Best Time To Buy Carpet At Lowes (50% Off)

Aim to purchase carpeting during Lowe’s Spring Black Friday sale in April or warm-weather months from July to September when remodeling activity slows, seeing discounts of up to 50% off installing packages. Holiday sales events like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday also offer competitive carpet pricing and financing incentives. Ask about any current rebates and scope clearance carpeting for major savings on quality name brands. Weekday installations tend to be less expensive too.

When it comes to home improvement projects, installing new carpet can make a big impact on the look and feel of a room. However, carpet can also be a major investment. The good news is that with some planning and research, there are opportunities to save significantly on carpet purchases at Lowe’s.

This article will provide tips and insight on the best times of year to shop for discounted carpet, what carpet styles and brands typically go on sale, and how to combine promotions and financing offers to maximize savings. We’ll also overview installation cost considerations when budgeting for new carpet.

Follow these carpet buying strategies during key seasonal and holiday sale events, and you could potentially save hundreds of dollars at Lowe’s compared to paying full price. Understanding the price cycle on carpeting can ensure you find the lowest price for the carpet you want.

When Does Lowe’s Offer the Best Carpet Sales?

Lowe’s runs major sales events that can significantly drive down prices on all flooring, including roll carpet and carpet tiles, at various points throughout the year. Mark your calendar for these top carpet sales periods:

Early Spring – Especially February to March, Lowe’s promotes carpet sales after the slower winter season. Look for carpet discounts during the annual “Spring Black Friday” sale which rivals the holiday shopping rush.

Late May to Early June – Capitalize on Memorial Day sales like Lowe’s Red, White & Blue Sale which usually coincides with their Big Memorial Day Event. Huge discounts are offered sitewide, including roll and tile carpet.

July – The summertime brings hot deals on carpet during Lowe’s 4th of July sale. Red, white and blue rollback offers are common.

September & October – Labor Day kicks off fall sales followed by specials for Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Presidents’ Day weekend also sees carpet promotions.

Late November to December – Black Friday and Cyber Monday carpet deals lead into holiday sales that last through early January after Christmas. Expect Lowe’s lowest prices of the year during this time with percentage taken off along with rebate deals.

In addition to these key sale holidays, Lowe’s also discounts select carpet every month. The best way to save is by timing your carpet purchase during one of these seasonal promotions or clearance events. Opting for installment billing using a Lowe’s credit card can also lower the immediate out-of-pocket cost to be more affordable.

What Types of Carpet Go on Sale?

When scoping out carpet deals, you may notice certain models discounted more frequently than others. Here is a general overview of which carpet styles and brands you can typically find marked down at various price points:

Value / DIY Carpet Brands – Lowe’s in-house brand labels like Lowe’s Essential Value carpet or Stainmaster Essentials are regularly included in the sales mix because they appeal to shoppers looking for more affordable flooring. Basic polyester styles start around $0.99 per square foot.

PET/Allergen-Friendly Carpets – Given the popularity of pet-friendly and hypoallergenic carpets that withstand stains, brands like Stainmaster and LifeProof are discounted often at Lowe’s during seasonal sales and rebate offers. Expect 20-50% off or more.

SmartStrand & Other Triexta Carpets – Slightly more expensive than basic polyester, triexta carpets like Mohawk’s SmartStrand provide exceptional durability. High-traffic SmartStrand frequently sees price cuts upwards of $3 off per square foot during major sales.

Commercial-Grade Modular Tile – Carpet tiles for basements, laundry rooms and commercial offices like those made by Philadelphia Commercial, Mongolian Tile and Shaw Contract get reduced by 30-50% or more during clearance sales. Stock up during January sales after the holidays or back-to-school season in July/August.

Premier Plush Carpets – When Lowe’s runs their highest percentage discounts like 25-35% storewide sales, you may also spot luxury brands like Shaw Reserve and Karastan on rollback. Though still pricey after discounts, the sale prices will be much lower than regular MSRP.

Closeout Remnant Carpet – Keep tabs on the Lowe’s carpet remnants section which gets new installations added periodically marked 50-75% off normal retail prices. These discounted leftover pieces can yield huge savings if sized right to carpet a room.

In general, opt for Lowe’s mid-range house brands like Style Selections Plus and SmartStrand carpet or LifeProof vinyl flooring when aiming to balance quality, value and frequent markdowns. But no matter your budget or style preference, carpet should be purchasable for less during at least one of Lowe’s seasonal sales.

Stack Savings by Layering Discounts with Rebates

To amplify savings on already marked down carpet, be on the lookout for stacking savings opportunities at Lowe’s. It’s common for percentage sales to overlap with per unit rebates from specific carpet manufacturers. You may need to submit your receipt online after making a qualified purchase, but rebates can shave $50 to $200 extra per carpet order.

Lowe’s also regularly partners with carpet brands to offer discount mail-in visas preloaded with extra savings if shoppers buy select carpet styles. For example, Mohawk and Lowe’s may promote a deal like “Get a $200 Visa card by mail with SmartStrand carpet purchase”. This essentially makes a rebate instant if applying the prepaid visa towards your total flooring charges.

Finally, if using one of Lowe’s credit cards that offer an extra 5% discount on the first day, make sure your total purchase reflects that deeper savings. Apply multiple promos like military, teacher or first responder discounts too.

Using Lowe’s flooring specialists or independent installers introduced via the store’s contact platform can also yield lower labor rates than big name national chains. Discuss install pricing with any contractor recommendations before purchasing flooring.

The Best Times to Buy Carpet at Lowe’s

Let’s recap tips on the prime seasonal windows, month-by-month protocols, carpet types and layered savings strategies to employ so you can determine the best time of year for your needs and room budgets:

Overall Best Months for Carpet Deals: September through December spanning Black Friday, Cyber Week and holiday sales offer Lowe’s lowest carpet prices all year. But February to March sees aggressively priced spring sales rivaling peak holiday deals. July also impresses with midsummer savings for value conscious shoppers. 

Cheapest Carpet Styles Year Round: Opt for competitively priced Lowe’s house brands like Lowe’s Essentials polyester carpet along with Discount and SmartStrand styles marked down for almost weekly sales. Expect 20-50% off or more during biggest seasonal promotions.

Layer Discounts for Huge Total Savings: Don’t forget to check for stackable rebates, prepaid visa bonuses and first-day credit card perks when you spot already marked down carpet. Combine incentives across special financing offers too.

Buy Remnants for Big Square Footage Savings: Keep an eye on the remnants carpet section for leftover carpet tiles and rolls sized right to cover a room at 50-75% normal pricing. Snap up overstocks and odd pieces first when available.

While carpet deals are abundant certain times of year, you may find an irresistible sale or specific carpet color/texture you love at various points in the year. Set deal alerts, monitor mailers and check Lowe’s online clearance section regularly so you can jump on time-sensitive carpet specials. There are always hidden gems if staying vigilant!

How Much Does it Cost to Install Carpet from Lowe’s?

A major component of budgeting for new wall-to-wall carpet includes installation costs on top of materials. Here is an overview of average Lowe’s carpet installation pricing so you know what to expect:

Lowe’s In-House Installation Labor Costs

$3 per sq. ft. is average for carpet install using Lowe’s own professional installers. Simple rooms generally start around $1 to $2 per sq. ft. while rates can reach $4 to $7+ for complex jobs, high-end carpets or commercial sites. Stair, trim and appliance moving extras are also common at time and material rates.

Independent Installers Hired Through Lowe’s 

If booking independent carpet installers found via the Lowe’s installation services portal online, average rates run $1 to $3 less per sq. ft. compared to using Lowe’s own install crews. Typical range is $1 to $5 per sq. ft. based on room size/layout, regional labor costs and carpet quality chosen.

Do It Yourself Carpet Installation

Ambitious DIYers can tackle self-installing carpet to avoid paying expensive installation fees. But beware that DIY carpet laying has a steep learning curve and is physically demanding. If opting to DIY, budget $100+ for carpet kicker, seam iron, trimmer, knee pads and other vital tools. Shop SmartStrand and other carpet lines specifically designed for DIY installation.

In general when budgeting carpet installation costs, add $400 to $900 extra for average 10×12 foot rooms. High-end carpets, bigger rooms or intricate floorplans could necessitate $1,500+ in installation labor whereas small carpet tiles may cost just ~$200 to install DIY-style. Measure room dimensions accurately, get installer quotes upfront and calculate total project costs before purchasing materials.

Top Money Saving Tips When Buying Carpet

To summarize the biggest ways to keep more money in your wallet when buying carpet at Lowe’s for home or office, employ these top frugal shopping tips:

  • Time bigger carpet purchases during major Lowe’s sales seasons like Memorial Day, July 4th or Black Friday when percentage discounts drive down existing markdowns.
  • Scan for stackable Lowe’s promos like rebates or credit card bonuses atop sale prices to double savings
  • Favor affordably priced Lowe’s house brand carpets often 30-50% cheaper than branded options
  • Install DIY-friendly SmartStrand and LifeProof carpeting lines yourself to avoid installer fees
  • Use 12-18 month special financing to divide payments over time interest-free with a Lowe’s credit card
  • Request free in-home estimates from Lowe’s independent installers before deciding on materials to inform budget
  • Check Lowe’s online, newspapers and direct mailers routinely for limited-time roll carpet specials and flash sales
  • Buy remnant pieces, overstocks and irregular cuts in just the right size at 50-75% off retail pricing  
  • Negotiate professional installation rates Lower rates may be offered during slow seasons or on big jobs

Things To Consider Before Buying

When buying carpets from Lowes, one of the largest home improvement retailers, consider these points to secure the best choice:

  1. Carpet Material: Selection of the right material such as Polyester, Nylon or Wool is essential based on durability requirements and budget restrictions.
  2. Padding Quality: Choosing good quality padding may increase longevity and comfort level. Thicker padding can provide more cushioning but also costs more.
  3. Style & Color: Analyze the decor style of your space before deciding on a carpet style (Berber, Texture etc.) or color. Light colors can make rooms appear larger while dark ones hide stains better.
  4. Room Type: Carpets in high-traffic areas should be durable while those in bedrooms need to be soft and cozy.
  5. Size Requirements: Accurate size estimates are crucial for avoiding waste and additional costs for cutting or joining pieces together.
  6. Installation Services: Lowes offers professional installation services but it’s always worth comparing prices with independent installers for cost effectiveness.
  7. Cleaning & Maintenance Needs: Depending on lifestyle and presence of pets/children, you might opt for synthetic fibers that are stain resistant or carpets with higher pile density offering lower maintenance.
  8. Total Cost: Besides carpet price itself, charges for padding, delivery, removal/disposal of old carpet can add up significantly.
  9. Sustainability: If eco-friendliness is important to you, consider carpets with ‘Green Label Plus’ certification indicating low emission levels.

Remember that a well-chosen carpet not only serves functional needs like sound absorption and insulation but also acts as an essential element in enhancing aesthetic appeal of your space.

final words

Doing a bit of extra planning and sale tracking when shopping for carpet at Lowe’s can ensure hundreds of dollars in savings over paying full price.

Now that you know when and how to spot peak carpet deals depending on room dimensions, style preferences and overall budget, you can outfit every room with fresh plush carpet without overspending.

Use the seasonal sales calendars and discount stacking tips outline so you can buy carpet at the optimal bargain price point.

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