5+ Best Time to Buy Baby Clothes

As a rule, buying summer clothes in the fall or winter clothes in the spring is associated with discounts and favorable offers from clothing stores.

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When a baby is born, usually the last thing new parents want to think about is shopping for clothes.

It’s no wonder: between feeding, changing, putting to sleep, and washing a newborn, we have very little time, strength, and will to do it.

So, when is it worth starting to complete a basket for a newborn so that you do not have to think about it immediately after delivery?

How to prepare for this task so that in the first weeks of a baby’s life, we ​​do not run out of the most necessary clothes?

And finally, what items in a baby’s wardrobe should be on a parent’s list?

This article will show you the best time and other pertinent information for buying your first baby clothes.

best time to buy baby clothes

The first clothes for a baby: When to start completing it?

Buying clothes with a newborn in mind is worth doing right after the information on the sex of the child, that is, around the 16th week of pregnancy.

It is this period, the second trimester, that women consider the least expensive and, at the same time, the best stage of the entire course of pregnancy.

From the fourth week, future mothers no longer feel bothered by constant fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, and vomiting, typical symptoms of the first three months of this stage.

As a general rule, pressure on the bladder is also reduced during this time, increasing general comfort and women’s mobility.

Also, in this phase, a woman is not yet bothered by backaches, swollen feet, occasional headaches, and decreased energy to act, which is characteristic of the third trimester.

More favorable for rebates and discounts

All these factors make it only in 4-6 months of pregnancy. It is better for shopping.

But this is not the end of the arguments in favor of choosing this period to buy the first clothes for a boy.

We can find numerous price offers when buying clothes many months before the baby is born.

As a rule, buying summer clothes in the fall or winter clothes in the spring is associated with discounts and favorable offers from clothing stores.

At the same time, completing clothes many months in advance gives us a greater sense of control and peace.

Thanks to the complementation of the laundry basket and other baby needs, we can focus on health and well-being for ourselves and our baby.

What and How Many Clothes to Buy for The First Weeks of A Baby’s Life?

Especially in the first three months of a newborn’s life, it must be taken into account that the clothes will be changed even several times a day.

Not so much because of the time of day or temperature fluctuations but because of various types of dirt.

Therefore, the number of wardrobe items purchased should depend on whether we are prepared to wash clothes or change clothes for a few days without washing the previous one.

In the first case, the stock of more clothes for the newborn will be much smaller than in the second case.

The time of year is also important. In the spring and summer period, in general, we will need fewer individual garments than in autumn or winter.

We must also remember that newborns grow very fast.

Therefore, during the first three months of life, it is worthwhile to buy clothes in various sizes that suit the different stages of development.

What should a baby basket look like, considering not only the clothes’ type, quantity, and size?

Here are some general guidelines on how much clothing to buy before your newborn is born.

However, remember to modify this number depending on the season and the expected frequency of washing.

  • One-piece garments for daily use, such as clowns or baby bodysuits, in sizes 56, 62, and 68 (for children over 4 kg), five or seven pieces each. Its length and thickness should depend on the season and the temperature at home.
  • Baby t-shirts and long-sleeved flannels, size 56, 62, and 68. You should buy four to six pieces of each.
  • Stretchy baby leggings and pants allow a child to change clothes easily. You will need five to seven pieces.
  • Sleepwear is a onesie for a baby, a two-piece pajama, or a baby onesie in sizes 56, 62, and 68. It is better to buy four to seven pieces.
  • Baby tracksuits in sizes 56, 62, and 68 (for children over 4 kg). Just two pieces will suffice.
  • Evening and casual wear, such as comfortable shirts with matching collars with elastics, elegant baby dresses, tunics, skirts, and jumpsuits with a dress for girls.
  • Don’t hesitate to prepare such outfits, regardless of gender.
  • Baby socks, size 13-15 (thin for spring and summer and thicker for autumn and winter). You can have three to five pairs.

Remember that it is better to buy clothes that are too big than too small.

Newborn socks should not be oppressive as they can affect circulation problems and deform the baby’s feet.

  • Baby hats for colder and warmer days. You will need one or two pieces. Remember that a newborn hat is only necessary when you are outside. We only put it on in the apartment after bathing or sleeping at very low air temperatures below 16 ° C.
  • Outerwear adapted to the season of the year, such as baby jackets /jerseys/sweatshirts, etc. One or two pieces are enough.
  • Bodysuit for the hospital when the baby is born. You will only need one piece. If childbirth falls during the winter, it is worth getting this item of clothing from a thicker fabric.

We can also opt for sets of baskets for babies, which usually contain the most necessary garments.

Every baby is different, and so are their dress needs

When completing the layette, it is worth noting that each child is born with a different weight and length of the body, feet, and hands.

The best practice is to buy slightly larger clothing that minimizes the chance of squeezing the baby’s body.

Final Thought

For people who want to read more about what size and when you should buy the first clothes for a newborn, we recommend consulting the obstetrician doctor about the baby’s measurements in the ultrasound.

This will be a useful entry of information about the size your baby will be born; it will also be the one that explains how to complete a layette for a baby.

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