5+ Best Times to Buy an Espresso Machine

The best times to buy an espresso machine are during holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, end-of-season sales, and manufacturer promotions. Additionally, it’s a good idea to buy when new models are released to take advantage of discounted prices on older models.

Buying an espresso machine is the best option for enjoying a good coffee at home or in the office.

But choosing an espresso machine can be a daunting task. This article gives you the keys to deciding the best time and how to choose an espresso machine.

Two key elements to drinking good coffee are ​​quality coffee -preferably freshly ground- and a good coffee maker.

Buying an espresso machine allows you to enjoy the best Italian-style coffee and the best cafeteria coffee at home or in the office, a quality coffee to satisfy your needs and stimulate your senses.

Best time to buy an espresso machine

But the variety of espresso machines is quite wide, which can complicate the choice of machine.

Therefore, in the first place, we must consider what our needs and expectations are.

For example, how much space is available to place the coffee maker, what type of drinks are to be prepared, or what is the available budget, among other issues.

What Is An Espresso Machine

An espresso machine is a machine that makes coffee by forcing pressurized water near the boiling point through a “disc” of ground coffee and a filter to produce thick, concentrated coffee.

The applied pressure influences the texture, crema, and flavor of the espresso.

Espresso machines may also have a steam wand used to vaporize and froth liquids, especially milk, to prepare beverages such as cappuccinos and lattes.

But not all espresso machines are the same. There are different types and also different functionalities.

In any case, an espresso machine will last for many years if you take care of it and buy from a quality brand.

That is why it is important to choose well, considering personal needs. If you like good coffee, do not doubt that an espresso machine is an excellent option.

 Remember: An espresso machine allows you to enjoy the best Italian-style coffee and cafeteria coffee at home or in the office.

Time of the year to buy Espresso Machines

Espresso machines can be manual or automated. These, in turn, can be semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic.

Summer is always the best time to buy, considering the workability of the machine. Semi-automatic espresso machines use an automated system to convey the water.

But they do not deal with grinding or tamping the coffee or controlling the water.

Automatic espresso machines control this last action since they automatically stop the water flow. The super-automatic ones also grind, measure, and tamp the coffee.

It is important to note that the level of automation does not have to determine the quality of the coffee by itself or the time.

However, during winter, people take more coffee; hence, the demand for the machine is higher, increasing the price.

This influences other issues, such as the size of the machine, its maintenance, or its price.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the more automated an espresso machine is, the easier it is to make the coffee, but the less control you have in the process.

Winter or Summer? Issues To Consider When Buying An Espresso Machine

Budget and available space are key factors when choosing an espresso machine, but they only serve as a starting point.

Below we see other issues that will help make a better choice of coffee maker and when to buy.


Deciding how much you want to spend helps you narrow down the type of espresso machine you are going to buy, without a doubt.

The prices are higher during winter than in summer because of the demand for coffee this season.

The good news is that there is a wide range of offers on espresso machines with excellent value for money.

Size And Available Space

This does not depend on the time. Winter or Summer does not matter. An espresso machine is a small appliance that must always be at hand.

Therefore, the available space must be considered when choosing the coffee maker. It is an unavoidable question.

Fortunately, many compact models of espresso machines fit into tight spaces.

If you do not have enough space to leave the coffee maker on the counter, choose one you can easily store and take out.

Type And Quality Of Coffee

If you only want to make espresso buy a machine that only makes coffee. But if you want to be able to prepare a latte or cappuccino, then you will be interested in buying a machine with a steam tube to create milk foam.

During summer, you will need to make wide varieties; thus, you may need to buy a sophisticated machine. However, this factor does not depend on the time you buy.

When it comes to coffee quality, it is important to consider pressure. Bars is the unit for measuring Pressure.

The more bars a coffee machine applies, the better espresso it will make.

Another important issue has to do with the use of ground coffee. With a variety of espresso machines, you will be able to grind your coffee with ease.

However, if you want to use freshly ground coffee, go ahead and purchase a separate coffee grinder, a very cheap accessory.

In addition, it is worth knowing that some espresso machines also have an accessory adapted to use special coffee capsules for this type of machine if you like to use this type of coffee.


Espresso machines are changing the way we consume espresso at home or in the office. It does not matter whether you buy it in summer or winter.

What matters is the suitability that you get. You are assured of getting various types of coffee from these machines because of their high speed and reliability.

However, regardless of the price of the machines, coffee in capsules is very costly and produces waste.

Over time, it’s been seen that recycling these wastes has been an arduous task (since the capsules have to be emptied first).

Also, you can only use particular versions of capsules.

Although they require a little more work when preparing the coffee, espresso machines allow you to use freshly ground coffee or choose ground coffee of any type, knowing exactly what is in the coffee you will drink. In addition, they do not generate polluting waste.

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