5+ Best Times to Buy Weber Grill

The best time to buy a weber grill is during the springtime, every two years. During this time, many weber grill manufacturers are preparing to release new models and versions of their weber grills. This, in turn, means that many weber grill sellers want to get rid of old models to make space for the new ones.

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Weber grills are a popular brand of grills among many people. And while they are popular, they’re also expensive.

The brand also has a standard price that retailers need to keep, meaning that finding great weber grills on sale is difficult.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the grill for a lower price.

Many older models discontinued by the manufacturer land massive clearance sale prices.

best times to buy weber grill

10 best times to buy a weber grill

Before the Release of New Grills

Every two years, weber grill manufacturers release new models and versions of their grills.

They also will sometimes discontinue producing some models. During this time, retailers find themselves needing space for the new stock.

And so, many have huge clearances on the old and discontinued models.

After Summer

BBQs are a big thing in the summer, meaning that during this time, many people may need to buy a weber grill if they want to enjoy BBQs during summer too.

For this reason, I recommend getting your grill before or after the summer months.

Retailers are more likely to drop their prices during the other seasons, especially winter than during summer, where they’ll make their most sales on weber grills.

Black Friday Sales

This worldwide sale is something that almost every retailer does.

This means you’re bound to find a few massive sales and clearances on weber grills during this time.

Many retailers will use this sale to get rid of old stock to make space for new stock that’ll likely come in March when the weber grill manufacturers release new products and stock. 

During Winter

Most people only BBQ during summer and sometimes spring, but most will buy their weber grills during these seasons.

This means that most retailers will have few customers buying weber grills during winter.

They’ll likely have one or two clearance sales to sell some stock and try to make some income during the slowest months of weber grill sales for them.

Of course, you’ll need to check if your local retailer has any sales, as not all retailers do this.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a huge US holiday filled with the tradition of doing a BBQ.

For this reason, many retailers will sometimes have clearance sales around the holiday.

They’ll normally bring out extra old models they need to sell and use them for sale.

This is a great opportunity to get a new grill, even if the model is a bit old.

Before Big American Football Games and Leagues

One thing you can count on seeing during an American football game is someone bringing out a grill or two and starting a BBQ.

And even if you’re watching the game at home, inviting family and friends to enjoy the game with you is not complete without a BBQ.

So, if you’re one of those who love BBQing during a football game or want to enjoy a BBQ while watching the game with friends and family at home, getting a weber grill before the football season starts is important.

Not only will people be rushing around to find one, meaning stock goes quickly, but retailers may hike prices a bit to make a little extra during football season.

‘Pre-Season’ Offers

As March is the month for releasing new weber grill products and models, retailers sometimes have offers to get rid of old stock.

And while there may not be great discounts on the grills during ‘pre-season,’ many will create bundles and give extra items along with your weber grill. E.g., the offer will include charcoal and BBQ tongs with the weber grill you buy.

The items will normally allow you to get the weber grill cheaper without the retailer needing to lower the recommended price that weber grill manufacturers require all their grills to keep.

After July

July is sometimes known as the peak of grilling season.

So, after July, many will start packing the grills or won’t need to buy one as they already have a new one.

For this reason, some retailers will have clearance sales and specials as most people have grills already, and demand is low.

They’ll want to get rid of stock as weber grills take up space on their floors, and with limited space, they may be unable to bring out new stock onto the floor.

Father’s Day

A weber grill is a great and popular gift to any father on Father’s Day.

And so some retailers will have sales and clearances on old weber grill models as part of their Father’s Day gift specials and sales.

This, of course, will depend on your local retailer and whether or not they do Father’s Day specials.

Labor Day

Also seen as the unofficial weekend that signals the end of summer for many, grill retailers see this holiday as a great time to have specials and sales on grills.

This is because this is an important last chance for them to get rid of old stock before winter comes and demand for weber grills starts to drop.

Depending on the retailer, some will have clearance sales while others have specials and create bundles that people can buy.

Final Thought

Overall, there are some great times during the year to help you save some money when buying a new weber grill.

Whether it’s to replace your old grill or to get one for the home, you’re sure to save money if you look for sales at the right time.

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