Best Time To Buy Furniture (40-50%+ Off)

For deepest discounts on quality living, bedroom and dining sets, target Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day weekend sales when stores offer 25-30% off. December is prime furniture deal hunting too during year-end clearance events – think 40-50% off! Sign up for retailer email alerts so you never miss a promo code. And check floor model closeouts all year for open box bargains up to 70% off new-in-box prices. With strategic timing and flexibility, you can furnish in style for less!

Buying furniture can be an expensive endeavor, with couches, beds, dressers, and other staples often costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The good news is there are certain times of the year when you’re more likely to find great deals on high-quality furniture items. With some planning and strategic timing of your purchases, you can save big on the furnishings you need to decorate your home.

This comprehensive buying guide will walk you through the optimal times to shop for furniture and provide tips to snag the best bargains. You’ll learn strategies such as taking advantage of holiday sales events, winter clearance deals, and end-of-summer sales. We’ll also cover when to avoid certain items due to inflated prices during peak periods.

Armed with the insider info provided here, you’ll feel confident you’re paying the lowest prices possible when acquiring new furniture pieces for your home. Read on for money-saving facts, statistics, examples, and actionable advice to help guide your purchasing decisions.

When are the Best Months to Buy Furniture?

Generally speaking, the best times to buy furniture are during major holiday weekends, at the end of the year during winter clearance events, during summer clearance sales, and over long holiday weekends. Here’s a month-by-month breakdown:

January: New Year Sales

The New Year is a great time find deals on furniture, with many retailers offering sales to clear out older items from the previous year. You can expect to see discounts of 25-50% or more on floor models, last season’s designs, and overstock inventory. Pay attention around the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend (3rd Monday of January each year) for some especially low prices.

February: Random Midwinter Sales

February doesn’t have any major furniture holidays, but some retailers will still run random President’s Day sales. Look for sales especially on mattresses and basic furniture pieces during this month. Supply is still decently high from post-holiday slashing of prices.

March/April: Inventory Lull

With no major holidays, furniture prices tend to rise a bit early springtime as selections start transitioning to new models and latest trends for the coming year. You likely won’t find too many blowout bargains during this period. One exception is Easter weekend, when some stores promote spring sales.

May: Memorial Day Deals

The Memorial Day holiday weekend in May signals the beginning of summer sales for many retailers. You can shop discounted last season’s designs in preparation for new Fourth of July merchandise. Look for anywhere from 25-50% off or more on floor models, customer returns, discontinued items, etc.

June: Father’s Day and Summer Sales

June features decent furniture deals leading up to Father’s Day, especially on appliances, mattresses, and home office designs targeted towards men. Prices start to dip more toward the end of June as summer clearance sales begin in earnest. Watch for closeout and inventory-reduction sales as this month progresses.

July: 4th of July Sales

Major sales happen around U.S. Independence Day in early July, with many offers focused on outdoor living furniture and patriotic-themed designs. Retailers need to make room for new back-to-school merchandise headed for stores in August. Look for patio sets, office furniture, beds, living room sets, and more at discounted prices.

August: Back-to-School Blowouts

Retailers go all out with major back-to-school sales starting as early as mid-July and continuing through August. It’s another pivotal time when stores are looking to clear older stock to make room for incoming fall/winter inventory. Find exceptional savings throughout the month of August, likely beating out most other sales periods.

September: Labor Day Deals

The Labor Day 3-day weekend offers another excellent opportunity for furniture deals to round out the summer season. Look for blowout clearance prices on warm-weather merchandise as well as discounted floor models of new fall arrivals. Deep discounts on big-ticket items requiring delivery/assembly before cold winter months.

October: Columbus Day/Halloween Sales

October has a couple mid-tier holidays with accompanying furniture sales including Columbus Day and Halloween. Look for autumn savings on seasonal furniture like hunter/forest colored upholstered pieces, rustic wood and metal elements, creepy Halloween designs, and more. The savings allow you to transition your home’s style over to cozier fall aesthetics.

November: Black Friday Blowouts

The day after Thanksgiving kicks off one of the absolute best times of year for low prices on all types of furniture. Deep discounts applied not only to older floor models and last season’s designs but also the latest trends and inventory. Cyber Monday right after extends the online savings. Expect 50% or more off around Black Friday weekend in late November. 

December: Christmas Markdowns

December features a flurry of holiday sales, discounts, price slashes, and clearance events both online and in stores. Retailers try to sell off existing stock before the end of the tax year. Look for holiday furniture like large dining tables, decorative storage, easy chairs, rugs, Christmas trees and ornaments at up to 60-75% off or more as retailers make the final push to hit yearly sales goals.

Tips to Find the Best Furniture Deals

Now that you know when shops and online retailers are most likely to offer the best discounts throughout the year, let’s talk about some practical tips to lock in the optimal bargains:

Sign up for email lists

Give your contact info to all your favorite stores to receive notifications about upcoming sales events, promo codes and private online discounts. Being among the first shoppers to get sale alerts gives you access to the top selection of inventory before it sells out fast.

Ask about price matching

Many retailers will match (or even beat) a competitor’s pricing on comparable furniture models. Always ask if they offer price matching and provide evidence of the same item priced lower elsewhere. This guarantees you get the lowest price without the hassle of rehunting the exact product on multiple websites or at other stores.

Negotiate free shipping or extras

Make the markdowns go even further by negotiating free delivery, white glove assembly, bonus accessories like decorative pillows or rug pads, extended payment financing, etc. Stores want the sale enough that they may throw in major extras if you ask.

Buy floor models or customer returns

Floor model furniture and customer returns (items purchased then returned shortly after delivery) can mean dramatic discounts upwards of 50-60% or more since the pieces can no longer be sold as “brand new”. Despite being previously displayed or lightly used, such items are perfectly functional and often indistinguishable from never-opened furniture.

Stack coupons & promos

Scan all circulars and emails for any coupons or promo codes available and combine them with existing sale prices for extra savings right off the top. Some coupon aggregator sites also provide additional ways to stack on instant discounts or cashback offers when shopping major sales days.

Open-box discounts

Carefully scrutinize any boxed furniture marked “open box”, which means the cardboard packaging got dented or slightly damaged while the actual item inside remains untouched and intact. Retailers knock impressive amounts (think 30-50% or more) off such items even though they function exactly the same as versions sold in pristine boxes. 

Average Percentage Discounts by Holiday

Below you can see a breakdown of the average percentage discounts off regular prices that major furniture retailers offer during the major end-of-season and holiday sales covered in this guide:

Holiday Weekend/Sale EventAverage Discount Amount
New Years Sales25-45% off
Memorial Day Sales25-50% off
4th of July Sales30-60% off
Labor Day Sales30-50% off
Black Friday Sales50-70% off
Christmas Clearances55-75% off

When determining the optimal times to buy the furniture you need, make sure to factor these ballpark percentage ranges into your purchasing game plan. The deepest discounts that apply to the widest range of high-quality furniture models will occur from Black Friday through the end of December along with Memorial Day and Independence Day weekends.

How Much to Budget for Furniture

Furnishing an entire home can become very costly without smart budgeting, planning and timing of purchases around best sale events.

Especially for investment pieces you’ll use for years like couches, beds and dressers, the difference of even 25% off thanks to a holiday weekend promo quickly adds up across multiple items.

Here is a general furniture budget estimate breakdown by room so you can enter optimal sale periods already knowing around how much money you’ll aim to spend:

Furniture CategoryItemUnit Cost
Living RoomCouch$1,000
Living RoomLoveseat$800
Living RoomCoffee table$300
Living Room2 end tables$250
Living RoomArea rug$250
Living RoomArmchair$600
Living RoomTV stand$200
Living RoomDecor pieces$150
Dining RoomTable$1,200
Dining Room6 chairs$250
Dining RoomChina cabinet$1,500
Dining RoomArea rug$300
Dining RoomChandelier$400
Dining RoomArt/decor$100
BedroomKing bed frame$1,500
Bedroom2 nightstands$350
OfficeOffice chair$300
OfficeFiling cabinet$250
OfficeSmall desk$200
OfficeFloor lamp$150
OfficeTrash can$50
EntrywayConsole table$400
EntrywayCoat racks$100
EntrywayUmbrella stand$100

Knowing realistic ballpark budget estimates for furnishing each living zone allows you to determine which rooms to tackle first depending on upcoming sales for the types of pieces needed. Remember that the above prices assume paying full retail. By adjusting your timing around at least 25-50% discounts, you can reduce total spend substantially.

How to Assess Furniture Quality

Not all furniture deals are created equal. A “bargain” piece from an unknown brand that falls apart shortly after arriving home is no bargain after all. Before jumping at a super cheap price tag, first assess important quality markers that directly correlate to durability and longevity including:

Wood Furniture Quality Factors:

  • Solid wood over particleboard for structural integrity
  • Smooth, consistent finish application
  • Tight seams with precise joinery connections
  • Sturdy underlying frame/reinforcement
  • Thick solid wood table tops without cracks or knots

Upholstered Furniture Quality Factors:

  • Sturdy underlying frame
  • Consistently aligned pattern/piping
  • Tight, reinforced seams
  • Quality padded foam & cushion fill
  • Durable fabric grade designed for heavy use

Overall, focus purchases toward reputable national or local brands known for making high-quality, durable merchandise built to last through years of regular use rather than cheaply made imports that won’t withstand the long run. Yes quality costs more but think long-term both financially and environmentally. Premium construction equates to longevity and less waste when you buy once. 

How Will You Know If It’s Really a Good Deal?

When scanning the endless furniture offerings during popular holiday promos, how can you accurately assess that steeply marked down high-ticket item is worth swiping your credit card? Here are 3 tells to look for so you can decisively determine whether it’s too good to pass up or more of a mediocre markdown:

It Sells Out Ridiculously Fast

Any furniture piece (especially larger sets or premium brands) that constantly goes out of stock even when marked 50-60% off or more for days on end signals a stellar bargain too good to overlook. Retailers anticipate demand for the biggest deals. If inventories selling out fast despite deep cuts, it confirms irresistible savings.

Website Crashes from Traffic Overload

On the busiest sales days of the year like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, retailers usually expect and prepare for a digital traffic influx. Yet if a site slows down, glitches out or even crashes temporarily under the user strain of an over-the-top bargain, it suggests that particular mark-down resonates widely as an unparalleled steal. 

Dramatically More Stock Than Usual

When holiday promos and clearances launch, retailers often designate higher than normal inventories of specific items predetermined to receive deep price cuts and extra factory production. If you notice four times the quantity of a particular furniture style than normal or more aisle space dedicated to one type of bedroom set or dining table, chances are it’s slated for aggressive deals. 

Tips for In-Store Furniture Shopping

While online furniture shopping allows easy price comparisons across brands and tapping into user reviews, in-store browsing still holds key advantages too when deal hunting:

Test out comfort & construction – Lie down on mattresses, sink into sofas, sit in chairs, open & close drawers to directly assess materials, padding, textures, flexibility and workmanship.

Immediate stock confirmation – Simply seeing desired choices in the flesh provides certainty something is actually available onsite instead of showing stock that isn’t or undefined shipping delays from warehouses.

Negotiate special offers & pricing – Store associates often have some leeway matching current online pricing plus providing additional instant markdowns when you ask…especially for floor models or imperfect box inventory.

Coordinate speedy delivery/setup – Once purchased, items can get loaded directly into your vehicle quickly or delivered within days instead of weeks from warehouses. Local assembly may also be quicker to arrange. 

Just remember when visiting stores to verify an item’s street pricing against current online deals. Don’t assume tagged sale stickers already reflect the lowest deals.

Do a quick search on your phone to confirm better bargains aren’t found at other retailers. The right timing combined with a little comparison research pumps up the furniture savings. 

Matching Furniture Styles Across Rooms

When investing in furniture expected to last for many years, create cohesive style flowing from room to room through coordinated patterns, colors, themes and construction details including:

  • Complementary color palettes
  • Consistent wood tones
  • Similar leg shapes & accents
  • Repeating upholstery patterns/piping
  • Shared decorative trim elements
  • Mirrored framing & hardware 

While each living space serves differing functions, maintain harmony across zones via mirrored design aesthetics that embellish your personality. Just because the optimal markdown period to purchase certain items falls in different months doesn’t mean new additions can’t sync with existing furnishings.

Just pay attention to comparable style nuances when pairing both deeply discounted score with items bought at better prices points.

Green and Budget-Friendly Furniture Options

For the eco-conscious shopper who also wants to save money furnishing their home, several options provide affordable green furniture alternatives including:

Thrifted and Consignment Finds – Search apps like OfferUp and social media marketplace groups as well as local secondhand shops to score quality pre-owned furniture often from high-end brands at ultra-low pricing while avoiding additional waste in landfills.

Sustainable Materials – Seek out retailers dedicated specifically to environmental stewardship that utilize renewable, recycled, non-toxic and natural materials while adhering to ethical manufacturing processes that reduce carbon emissions. Though sometimes pricier, catching big sales can make options quite affordable.

Multifunctional & Convertible Pieces – Make the most use out of trending transformable furniture that shapeshifts to serve multiple needs in smaller living spaces. Convert coffee tables that flip into dining tables, storage ottomans that open into guest beds and desk chairs that recline for napping minimize cost per use while consolidating pieces.

DIY Refurbishing – Breath new life into old flea market finds or family heirlooms with some sweat equity and TLC. Sand down, restain, reupholster, repurpose dated gems, or embellish with paint, wallpaper decoupage or other decorative trims and detailing for custom cottage charm at fractional costs. 

The best approach involves mixing new discounted score found at optimal bargain timings noted here with gently used scores from consignment stores and DIY projects that require more elbow grease than cash. Blend ageless classics with of-the-moment statement pieces for budget-friendly style in every room.

Final Tips & Conclusion

Hopefully this comprehensive furniture buying guide provides helpful tips and money-saving insights as you hunt down stylish discounted pieces for your home. Keep these last key suggestions in mind as well:

  • Measure thoroughly before purchase to ensure ideal sizing, spacing and proportions within your existing layout.
  • Read online reviews and study images of real shoppers’ spaces to confirm quality and aesthetic.
  • Start a general wishlist ahead of major sales weekends to prep and shortlist top picks within budget.
  • Factor in additional costs like taxes, delivery charges, tipping fees etc. on top of ticket prices.
  • Set deal alerts via apps and email subscriptions so you never miss a hot time-sensitive promo again.

With preparation and timing furniture deals right, you can furnish an entire home for a fraction of standard prices from quality brands built to endure for the next decade or longer. Follow the insider tips presented throughout this buying guide to seize awesome discounts every month of the year. Happy deal hunting!

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