5+ Best Times to Buy Linen

This is the article for you if you are looking for the best times to buy Linen:

  1. The Month of January
  2. Start of New Year
  3. Annual Sales
  4. Before the weather changes
  5. Holiday Weekends
  6. Season
  7. When demand is lower
  8. Late summer

 Getting the right amount of sleep is so important for everyone. To get a good and peaceful sleep, a comfortable bed is an utter necessity.

Sheets play a major part in making the bed a comfortable resting place. So, buying linen of good quality at the right time is extremely important.

There are a few times that are suitable to buy linen.

Best Times to Buy Linen

The Month of January

January is considered one of the best months to purchase bedding.

Throughout the month, retailers hold White sales with reduced prices on linens, beddings, and other bedding favorites.

A total bedroom reboot can cost a lot of money, as a result, the start of the year is seen as the best time to purchase bedsheets.

Stores are eager to assist customers in saving money after the expensive Christmas season, so there will be great sales everywhere.

This is also a great time to get on essential bedding, such as guest bed linen and sheets.

Start of the new year

As the New Year approaches, most of us need a fresh start.

Deep cleaning is a wonderful annual ritual that begins in January and motivates us to manage our possessions and cleanliness.

Residing in a nice and clean environment is far more relaxing than living in shambles and offers health advantages.

You may find that by enclosing oneself with greater quality, clean bedding, you sleep like a baby and feel more relaxed.

January is ideal for removing old, worn-out items and making space in your house and mind.

Annual sales

Buying linen during annual sales is very beneficial. During sales, the prices of these beddings go down. Sometimes, they even become half of their original prices.

Good-quality linens can be available at many reduced prices.

Buying linen in sales is so much easier. People can buy them in bulk for the whole year or season, and because of that, they won’t have to buy bedsheets over and over again.

So, annual sale times are also a great time to purchase linen.

Before the weather changes

Linen should be bought before the weather changes or before the season ends. Every season requires different types of bedding.

Summers require thinner linens, while winter requires thicker and warmer linens.

Buying bedsheets before the weather changes is necessary as the ones used in winter can’t be used in summer, and those used in summer can’t be used in winter.

During the winter, many department stores run a little-known “white sale,” offering discounts on sheets and bedding.

They’re getting ready for the fresh yarns to appear on the shelves, mostly in spring.

Holiday weekends

Popular holiday weekends for sales and discounts include Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July weekend, Presidents Day weekend, and Labor Day weekend.

There are additionally popular days, such as Black Friday, which occurs on the day after Thanksgiving and would be when vendors customarily slash prices to entice customers to shop.

Small Business Saturday, the day following Black Friday, is another opportunity for customers to save money at local individual firms.

In addition, Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, is a common time for online sellers to provide steep discounts.


Seasons are also important. If you want to purchase stuff in high demand during the warmer months, early summer or early autumn is a nice time to do so.

Buying them during off-season time is also very beneficial.

Summer sheets in winter and winter sheets in summer will be of a lower price than in-season.

Off-season purchases will be much cheaper than the items purchased in-season.

When demand is lower

It would be preferable to buy these when they are low in demand, and their supply is higher.

When the supply is higher than the demand, the product is available at a far cheaper price.

Thus, ordering linens when not in demand will make it cheaper and help you obtain high-quality linen, as not even the good-quality ones are in demand.

Late summer

Late summer is an excellent time to purchase bedding and washcloths.

August is a favorable month to purchase towels and linens because it’s a common time for relocating, whether it’s college kids shifting into the college dorms or family members relocating before the start of the following school year.

Furthermore, many stores offer end-of-summer and back-to-school price reductions on these items, and you can take advantage of these discounts even if you’re staying put or aren’t a coed.

Another perfect opportunity to renew your linen closet is when your favorite retailers have their biggest sales.

Amazon, for example, has big sales on Amazon in July.

In contrast, other vendors have massive Black Friday sales that are no longer restricted to the day that follows Thanksgiving but often last the entire month of November.

And, for sheets and towels in particular, another great time to buy is during the January white sales.

White sales have been around since the nineteenth century and are a great way to start the new year off right.

These sales are typically held in January. Based on the seller, you could save somewhere between 20% to 75% throughout these post-holiday sales.

Final Thought

Hence, linens and bedding can be purchased at any time of the year, but there are a few times in the year when these bedsheets can be inexpensive, and one can buy them without any hustle and bustle or chaos at the mall. 

It is best to buy these linens at the appropriate times.

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