Best Time To Buy Wood Stove (Upto 50%)

The end of winter is the optimal time to purchase a wood stove, as many retailers discount remaining inventory in February and March by up to 50% in preparation for new models being released in the fall. Opting for a basic model without all the bells and whistles can also yield significant savings – a simple steel or cast iron stove often costs several hundred dollars less than more decorative models with fancy trim and log sets while still providing excellent heating capability. Finally, check with your state and local utilities for any rebates or tax incentives for upgrading to an EPA-certified clean burning wood stove, which could knock hundreds more off the price.

As energy costs continue to rise, more homeowners are looking to wood stoves to help reduce their heating bills.

Burning wood provides a renewable and affordable way to warm your house. The crackling of logs provides a nostalgic ambiance as well.

However, wood stoves can be a major investment, with costs ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

This is why timing your purchase matters—you want to buy when prices tend to be lower so you can maximize energy savings over time.

This guide examines the best times throughout the year to purchase a wood stove at the most discounted price. We’ll analyze factors like seasons, holidays, and industry trends to determine ideal windows for savings.

Whether you are hoping to make a wood stove your primary heat source or just take the edge off your thermostat to supplement an existing heating system, follow our tips to discover the prime time to invest in one of these cozy heaters.

Most Cost-Effective Seasons

As with many big-ticket home items, the time of year influences deals and availability of wood stoves.

Generally, autumn and winter months—when consumers are thinking ahead to cold weather and the holidays—tend to offer better discounts.

Purchasing in spring or summer is not ideal if you want to save.

Late Fall

Most experts agree, one of the best times for wood stove deals is in late fall, specifically October and November. Retailers and manufacturers are still clearing out inventory from the previous winter.

As they make room for new models, attractive discounts appear on older units, floor models, scratch and dent specials, and last year’s designs. This increases purchasing power for the savvy shopper.

Typically by November, stores have fully stocked for the winter heating season but customer demand has not yet reached its peak.

This surplus of supply over demand equals markdowns in effort to boost sales.

Then come December, purchasing activity jumps, shrinking this short discount window. So focus your efforts in the early fall timeframe.

If you find a discounted floor model wood stove in flawless shape, jump on it.

Floor models undergo rigorous inspection and testing yet are still deeply reduced. Just ensure there is no damage prior to purchasing.

Consider that newer models tend to release around October as well, making it is possible to land better prices on an older unit, despite it only being a year dated.

The latest features always overshadow previous iterations and capture consumer attention, regardless of discount level. Leverage this shift in preference by opting for the immediately preceding design.


Though the best deals may occur in October and November, winter still offers better value than spring or summer.

As demand rises through December, deals become less common however. And once frigid temperatures truly hit, pricing remains steady if not high due to urgent need.


A mini markdown window opens up after the holiday shopping season in January.

Similar to late fall, wood stove retailers host sales to offload excess inventory accumulated over the holidays, especially on boxed floor models, damaged display samples, and older styles.

Prices also tend to dip after December 25th and January 1st due to delayed shipments and processing over the Christmas and New Year’s seasons.

The problem is, January is a little late to get a smoking deal on your wood stove if you want to use it for the current harsh winter.

At least you can install it and test it out on discounted fuel before relying on it for next year’s heating demands.

If you discover any issues with it before burning season ends, you can contact the manufacturer under warranty instead of running into problems when you need to heat your house the most.

Additional Winter Cost Savings

Be on the lookout for rebates if you buy a wood stove in the winter, generally starting in December.

For these cold weather purchases, manufacturers and utilities sometimes provide additional instant rebates to incentivize homeowners to take action sooner.

And consider bundling—add accessories like upgraded chimney piping, fireplace tools, wood racks, hearth rugs, etc. Oftentimes, retailers discount full-stove packages with various necessary additions.

Check into financing promotions as well. Special low- or no-interest financing programs tend to appear alongside winter wood stove sales.

What about Spring and Summer?

Outside of fall and winter months, wood stove deals prove harder to find. Into March most leftover winter inventory clears out.

And by April, what remains will never sell cheaper than that year, regardless of a dwindling customer desire for stoves in warmer weather.

Retailers understand most people are preoccupied with spring landscape revitalizations, summer vacation plans, and back-to-school shopping. So do not expect unbeatable savings.

However, more negotiable pricing is not totally impossible during off-season months.

Check stores for floor models marked down by a few hundred dollars in effort to free up retail space for patio furniture. Damage-prone display units also frequently reduce from March through August.

Just set expectations—spring and summer will not see rock bottom prices like autumn and winter provide. Deep discounts only occur when supply greatly eclipses demand.

Summer especially carries excess inventory with so few shoppers thinking about winter weather prep.

But unfortunately, low-priced stoves will be leftover previous models by that point.

New iterations debut around September-October precluding possibility of recent design bargains. Purchase timing also delays installation.

Essentially, a mediocre discount on an aging wood stove that cannot be hooked up until the following cold season does not add up from the cost-savings perspective. Better to wait until peak fall and winter timeline when deals run deepest.

Additional Cost Considerations 

Alongside best seasons to purchase wood stoves at a discount, a few other cost factors affect this major investment:

Stove Type

The type of stove factors into pricing as well. Standard wood stoves made of cast iron or steel tend to cost less than masonry heaters, catalytic stoves, furnaces, or boilers.

Materials like soapstone, firebrick, ceramics, and enameled steel also increase cost.

Larger stoves unsurprisingly run higher too. Consider what style best suits your space restrictions, heating needs and budget.

Efficiency Needs 

A key contributor to wood stove pricing includes efficiency capabilities. The Environmental Protection Agency references three tiers of certification:

  • Tier 1: Older low-efficiency, high polluting models from the 1970-1990s era, banned for new production but available on secondary markets. Avoid due to air quality concerns.
  • Tier 2: Mid-level efficiency stoves meeting lower emissions standards from 1990-2015. About 60-70% efficient on average.
  • Tier 3: High efficiency low emitting stoves certified since 2015 at 75-85% efficiency on average with eco-conscious exhaust.

The higher the efficiency, the higher the price tag. Tier 3 models will save much more on reduced wood fuel consumption over time despite upfront investment.

Calculate estimated 5 to 10 year costs between varying stove efficiencies to determine ideal payback period.

Installation Expenses

Aside from the wood stove unit itself, factor in installation and setup costs too. On average, homeowners spend between $2,000 to $5,000 for professional removal of old unit, delivery and placement of new stove, inspection, permits, hearth construction, chimney installation and piping, wall pass throughs, ventilation, repairs. DIY cuts this down significantly but permits and inspection still apply for fire code compliance and insurance coverage.


And remember, wood stoves incur regular maintenance expenses like chimney sweeping and pipe cleaning to keep operating safely, about $100 to $300 per year.

Replacement parts commonly include blowers, fans, handles, glass panes, gaskets etc.

Every 5-10 years thermal layers may need patching and door hinges/latches refurbishing after heavy use. Build these likely incremental costs into long term calculations.

Top Stove Brand Recommendations

Now for the fun part—discovering high quality wood stove brands known for reliable heating, gorgeous aesthetics, and intuitive design. Refer to this list when scanning end-of-season sales for the best discounted deals: 

1. Vermont Castings

Vermont Castings beautifully combines form with function in their extensive line of steel and cast iron stoves and inserts. Gorgeous enamel finishes complement traditional style structures enhanced by advanced combustion technology.

Popular models like Defiant 1975, Encore 1985, and Intrepid FlexBurn 2115 highlight their range along with catalytic options. While pricing runs on the high end, seasonal percent-off brings costs down significantly.

2. Pacific Energy

This Canadian brand consistently ranks top for heating efficiency, power, longevity, and eco-conscious emissions due to expert engineering.

Featuring steel, cast iron or stone exteriors in a spectrum of sizes and configurations either freestanding or inserts, Pacific Energy stoves effectively warm small spaces up to entire homes via radiant, convective and latent heat transfer.

Cost also covers excellent quality. Look for percent-off specials to offset expense.

3. Englander

Known for affordability and reliability, Englander wood stoves focus more on function than flashy appearance.

Their boxier steel structures may lack ornate detail yet emit steady, even heat, especially the enameled 1200 series.

Large viewing windows optimize visibility as fire burns hot. Easy assembly also favors DIY installation.

With an already smaller price tag than fancier brands, seasonal discounts make Englander’s value even more appealing.

4. US Stove

Similarly, US Stove prioritizes performance over aesthetic refinement, making their wood stoves a budget-friendly option to warm spaces efficiently.

Durable steel build coated in heat-resistant paint allows these basic but powerful stoves to pump out continual warmth winter after winter.

No frills in terms of style yet their operation never disappoints thanks to clever airflow systems and rugged welded construction. scary good discounts possible on these affordable stoves.

5. Drolet

Canadian company Drolet combines striking traditional appeal with advanced heating features in their steel and cast iron stoves and inserts at reasonable prices.

Intricate details like filigree overlays and cast iron door frames contrast modern touches like large glass viewing areas, tubular upper smoke channels, and hybrid burn systems.

Season-end savings make these eye-catching stoves more attainable than expected.

In Summary

When determining the ideal timeframe to invest in a new wood stove, late fall heading into winter (October through December) tends to provide peak discount opportunities on quality stoves as retailers offload older inventory amid release of new collections.

Though initial upfront investment exceeds a traditional furnace or gas fireplace, the renewable nature of burning woodannotates overall heating savings long term.

Just be sure to calculate complete setup and maintenance factors into total stove costs and payback period projections when comparing prices and models.

Utilize this guide to scoop an elegantly efficient stove this fall that warms in style for years to come. Enjoy cozying up next to the fire while outside winter rages on!

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