Best Time To Buy A Pickup Truck (Save BIG)

Carefully assess your cargo and towing needs – bigger trucks guzzle more gas. Measure your garage – crew cabs now stretch over 19 feet. Consider snow-belt winter handling needs – two-wheel drive saves $2,500+ over 4×4. Test driving essential – ride quality and noise varies widely between models. Finally, tall truck beds become challenging as we age – explore pull-out steps and bedliners.

A new or used pickup truck is a major purchase that typically requires careful planning for maximum savings.

Unlike passenger cars, pickup truck purchases are often need-based for business uses and therefore less variable by regular consumer demand shifts.

However, seasonal incentive cycles and model year changeovers still produce key strategic opportunities to capture meaningful discounts even on these popular versatile workhorse vehicles.

This comprehensive guide examines the new and used pickup truck buying landscape, analyzing the competitive field across brands and tactical acquisition timing strategies buyers can deploy based on historical pricing patterns.

You will discover the ideal months to target specific bargain deals from various manufacturer segments aligned to personal needs, budgets, and use cases. Let’s breakdown insider tips for securing the best truck at the lowest price.

Key Takeaways

  • Shop outgoing model year clearance deals in late summer (July/August)
  • Look for year-end holiday promotions in November/December 
  • Scope President’s Day offers in February on remaining inventory
  • Weigh custom builds vs dealer stock units depending on flexibility
  • Prioritize rebates over low interest rates for huge instant savings 
  • Consider lightly used examples during peak new truck trade-in months 
  • Match truck size, capability, and features to planned usage 

Key Factors Influencing Pickup Truck Purchasing:

Several dynamics shape pickup truck pricing fluctuations and availability throughout the year:

  • New model year changeovers traditionally run from August through November introducing new trims or tech features that enable discounts clearing outgoing units
  • Manufacturer incentives like 0% financing specials typically hit around major holidays to boost lagging showroom traffic
  • Monthly and quarterly sales objectives cascade down to individual dealers who then discount aged inventory
  • Used pickup values see less volatility overall but still reflect enhanced trade equity at times of heavy rebates which can lower out of pocket prices

Now let’s explore recurring peaks and valleys in the annual pickup truck purchase cycle.

New Pickup Truck Shopping Timeline

While the ideal purchase timing differs slightly across brands and categories, overarching seasonal patterns consistently emerge in the new pickup market:

January & February

The slower winter car shopping months after the holidays see dealers boosting incentives on remaining last model year vehicles. As the calendar flips they feel added urgency to clear lots ahead of incoming new year units.

Buyers enjoy extra negotiating power to knock another 5-10% off sticker prices. Capitalize on aging inventory but limited color/feature availability.

March & April

Early springtime brings a temporary pause in most truck discounting as anticipation builds around next gen unveilings. Only older discontinued variants see much reduction if still floating around.

Overall pricing resets close to MSRP on popular configs awaiting hot new options. Dealers focus on selling down allocation rather than wheeling and dealing. Delay purchases unless you locate a uniquely appealing vehicle spec needing a home.

May & June

Memorial Day and Independence Day holiday weekends spark early model year sales driving some discounts off sticker prices around 10% for popular trucks on dealer lots 6+ months.

But extensive factory order customization is widely available since most incoming truck batches remain enroute from manufacturing plants.

Expect concession bargaining but beware paint and chip shortages. Order early delivery truck builds if you can wait 8-14 weeks.

July & August

The heart of summertime delivers peak clearance pricing across outgoing truck model years and lower volume units as oversupplied dealers clamor to rectify inventory imbalances before factories shift production to next year offerings.

Discounts off MSRP can range 15-25% amplified by 0% financing for 60-72 month loans. Snap up current generation closeouts knowing current year options will reprice higher soon.

September & October

With autumn’s arrival, most prior model year pickups have been sold down enabling higher pricing leverage on the latest builds.

However, select popular configurations may see enhanced supplier rebates if still overstocked going into winter.

Overall discounts shrink but loan rates remain attractive to move the newest units. Expect 5-15% off sticker prices depending on demand and availability. Order pre-winter truck deliveries early as allocation opens.

November & December 

Holiday promotional periods generate a resurgence in year-end buyer incentives around Black Friday weekend especially.

Truck brands dangling deals creates short, fast sales frenzies for their most popular configurations as the latest model production winds down ahead of next year manufacturing.

Discounts may reach 10-20% levels briefly. Act decisively on targeted truck deals that align needs and inventory supply before allocation closes. 

The annual cycle clearly demonstrates late summer as the prime timed opportunity for maximizing new pickup truck discounts especially on outgoing model years. Now let’s examine the best months for used pickup bargains.

Best Time to Buy Used Pickup Trucks

The used truck market follows slightly different seasonal patterns as values remain more stable absent new vehicle incentives pressure. However, enhanced trade offers around updated models introduce some opportune moments:  

January – March

Early year used truck pricing holds firm coming off peak retail demand before tax season.

Scope deals on aging dealer inventory they’re motivated move to make room for new model year trade-ins.

Consider private party options but anticipate higher asking prices after owners depreciate through winter months.

April – June

Pricing for used pickup trucks listed early springtime reflects anticipated summer demand, tax refund fueling upgrades, and stimulus around updated models.

Well-maintained examples bring strong money expect minimal negotiating room from private parties. Dealers order replacement stock but avoid discounting yet.

July – September

The annual summertime new truck discount bonanza creates advantageous trade-in allowances lowering subsequent asking prices that dealers can promote used truck models for.

Take advantage of high appraisal offers while available. Unlimited mileage warranties help offset risks of higher mileage examples.

October – December

Colder weather buys dealers time to recondition trade-in inventory. Most price used trucks moderately to move quickly knowing residual values tend to dip through winter.  

Ideally target the July through September timeframe to locate the best conditioned used pickup trucks benefitting from peak new vehicle rebates. Let’s examine brand specific considerations. 

Ideal Timing by Pickup Truck Brand

Beyond broad seasonal patterns, individual pickup truck brands each deploy unique marketing incentives driving sales spikes at various points annually. Here is an overview of key months to focus on specific nameplates:

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota’s top selling midsize pickup sees huge dealer supply reorders ahead of summer and spring break adventures. Scope purchase incentives around: 

  • March – Tail end of winter clearance deals on prior model years  
  • July/August – Highest trade offers lowering used example asking prices as next year orders flood in

Chevrolet Silverado 

The perennial best-selling Silverado sees extensive discounting trying to battle Ford’s F-Series volume as GM allocates the most incentive dollars vying for conquest sales.

  • April & October – Deep supplier rebates on popular configs  
  • August/September – Biggest closeout discounts off sticker as model changeover nears

GMC Sierra 

Positioned as GM’s premium truck brand, GMC focuses incentives during industry wide seasonal peaks to protect resale brand equity the rest of the year. 

  • July/August – Highest trade offers and financing deals to clear lots for new model year 
  • November/December – Accessory & holiday cash bonuses to finalize sales quotas 

Ford F-Series

America’s longtime best-selling vehicles need little incentive help moving huge volumes yet Ford still offers deals trying to pull customers from competitors.

  • January & July – Regional Ford dealer associations run winter/summer sales with enhanced incentives  
  • October – Bonus cash allowances to honor initial model year changeover

RAM Pickups 

The nitty gritty workhorse chasing Ford and Chevy dangles cash savings trying to sway loyalists into the brand.

  • May & November – Deep Memorial Day and Black Friday discounts with deferred payment financing  
  • August/September – Biggest incentives off sticker as outgoing inventory sells down 

Nissan Titan

Playing perpetual catchup in the full-size segment, Nissan positions Titan discounts aggressively to gain any sales possible. 

  • March/April – Early spring clearance deals on prior year closeouts  
  • September/October – Large rebates off new model sticker prices to jumpstart demand 

Toyota Tundra

Toyota’s full-size entry sees modest incentives until it’s redesigned version launches with much fanfare and expected supply shortages. Plan ahead and reserve early for the best potential pricing.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Before buying a pickup truck, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make an informed decision and potentially save on your travel expenses. Here are some user-friendly tips based on the provided information:

Cab Size and Seating

Consider the size of the cab and seating based on your needs, such as the number of passengers and the amount of cargo you plan to carry.

The Bed

Evaluate the bed size and its features, such as the bed liner, tailgate, and tie-downs, to ensure it meets your requirements.

3. Engines and Fuel Economy

Choose the right engine based on your towing and driving needs, keeping in mind that larger engines may consume more fuel.

4. Towing and Payload Capacity

Ensure the pickup truck’s towing and payload capacity meet your specific needs, such as towing a boat or a camper.

5. Ride and Handling

Test drive the pickup truck to assess its ride quality, handling, and overall driving experience.

6. Safety

Research the safety ratings and features of the pickup truck, such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) Top Safety Pick awards for some 2022 models.

7. Budget

Determine your budget and consider factors like depreciation, insurance, and maintenance costs when evaluating the affordability of a pickup truck.

8. New vs. Used

Consider whether to buy a new or used pickup truck, as the used-truck market is about three times the size of the new-truck market, offering more choices and potentially better value.

By considering these factors, such as cab size, seating, engine options, towing capacity, and budget, you can make well-informed decisions and potentially save on your overall travel expenses when purchasing a pickup truck.

The Takeaway

In today’s constrained vehicle markets, advance planning gives truck shoppers huge advantages capturing elusive discounts amidst low inventory and high demand.

Begin tracking target models 9-12 months before intended purchase timing to monitor pricing shifts and stay ahead of order banks opening and closing.

Move quickly when well-equipped truck configurations appear with all the desired features at appropriate price points and seasonal peaks aligned to your budget.

Utilize the above guide detailing key months for bargain deals across top brands and segments to inform strategic timing.

Coupling ideal incentive cycles with well-researched trucks catered to specific requirements leads buyers to maximize savings selecting just the right workhorse for planned needs when great offers arise. Happy truck hunting!

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