5+ Best Times to Buy a Sewing Machine

The best time to buy a sewing machine is when you think you can afford it. I suggest you buy one when you have enough money to invest in it. If I were you, I would buy it when I could afford to give it a proper electricity connection also.

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A sewing machine is a useful addition to one’s household. It has developed from a mechanical device to an electrical machine.

It’s available all around the globe. Its use is varied. According to the use, the type of sewing machine varies too. It can sew a large variety of fabrics.

best times to buy a sewing machine

10 Best Times to Buy a Sewing Machine

When you need/can afford it  

As I mentioned, the best time is when you can afford it and an electricity connection for it as well.

I suggest taking a loan if you require it but can’t afford it.

Remember, use your machine to generate enough money to pay off the loan. It’s the key to your independent learning and earning.

When you learn to sew

This is the best time to buy a sewing machine. I recommend you buy one now to practice what you are learning.

This could be your first sewing machine too. You may use it to sew all your accessories to stay hands-on with sewing.


Vacations are the only time in the year to try new things. Be it any season. I think vacations are best to spend time creatively with your sewing machine.

If you plan to spend your vacation indoors, sewing is a perfect thing to occupy yourself with. You may even earn a few bucks by offering your services to your neighbors.  

Sewing Machine Day (13th June)

It could be the best time as well to buy a sewing machine. I suggest booking your order for any sales available in your preferred sellers’ shops.

This occasion is most suitable to make your purchase memorable.

Brand Promotions

I think these promotions are bait for all the buyers out there. Remember that it is also the right time to purchase a branded sewing machine.

This gives you first-hand knowledge about that brand. It also adds a branded sewing machine to your household.

At this time, the cost could be reasonable as well. The brand may offer installments, which is the most economical choice.

Preloved Offer

It’s never late to sell a sewing machine or buy one. If someone offers to buy a sewing machine that is no more in use, I think you should go for it.

Once you ensure it’s in good working condition, bargain a little and buy it.

You may spend the saved bucks on fixing it later according to your need. I hope this idea saves you money and time scrolling through pages on online stores.

Remember, it might not have a warranty. You can calculate how many years have passed since its warranty expired.

The machine is still good enough if only one or two years have passed since the warranty expired.

More than five years from the warranty expiry is not a good option to buy.

The Wedding Season

It’s high time there was a marriage in the family, and I can’t spare time to visit the tailor.

All my dress needs are a few stitches to fix your size. It’s time. I will need a sewing machine at my disposal.

I could view a tutorial on YouTube and use the sewing machine I bought for this rainy day. It is a handy and a lifetime solution for all members of my house.

I can also sew a memorable gift for the bride to make her day special.

End-of-Year Sale

The occasions listed above are when I can buy a sewing machine. I would recommend you buy it also at this time of year.

These events are when exclusive offers are available at online and local shops. I might have 50 to 60 percent off on my dream sewing machine.

Moreover, my yearly expenditures on tailors will add up to my savings. This is the best I could do for the welfare of my family.

My creativity skills will improve with time also.

Domestic Business  

If you decide to earn from the sewing skill, I think this is when you should hit the iron.

Investing in a sewing machine and its related equipment will be fruitful. Buy the type of sewing machine that suits the products you decide to sew.

The sewing machine to sew leather differs from the one that sews cotton fabric.

If you plan to sew and sell bags and purses, buy the sewing machine designed for that purpose.

Similarly, the sewing machine that sews dresses differs from the one that sews furniture-related stuff.

Make sure you refer to a knowledgeable person for advice. This will save you from the loss novice in the field usually suffer.

Before You Need

It’s better to have a pre-hand solution to common time and money problems (refer to point 7).

You might miss the opportunity to buy a sewing machine, thinking it is unnecessary.

If I were you, I would never skip this offer. A sewing machine can save you from throwing away your beloved reusable stuff once re-stitched.

Such repeated moments might make you realize the importance of a sewing machine. It’s good to prepare yourself for the day you need it urgently.

It is saved because when you need it and it is unavailable, this will cause unwanted inconvenience.

Final Thought

Long story short, a sewing machine remains important in today’s world. Stitched clothes might make you think, “Keeping a sewing machine at home sounds old”, but it’s incorrect.

It’s not only a machine. It’s an opportunity to enhance your sewing skills, enabling you to earn at home any time soon.

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