Best Time To Buy Stroller (70-60%+ Off)

The best stroller deals roll around twice a year – right before the new model year gets released and during retailer clearance sales after peak season. August and September see previous year models marked down up to 50% off as stores make room for newer options. Then November and December usher in additional savings around Black Friday where some of the year’s steepest discounts can net up to 60% certain brands. The key is timing – shop just ahead of inventory refreshes when retailers wheel out major markdowns. Planning purchases before new model release means scoring those steep seasonal stroller discounts.

As an expectant parent, buying a stroller is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make when gearing up for your new arrival. With prices ranging from $50 to $1,500 or more, this is not a small investment.

The good news is there are ways to get a high-quality stroller without breaking the bank if you time your purchase right. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins and outs of scoring a deal on a top-rated stroller.

We’ll cover when strollers go on sale throughout the year, where to find stroller deals online and in stores, how much you can expect to spend on popular models, and insider tips for maximizing savings.

By using the advice in this buying guide, you can feel confident you snagged a safe, durable, and budget-friendly stroller for your little one.

key points

The key takeaways from this stroller buying guide boil down to:

  1. Purchase during sale seasons in late summer, November and January
  2. Target higher ticket convertible, jogger and travel system strollers
  3. Expect minimum 30% discounts from premium brands like BOB and UPPAbaby off MSRP 
  4. Stack special promotions, coupon codes and cash back incentives
  5. Consider high quality resale strollers at steep used prices

When Are the Best Sales for Strollers?

Timing is everything if you want to save big on a stroller. Here is an overview of the best times of year to buy:

January – February: Look for post-holiday clearance sales in January. February brings pre-spring cleaning sales. Models may be last season’s colors, but quality should not be compromised.

April – May: Stock up on sun protective strollers like joggers and umbrella strollers as the weather warms up. Retailers will discount these items to make room for summertime inventory.

July – August: The peak stroller buying season is spring through summer when most babies are born. Prices start coming down in July and August as retailers make way for new fall collections to come in.

September – December: There are numerous opportunities to save on strollers in the last third of the year with Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Black Friday, and post-Christmas sales. Models discounted during this time could be last year’s designs but again, quality and safety remain the same.

Where to Find the Best Deals

Knowing when stroller bargains occur is extremely helpful. You also need to know the top retailers and websites offering aggressing stroller discounts. Here are the best places to score savings:

Online Retailers

Amazon: This mega retailer offers regular coupons and markdowns in their stroller department. Sign up for Amazon Family to access members-only discounts. Use services like CamelCamelCamel to track price history on specific products and snag them when prices dip down.

eBay: Search eBay for better pricing on high-end stroller models and to find open box or refurbished options in excellent condition. The eBay money back guarantee ensures you can shop with confidence.

Facebook Marketplace: Browse local Facebook Marketplace listings in your area to find families selling top quality used strollers for a fraction of retail prices. Meet up to inspect condition before purchasing.

National Retailers

Walmart: Scan the clearance section in-store and check the Rollbacks page online for lowered prices on strollers year-round. Optimize savings by using the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card when making purchases.

buybuy BABY: Shop buybuy BABY’s clearance section in-store and online for sales on select strollers. Join the free Welcome Rewards program to earn points on purchases and receive exclusive discounts.

Nordstrom: Known for excellent customer service, Nordstrom continually discounts designer stroller models on their website and will price match other retailers.

Second-Hand and Thrift Stores

Once Upon a Child: With over 450 franchise locations across North America, this leading kids resale chain carries high-quality secondhand strollers costing 50-90% less than new. Employees thoroughly vet, clean and safety test all gear before putting it out on the sales floor.

Goodwill: Don’t underestimate your local Goodwill. If you hit at the right time, you can discover practically new strollers donated by families in your community for a tiny fraction of original price.

Facebook Groups: Search Facebook for stroller swap and resale groups in your city. Fellow parents often sell premium strollers in wonderful condition as their kids outgrow them. Purchasing through peer groups takes the uncertainty out of private sellers. 

Craigslist: As with Facebook Marketplace, regularly monitor Craigslist for local stroller classifieds posted by nearby families. Inspect merchandise and test thoroughly prior to finalizing any Craigslist transactions.

When you keep an eye out for stroller deals at select times throughout the year and through the diverse retailers listed above, you open yourself up to major savings.

Next, let’s explore average price points and discounts ranges by popular stroller types and brands to set your expectations when bargain hunting.

Expected Pricing and Discount Ranges by Stroller Category

One mistake that could cost you money is assuming across the board savings. Discounts actually vary significantly based on what kind of stroller you buy.

Here is a look at typical pricing, discounts ranges and money saving targets for the most common styles parents purchase:

Stroller TypePrice RangeAverage Price RangeSale TargetPopular Models
Jogging StrollersHigh End: $400+$250-$40025-35% offBOB Gear, Burley, Thule, Joovy
Status/Designer$700+$300-$70030-50% offBugaboo, UPPAbaby, Nuna
Standard Full-Size$100-$300$150-$25020-30% offGraco, Chicco, Evenflo, Baby Trend
Lightweight/Umbrella$80+$50-$20030-50% offMaclaren, Summer Infant, Joovy
Double$250+$200-$40025-40% offJoovy, Baby Jogger, Contours
Travel Systems$200+$150-$30030-40% offEvenflo, Graco, Chicco

As you compare options for getting the best buy, steer towards the higher end of discount ranges for the stroller style you select. Travel systems, lightweight strollers and car seat/stroller combos typically see the steepest price drops. 

Next we’ll drill down on what to expect from leading stroller brands regarding regular pricing and sales percentages.

Saving on Top Stroller Brands

While lesser known manufacturers can offer good quality at lower costs, brands like UPPAbaby that retain resale value may justify splurging if you get a sufficiently reduced price.

Here’s a breakdown of MSRPs and best case discount scenarios for major companies:

CompanyDiscount RangePrice Range
Britax25-35% off$400-$1,200 models
Bugaboo30-50% off$700-$1,500 models
Baby Jogger30%+ off$300-$600 models
BOB25%+ off$300-$600 models
Chicco30%+ off$100-$400 models
Contours30%+ off$250-$500 models
Graco30%+ off$100-$300 models
Joovy30%+ off$150-$300 models
Maclaren40%+ off$100-$400 models
Nuna35%+ off$700-$1,200 models
Peg Perego30%+ off$300-$1,000 models
Summer Infant40% off$100-$200 models
UPPAbaby35%+ off$500-$1,500 models

As you zero in on specific strollers, note their retail sticker price then reference the above per brand discounts to calculate what a good reduced sale cost would be.

Paying anything at or above MSRP is one of the biggest mistakes families make when purchasing baby gear. You now have insider information to avoid overpaying!

Time of year plus type of stroller plus brand all significantly sway pricing. But fully optimizing savings requires going a step farther…

Insider Tips to Save the Most Money Possible

To recap, the most opportune windows for stroller bargains by far are late summer heading into fall, and winter from early November through January. Holiday weekends also see steep discounts multiple times per year. 

Focus your search efforts on higher end full size convertible strollers, joggers, and travel systems, targeting reductions in 30%+ range from leading brands like BOB, Bugaboo, Graco, and UPPAbaby.

Lightweight strollers already start cheaper so the percentages off won’t be as impactful.

Here are proven insider strategies to stack savings and maximize value:

  • Shop end of season when colors aren’t carried over. You’ll score better prices on discard models.
  • Buy floor models marked down 30-50%. Minor scuffs shouldn’t affect functionality.
  • Seek out open box and refurbished options with deeper discounts.
  • Join loyalty programs. Signing up emails nets special subscriber promos. 
  • Use coupon apps and sites. RetailMeNot, Honey, Rakuten routinely offer stroller codes.
  • Open credit cards with lucrative welcome bonuses and use towards bigger purchases.
  • Buy gift cards on sale through airline miles portals then redeem towards stroller.
  • Pay with cash back credit cards or apps like Rakuten, Dosh, Drop. Bonus earnings add up quickly.
  • Buy used through Facebook groups and resale stores. Secondhand can feel brand new for 70-90% less!

Employ these proven insider strategies to realize additional compound savings off already reduced prices.

With the right timing and savvy shopping approach, investing in a high end multi-purpose stroller for the cost of an umbrella stroller is entirely possible!

Things To Consider Before Buying

When buying a stroller, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make a wise purchase decision. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

1. Type of Stroller

  • Choose between a frame stroller, umbrella stroller, or jogging stroller based on your needs and lifestyle.

2. Budget

  • Stroller prices vary widely, so set a budget and compare features of different models.

3. Ease of Use and Fold

  • Look for a stroller with easy-to-use brakes, harness, and folding mechanism.

4. Safety Features

  • Opt for a stroller with a five-point safety harness, good quality brakes, and no protrusions or sharp edges.

5. Comfort and Ergonomics

  • Consider the comfort of both the child and the parent, such as padded seats, adjustable handles, and sunshade.

6. Size and Weight

  • Choose a stroller that is compact and lightweight for easy transportation and storage.

7. Wheels and Suspension

  • Look for strollers with quality wheels made of durable materials, good suspension, and stable brakes.

8. Family Size

  • Consider the size of your family and whether you need a single or double stroller.

9. Age-Appropriate Options

  • Some strollers are designed for specific age groups, so choose one that suits your child’s age and developmental stage.

10. Longevity

  • Look for a stroller that will grow with your child and potentially accommodate additional children if you plan to have more.

final words

By considering these factors, you can choose a stroller that meets your family’s needs and provides a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for both you and your child.

Follow these steps and you can easily slash 70%, 80% or more off the cost of top rated strollers at retail. The savings enable you to invest in better quality, multi-use strollers with money left over!

By applying the advice in this comprehensive guide, expectant parents can provide their offspring with the best rides possible without breaking their budget.

Stick to sale timelines, model guidance, discount ranges and creative savings tips outlined above and you will avoid overpayment while keeping your baby safe in style. Happy stroller shopping!

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