the Camelizer browser extension to set up price drop alerts on must-have items and buy when discounts hit your target zone.

Buy Bare Tools First – Start cheaply accumulating bare essential tools during sales then take advantage of future combo kit deals just needing batteries. 

Stack Savings from Multiple Retailers – Comparing sale prices across retailers like Acme Tools, Ohio Power Tool, Tool Nut and more often reveals extra hidden savings potential.

Apply Retailer Promo Codes – Check sites like RetailMeNot for valid, current promo codes from retailers offering DeWalt sales to stack on top of automatically applied discounts at checkout.

Use Cash Back Sites – Adding bonus cashback site savings on already discounted DeWalt purchases yields even bigger returns.

Consider Reconditioned Gear – When purchased through DeWalt or trusted retailers, reconditioned tools deliver stunning value at often 40% or greater markdowns from new condition price points.

Think Long Term – The high upfront costs of DeWalt tools pay future dividends through years and years of daily use and abuse on jobs. Sales help ease initial purchase prices.

Buy At Black Friday Prices Year Round – Consistently monitoring limited-time holiday sales prices gives you a powerful reference point to judge everyday sale values against rather than MSRPs. If a President’s Day offer reaches Black Friday pricing, it’s a good time to buy regardless of season.

Maximize Savings Bundles – Scan combos carefully to identify added-value bonus inclusions that boost overall savings beyond straight percentage discounts. Hard case bundles, extra batteries, specialty blades and bonus tools add substantial invisible savings.

With the right sale shopping strategies, buying DeWalt tools no longer needs to be a bank-breaking investment. Consistently monitoring seasonal promotions and limited-time deals can help you secure pro-grade gear for DIY prices. Arm yourself with this guide’s money-saving inside tips to become a savvier DeWalt shopper landing incredible deals all year round.

The Top 5 DeWalt Tools to Buy On Sale

Here is a quick reference highlight reel of the top 5 DeWalt tools that deliver the most complete bang-for-your-buck performance, versatility and value when purchased at a discount:

1. 20V Max XR Brushless Cordless Combo Kit – The ultimate starter bundle for fueling all your needs from driving fasteners to sawing lumber with DeWalt’s leading battery platform.

2. 20V Max XR Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit – Tackle limitless materials removal and flush cutting tasks with this ultra-versatile 3.9 degree hyper oscillation beast.

3. 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw – This mega 12″ sliding miter makes ultra-precise crosscuts and angled miters effortlessly.

4. 20V Max XR Brushless 6-1/2″ Circular Saw – A super-powered, corded circular saw alternative in cordless form for pure freedom.

5. 60V Max 8-1/4″ Cordless Worm Drive Circular Saw – Dominate framing and ripping tasks traditionally reserved for mag power with this muscular saw packing high-torque leverage.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Before buying Dewalt tools, a renowned name in power tools and industrial accessories, consider these key factors to ensure you make the right purchase:

  1. Type of Tool: Dewalt offers a variety of tools such as drills, saws, screwdrivers, and more. Understand your requirement before you dive into choices.
  2. Corded vs Cordless: Dewalt provides both options. Choose cordless for convenience and mobility but corded if you need continuous power without interruption.
  3. Power Output: Examine the tool’s power output (measured in volts for cordless tools). Higher voltage means more strength but also larger size and weight.
  4. Battery Life & Type: If opting for cordless tools, consider Li-Ion batteries as they charge quickly and last longer than traditional types. Look for Dewalt’s FLEXVOLT system for maximum runtime.
  5. Ergonomics: Dewalt is recognized for comfortable design, but comfort varies person-to-person due to differences in hand size and strength levels. If possible, test the tool’s grip before purchasing.
  6. Kit or Individual Units: While standalone units can be cheaper upfront, combo kits come with multiple tools that may cost less in the long-term.
  7. Price: Dewalt tools are generally priced on the high-end due to their quality and reliability but keep an eye out for discounts or promotions.
  8. Warranty & After-sales Service: Review warranty terms carefully; Dewalt normally offers three years limited warranty along with one-year free service contract on most products.
    Remember, it’s not about having the most powerful tool but rather about having the right one for your projects requirements which can accurately accomplish tasks with efficiency and precision.


DeWalt consistently sits at the forefront of power tool innovation and performance. Though premium priced, timed shopping strategies exploiting DeWalt’s seasonal promotions calendar make pro kits attainable for passionate DIYers on tight budgets.

Monitor holiday sales, limited-time retailer bundle deals and refurbished tool offerings to secure DeWalt’s hardworking solutions for wonderfully discounted prices. Remember to layer on coupon codes and cash back bonuses to maximize your savings potential even further.

Armed with this buyer’s guide, securing DeWalt’s trusted jobsite firepower no longer requires paying full price.

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