Best Time to Buy a Sous Vide Cooker (25-60%+ Off)

Sous vide cooking has exploded in popularity in recent years. This precise low and slow cooking method yields incredibly tender and juicy results every time. But sous vide cookers can be quite an investment. So when is the best time to buy one to get the features you want at the best possible price?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find the perfect time to purchase your sous vide cooker. We’ll look at seasonal sales events, product release cycles, used options, and more. With insider tips and expert advice, you’ll discover the optimal time to buy based on your budget and needs.

Why Buy a Sous Vide Cooker?

Before we dive into the when, let’s look at the why. What makes sous vide worth buying in the first place?

Sous vide enables exact temperature control during cooking. This level of precision achieves superior results compared to other methods. Meat and poultry cook gently in a warm water bath held at a precise stable temperature. This stops food from overcooking, yielding incredibly moist, tender results edge-to-edge every time.

With a sous vide cooker, you can infuse flavor into dishes, cook safely at lower temperatures, and even chill and reheat meals without sacrificing quality. Once you start sous viding, you’ll find it indispensable for cooking vegetables, eggs, rice, legumes, seafood, and more to absolute perfection.

Now that you’re convinced about the benefits, let’s explore all the ins and outs of finding the best deals.

Seasonal Sales Events

Timing your sous vide purchase around major sales events is a great way to score significant savings. Here are some of the best seasonal opportunities for sous vide deals throughout the year:

Early January: New Year Sales

Right after the holidays in early January, you can take advantage of New Year’s sales. Retailers will discount older models to make room for newer inventory later in the year. Shop end-of-year clearance sales for solid deals on last year’s sous vide cooker models.

February to April: Post-Holiday Discounts

Deep winter is another good window for sous vide deals. Retailers will still be clearing out older inventory post-holiday season. Prices get slashed to drive sales during the relatively slow winter months.

May: Mother’s Day Sales

In the U.S., Mother’s Day lands in May. Retailers often discount smaller kitchen appliances like sous vide cookers as popular gifts for the holiday.

June: Father’s Day Deals

Similarly, Father’s Day falls in June in the U.S. Sous vide makes a great gift for the grilling and cooking enthusiast dad. Retailers offer discounts and bundles to capture sales around the holiday.

July: Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day has morphed into one of the biggest sales extravaganzas of the year. The deals event usually falls in July. Watch for sous vide cooker lightning deals and major brand discounts during the sale.

November: Black Friday through Cyber Monday

The holiday sales weekend from Black Friday through Cyber Monday features some of the very best deals of the year. Retailers offer deep discounts on sous vide cookers and kits to incentivize early holiday shopping. This is the perfect chance to buy from your sous vide wish list.

Product Release Cycles

Another key factor is new product launch timelines. Knowing when updated sous vide cooker models hit the market can help you score deals.

Most sous vide brands refresh their lineup in the early fall months. That means they’ll discount older models in the spring and summer to clear old inventory. If you don’t need the very latest features, buying the previous model during this timeframe nets big savings.

Here’s a general guide to sous vide product release cycles:

  • January to March: Companies preview upcoming products at trade shows like the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and the International Home and Housewares Show.
  • Summer: New products are announced and made available for preorder. Limited-time discounts may be offered.
  • September to November: New sous vide cookers start shipping to consumers in time for the holiday shopping season.

Buying just before the new models arrive or after they hit retail lets you take advantage of clearance sales on the previous generation. Optimal timing depends if you prioritize the latest features or maximum savings potential.

Used and Open Box Deals

If buying brand new isn’t a must, consider used and open box listings. Sites like eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace can turn up major deals on secondhand sous vide cookers.

Retailers also sell open box items at a discount. These products have been opened and returned unopened. Carefully inspect condition before purchasing, but the savings can be substantial for essentially new appliances.

When buying used or open box:

  • Inspect carefully for damage prior to purchase
  • Look for needed accessories like racks or weights
  • Test thoroughly once home to verify functionality
  • Review return policies in case of issues

While used devices come with more uncertainty, you can score an incredible bargain on higher end models. Even purchasing a used base unit then adding new accessories can net savings over a new kit.

Bundled Deals

Another prime way to save on sous vide cookers is to buy device bundles. Retailers offer packages with accessories included at a discounted rate over purchasing individually.Common sous vide bundles include:

  • Sous vide cooker + vacuum sealer
  • Sous vide cooker + bags and accessories
  • Sous vide cooker + smart hub controller
  • Sous vide oven combo unit

Bundles maximize savings on the core device plus handy accessories. They make perfect gifts as well, since all the essentials come neatly packed together.

Price Tracking Sites

Rather than waiting for sales events, you can take luck out of the equation. Price tracking sites monitor product listings across retailers to spot price drops in real time.

Sites like CamelCamelCamel let you enter any Amazon product and view historical pricing data. You’ll see the highest and lowest prices over time along with alerts for current deals.

Using price trackers means you can pounce when surprise markdowns pop up any time of year. The tools even forecast future price drops using algorithms to determine the best time to buy.

Coupons, Rebates and Cash Back

Beyond direct discounts, there are secondary savings opportunities as well. Look for available coupons, rebates and cash back offers to maximize sous vide deals:

  • Coupons: Retailers provide promo codes and percent-off or dollar-off coupons to encourage sales. Stack these on top of existing markdowns for extra savings at checkout.
  • Rebates: Device makers and retailers offer mail-in and instant rebates to drive purchases. Submit proof of purchase after the sale to redeem savings.
  • Cash Back: Cash back browser extensions and portals provide a percentage of purchases back to you as cash. This nets a nice return while essentially paying for itself.

Savvy sous vide shoppers combine multiple discounts, coupons, rebates and cash back for the lowest possible effective price.

8 Tips for Finding the Best Sous Vide Deals

While timing major sales events is crucial, there are other tricks to finding awesome sous vide discounts year round. Here are 8 insider tips for scoring the best possible deal:

1. Sign Up for Retailer Email Lists

Getting deals and coupons directly from sous vide sellers is the easiest route. Subscribe to email lists from retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target. They’ll notify you directly of upcoming sales, price drops and exclusive promo code offers.

2. Follow Your Favorite Brands on Social Media

Beyond retailers, follow sous vide appliance brands like Anova, Breville and Joule on social media. Brands announce short-term deals and coupon codes on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote products and engage followers.

3. Check eBay for Auction Deals

eBay isn’t just for used products—sellers also list brand new unopened items. Sort by New In Box and check auctions with no bids. Last minute bidders rarely swoop in, so stealthily won auctions score heavily discounted brand new sous vide cookers.

4. Don’t Limit Yourself to Big Box Stores

While Amazon and Walmart offer strong prices, don’t forget smaller specialty retailers. Sites like WebstaurantStore and FoodServiceDirect provide commercial-grade equipment to consumers at awesome prices. Expand beyond the obvious to uncover hidden deals.

5. Talk to Sales Support Chats

Online sales reps have more power than you may think. Start a chat and ask if there are any exclusive promo codes or unadvertised deals on sous vide cookers. Be polite and reps will happily check for savings they can apply for you.

6. Don’t Shy Away from Refurbs

Manufacturer certified refurbished sous vide means used units that have been thoroughly inspected, tested and restored to like-new working order. Refurbs work and look brand new for substantially less—just ensure they still carry the original warranty.

7. Time Purchases Around Your Credit Card Cycle

Most credit cards offer bonus reward points or cash back during certain billing cycles. Track when these special offers occur and make large purchases like sous vide cookers then. Doing so maximizes your rewards on big ticket items.

8. Join Discount Shopping Browser Extensions

Tools like Honey automatically apply available coupons plus provide cash back. Add these free extensions to your browser and they’ll present codes and exclusive offers at checkout when shopping for sous vide devices.

FAQ: Finding the Best Sous Vide Dealer Deals

Still have some questions about finding the perfect time and place to purchase your sous vide cooker? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Should I buy directly from sous vide brands?

Going directly to brands like Anova and Joule provides the full product line up plus customization options. But authorized retailers usually offer better prices. Check both to compare deals across different sellers.

Is a sous vide cooker worth buying refurbished?

Absolutely—manufacturer certified refurbished models work like new. Every component has been rigorously checked and repaired if necessary. Refurbs carry the same warranty for substantial discount over buying new.

Which retailers tend to have the best sous vide deals?

Amazon and Walmart frequently compete for best prices with sous vide makers directly. Specialty restaurant supply sites like WebstaurantStore also offer amazing deals. Compare prices across multiple retailers before buying.

Should I buy sous vide kits or accessories separately?

Kits bundle the cooker plus must-have accessories for less compared to buying individually. But you’re limited to what’s included. Purchasing accessories like bags, racks or vacuum sealers separately allows you to customize your setup.

Will sous vide devices go on better sale during holiday events?

Without question major events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday feature the strongest sous vide cooker discounts every year. Retailers offer deep discounts to incentivize holiday shopping, making it the ideal time to buy.

Key Takeaways: Discovering the Best Sous Vide Deals

Finding the perfect time to purchase sous vide cookers comes down mastering sale cycles and understanding when new models hit the market. Here are the key tips:

  • Time purchases around major sales events like Black Friday and Prime Day
  • Buy previous generation models when new product lineups launch
  • Take advantage of one-off discounts from social media and email lists
  • Consider manufacturer certified refurbished and open box deals
  • Use tools like price trackers, cash back apps and coupons to maximize savings
  • Shop multiple trusted retailers and compare pricing
  • Bundle accessories with kits or buy separately to customize

Follow these best practices to discover incredible sous vide cooker deals. Patience and flexibility ensure you’ll find the ideal sale timing to fit your budget.With the right approach, you’ll source an awesome sous vide setup and cooker without overpaying. Then you can start experiencing the magic of sous vide cooking for yourself!

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