Best Time to Buy a Stovetop Steamer (25-60%+ Off)

A stovetop steamer is an incredibly useful kitchen appliance that can make cooking vegetables, seafood, eggs, and much more simple and healthy. But with so many models on the market, it can be tricky to know when to purchase one to get the best deal. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to buy a stovetop steamer during the optimal sale seasons and holidays.

Why Buy a Stovetop Steamer

Before jumping into the best times to buy, let’s first go over why a stovetop steamer is worth investing in for your kitchen in the first place. Here are some of the top benefits this handy gadget offers:

Retains Nutrients & Flavor

Steaming is one of the healthiest cooking methods because it uses hot steam to gently cook foods rather than submerging them in boiling water. This retains more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants compared to other moist-heat methods. Steaming also keeps more bright, fresh flavors locked in.

Quick & Easy

Stovetop steamers cook food very quickly and require little prep or cleanup. Just add water to the reservoir, load up fruits, veggies, proteins or grains into the basket, and steam. When done, give the parts a quick rinse. It doesn’t get much simpler for healthy homemade meals!


In addition to the categories mentioned above, you’d be surprised what all you can steam with one of these handy devices. Dumplings, tamales, custards, rice, eggs, seafood—the list goes on. Steaming infuses dishes with moisture and brings out the best in most foods.

Compact Storage

Some steamer models are collapsible, with nesting baskets that don’t require much space. Others have detachable legs allowing you to store the base flat. This makes finding a home for a stovetop steamer in a crowded kitchen easy.

Now that you know the value a steamer can add to your cooking, let’s get into the strategy behind scoring one at the best price. Keep reading to discover the opportune times to find major deals.

Early-Mid November

The first prime time to buy a stovetop steamer is during early to mid-November. Here’s why:

Pre-Black Friday Sales

Retailers will often run pre-Black Friday sales up to two weeks prior to the actual event. During this time, you can expect to see impressive discounts on smaller kitchen appliances like steamers as they try to drum up hype. These deals allow you to beat the biggest crowds too.

Thanksgiving Cooking Prep

As we lead up to Thanksgiving feast preparation, retailers will discount kitchen tools to get customers stocked up on anything they might need to cook turkey day dishes. These sales often include steamers since many people use them for veggies as sides.

Competing Retailers Matching Deals

When big box stores roll out Black Friday-level deals earlier in November, competing retailers often try to price match some of the hottest deals so they don’t lose customers. This means steamers may be marked down across the board, increasing your options.

The week or two before Black Friday is when you’ll discover most pre-sale event deals. So plan to start monitoring prices aggressively at that time.

Black Friday Week

The Friday after Thanksgiving needs no introduction. It’s only the biggest shopping day of the entire year. Here is what you can expect if trying to score a stovetop steamer during Black Friday week itself:

Rock-Bottom Prices

On Black Friday specifically, expect to see some of the absolute lowest prices of the year on smaller kitchen gadgets like steamers from both big retailers and specialty cooking stores. We’re talking 50% off or more in many cases.

Extreme Stock Fluctuations

The deepest discounts on the hottest products often result in them selling out very quickly on Black Friday. So if you have your eye on a particular steamer, ordering it early in the week is wise before quantities become limited.

Extended Return Windows

Due to the hectic nature of Black Friday shopping, many retailers extend their return dates during this week to accommodate the chaos. This takes pressure off having to open and test products right away and gives you more flexibility if anything is defective.

In addition to Black Friday itself, Cyber Monday and even Cyber Week (the days after) are also prime times you’ll discover impressive steamer deals online as retailers move sales to the web.


December is another excellent month for steamer deal hunting for several reasons:

Post-Holiday Clearance Sales

Any inventory retailers are still trying to offload after Black Friday and Cyber Week goes on deeper and deeper discounts as December pushes on. Expect to see leftover stock of less popular steamer models marked way down by mid-December.

Last-Minute Holiday Deal Hunting

Procrastinating gift buyers often flock to the stores in late December in search of hot deals on smaller items like steamers to check final people off their lists. Retailers will often discount them further to attract these shoppers.

Preparing for Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

People love to make commitments to eating healthier and cooking more come New Year’s Day. Retailers are aware of this and will discount kitchen tools like steamers in late December to capitalize on resolution shoppers.If you missed out on deals earlier in the shopping season, December provides a second chance. The discounts won’t be quite as impressive as Black Friday week, but waiting could still pay off.


Believe it or not, January is actually an underrated month for scoring deals on kitchen gadgets:

Inventory Clearance

Retailers are in full clearance mode in January as they look to sell off overstock from the busy holiday shopping season. With fresh inventory waiting in the wings for spring, stores need to make room by discounting old models.

Minimal Competition From Other Sales Events

Unlike November and December, retailers have very little else distracting shoppers in January besides clearance deals. Less competition equals bigger discounts as they try harder to capture winter shopper dollars.

Capitalizing on New Year’s Motivation

That surge of motivation to eat better and cook more often lasts beyond January 1st for many people. Retailers cater to this crowd with deals on healthy kitchen tools to hook any latecomers still riding the new year’s wave.

With fewer crowds and distractions, January clearance sales can be an undercover opportunity to score a great steamer at a discount.

Mid-Late Summer

In addition to winter holiday shopping seasons, summer also holds some surprising opportunities to save on a stovetop steamer:

Back to School Sales

Believe it or not, many retailers classify smaller kitchen gadgets like steamers under their back to school sales since college students often purchase them for dorm rooms or first apartments. Look for impressive discounts from July through September.

Inventory Making Room for Fall/Winter Gear

As summer winds down in August and September, retailers are stocking up on fall/winter merchandise and need to make room in warehouses and on shelves. Clearancing out stovetop steamers is a fast way to create space.

Capitalizing on Health Kick Motivation

Many people feel motivated to eat healthier after seeing how their diet suffered all summer from vacations, holidays, and warm weather treats. Retailers will discount kitchen tools in late summer to motivate these customers.

In many ways, the late summer deals rival the winter holiday discounts but with far fewer crowds and competition to worry about.

When to Avoid Buying

Now that you know the best times to find impressive deals throughout the year, let’s quickly go over when steamer sales are few and far between. Here are the periods we recommend avoiding major steamer purchases:

Early Spring

Retailers have little motivation to discount smaller kitchen tools deeply in early spring as customers focus more on clothing, outdoor furniture, and decor. Hold off until at least mid-summer for better sales.


October is somewhat of a retail dead zone without any major holidays or events on the calendar. Stores try to sell at full price this month before the Black Friday buzz begins. Avoid it for deals.

Post-Holiday January Slump

That first week or so of January after New Year’s Day tends to be a poor time for deals as well. Shoppers are worn out from holiday spending and less motivated by resolutions this early. Discounts pick back up in late January on leftover stock.

Outside of these narrow windows, you can safely purchase a stovetop steamer any time without worrying about missing out on major deals in the near future.

Tips for Maximizing Savings

Keep these quick tips in mind to ensure you extract every last dollar of savings possible on your steamer purchase:

  • Sign up for retailer newsletter and rewards programs to get alerts on upcoming sales events and exclusive promo code offers.
  • Compare prices across multiple stores including big box and specialty retailers to leverage price matching policies.
  • Don’t limit yourself to only Black Friday week – excellent deals hide all year long if you know where and when to look.
  • Consider buying refurbished models from reputable brands to save up to 50% or more off retail pricing.
  • Time the purchase of accessories like extra trays or tongs during major steamer sales to stock up.
  • Buy bundles that include the steamer base plus multiple baskets and accessories for a built-in value.
  • Use a cash back credit card and shopping portals to double, triple or even quadruple dip on savings.

Getting strategic with your shopping approach makes all the difference in maximizing savings on kitchen gadgets. Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions on this topic:


Should I buy online or in stores?

Great question! Both options have their pros and cons:

  • Online – Wider selection of models, easier price comparisons between retailers, potential free shipping offers. Limited ability to inspect product before purchasing.
  • In Stores – Can open box and test product before buying. Immediate gratification rather than waiting for delivery. Often pay MSRP or close to it with limited discounts.

In general, buying online will net you better savings thanks to promo codes and price matching opportunities. But carefully inspecting a floor model in person allows you to ensure you’re getting a quality piece. Combining both (inspecting in store then buying online) can give you the best of both worlds.

Are stovetop steamers worth paying more for?

Absolutely – with most kitchen appliances, going cheaper often leads to regret down the road when performance disappoints or lifespan is limited. Paying a bit more for a reliable brand known for quality ensures your steamer provides years of reliable use. Brands like Oster, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach are great options that balance affordability and durability.

How do I know which size/capacity to buy?

Consider what and how much you envision steaming on a regular basis. If cooking for just 1-2 people, a 1-2 liter capacity is sufficient. Larger families and meal preppers should size up to a 3+ quart option for bigger batches. You can always cook less food in a large steamer but not vice versa. Also account for head room if steaming larger cuts of meat or lots of tall vegetables.

Should I buy bundles with accessories included?

This depends on your budget and how committed you are to steaming. If just experimenting or money is tight, start with a basic single tier model. If you steam frequently, investing in a set with multiple baskets, rings, tongs, etc allows you to cook full meals from start to finish. More accessories also prevents needing to buy expansions later.

I hope this comprehensive guide gives you total confidence to shop the stovetop steamer sales strategically and maximize savings! Let me know if any other questions come up.

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