5+ Best Times to Buy Ammo

The two ideal times of the year to buy ammunition are right after hunting season and right after the holidays.

When it comes to ammunition, deciding where and what to buy can be daunting.

Aside from price and type, when to buy can be critically significant.

The best time to buy ammo is when the market is stable and the price is low, such as during hunting season or after vacations.

In a supply and demand market, independent manufacturers can impact the price of ammunition.

The US faced a huge ammo shortage during COVID-19. The year 2021 was successful for the firearms sector.

In addition to the millions of other gun enthusiasts, an estimated 10 million new gun owners (a 40% increase from 2020) also needed ammunition.

For shooters in Texas, Florida, and Illinois, the shortage is even more severe than it was during the worst of COVID-19.

Best Time to Buy Ammo

Timing is critical for ammo purchases because if you don’t keep an eye on the market and the news, you could pay a lot more for ammunition than you should.

Even though the market is volatile and differs throughout the year, specific times tend to have better ammunition sales due to the natural flow of supply and demand.

Some months are significantly better than others for finding cheap ammo. The US faced a huge ammo shortage during COVID-19.

This article will discuss the best market time to buy ammo and the best time of year to stock up. Let’s get started!

List of the best times to buy

After Hunting Season and Holidays

The two ideal times of the year to buy ammunition are right after hunting season and right after the holidays.

After hunting season, there is a pause in demand for ammo because most hunters take a vacation and stock up right before the next hunting season, so both demand and prices fall.

Moreover, the holidays arrive quickly after hunting season, and many people receive guns and ammo as gifts.

If you don’t buy ammo after Christmas or near the end of the hunting season, you can watch the market online and the news for good deals.

In general, the market reacts to media coverage of guns and ammunition—if there is a horrible event, ammo may become more expensive.

Even if national prices are high, you may be able to find individual suppliers who are having sales.

Sales are at their lowest in January and February, which is an excellent opportunity to make the most of the market and purchase ammunition.

Buying Online

Many bulk vendors have an online presence and offer sales at certain times of the year or when they are oversupplied.

If you can keep records of these websites, you will likely save a lot of money on ammo.

Online sellers frequently hold sales and offer significant discounts on their ammunition stocks.

So, buying online is a good option to save money. I have made a list of some online stores for you.


Ammo.com is America’s leading online website where you can buy ammo at huge deals and discount prices.

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory is an online store for ammo. For cases (1,000) rounds of popular calibers such as.223/5.56, 9mm, and.45 ACP usually offer one of the best prices.

And occasionally, free shipping for cases is available… Otherwise, it could be between $20 and $30.

Lucky Gunner

Lucky Gunner is the best place to buy ammo online because of their selection, real-time inventory, fast shipping, and shipping estimator.


Bereli has some good deals on some items, such as their Blazer Brass 9mm, which comes with free shipping and tax if you live in Florida.


Brownells have the majority of specialized tools, Ammos, and gun parts.

Additionally, they provide exceptional customer service, inexpensive shipping, and some excellent ammo deals.

They have embraced website technology, which I love, allowing you to add all the ammunition to your cart, enter your zip code, and view the shipping costs.

They stand behind their goods, and I’ve found that returning items is very simple.

You can’t return ammunition, though, I think, for safety reasons. But they are the best in terms of tools and parts!

Hunters and fishermen

Hunters and fishermen know and adore their neighborhood Cabela’s, and since Bass Pro purchased them, the price of ammo there has decreased even more!

The best part is that almost every caliber you can imagine is always available, and they almost always have the best hunting ammo available.

Don’t forget to look at Cabela’s-branded equipment; you can find everything with their brand name there, from jackets to rifle bags to optics.

Sportsman’s Guide

Sportsman’s Guide has almost everything under one roof, from power tools to firearms and ammunition—kind it’s like Cabela’s and Harbor Freight combined!

Their deals with a Sportsmen’s Guide membership are even better than their good standard deals!

In a year of shooting, savings of 10% on equipment and 5% on firearms and ammunition can add significantly. They offer backorder as well.

Gun Shows

Gun shows also help you save money on buying ammo in bulk. Bulk vendors at gun shows can be a great way to get ammo at a discount.

You can get great ammunition deals if you purchase for bulk reload practice.

Additionally, attending gun shows is a unique way to meet other gun enthusiasts and build long-lasting relationships with buyers and sellers.

The more firearms you purchase, the better the deal you’ll get at gun shows.

Bulk ammunition vendors frequently offer discounts for larger purchases of ammunition.

You must use the above discounts to buy ammunition at deeply discounted prices. Observe the market.

Knowing when the market is irrational should help you avoid paying expensive ammunition prices.

A good strategy is to keep an eye out for sales at your favorite gun shows and online retailers.

You should also buy in bulk or online once a year to ensure you have enough ammo.

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