10 Best Times to Buy Hiking Boots

     In the United States of America, the best times to buy hiking boots are during Black Friday, Labor Day, and Memorial Day sales, as you would get significant discounts on the hiking boots. The winter is another good time to buy them as you might also get good deals.

Hiking is a recreational activity involving a long strenuous walk typically done outdoors in the countryside on pathways or trails.

Hiking is very beneficial for people as it serves as a means of exercise. Hiking also tends to help improve cardiovascular health, bone density, and weight loss.

      Before embarking on hiking, certain gear is needed, and one of the gear is hiking boots.

Hiking boots are typically designed to be more flexible than normal ordinary boots, and due to the nature of the soles, they tend to provide great support and balance.

The construction depends on the components, materials, and technologies used in constructing the boots.

Hiking boots consist of two main components: the flexible upper that wraps around the foot and the more firm sole that sits on top of the foot.

Typically, the sole consists of many layers. Under the footbed, the insole- which is typically relatively thin, is located.

The midsole, which sits between the in and outsole, may include many layers of stiffening and shock-absorbing materials.

Hiking boots are designed with an effective cushioning system that reduces the shock load conveyed to the musculoskeletal system.

Polyurethane (PU) and ethylene-vinyl-acetate(EVA) foam are used in manufacturing hiking boots’ midsoles.

EVA is a type of foam used to provide a cushioning effect and increase shock absorption in the boots.

PU is a certain type of polymer that is used to resist compression.

The difference between the two materials is that PU is typically harder and heavier than EVA but is more durable.

It is also important to note that when selecting hiking boots, there are certain factors that must be put into consideration.

Such factors include the boots’ durability, breathability, stiffness, comfort, traction, cushioning, weight, support, and stability.

It is important to note that without putting these factors into consideration, the chances of purchasing boots that would be uncomfortable would be very high.

Hiking boots are generally expensive. In America, they can cost between $100- $200 for a pair; in some cases, they could even cost more.

The prices of hiking boots depend on several factors, such as the brand, the process of production the boots underwent, and the features of the boots.

However, despite how expensive hiking boots are, there are certain times during the year that one can purchase such boots for less than the original price, and one of those times is during the Black Friday sales.

Black Friday

      The Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States of America is referred to as ‘’Black Friday”.

Black Friday traditionally signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

It is a global sales event in which retailers worldwide slash the prices of their goods.

Many retailers tend to open very early, often as early as midnight or even on Thanksgiving, and they frequently have heavily advertised bargains with steep discounts.

Some retailers may extend their offers until Monday (Cyber Monday) or for a full week.

The custom can be related to the concept of Santa Claus parades.

Santa Claus frequently makes an appearance after Thanksgiving parades, providing the impression that ‘’Santa is just around the corner’’ because Christmas is always the next significant Christian holiday after Thanksgiving.

The Black Friday sale is an opportunity to purchase hiking boots at a remarkable discount.

In America, hiking boots can be purchased at great discounts at companies such as Amazon, Under Armour, Bass Pro, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

These companies offer discounts between 25%-50% on Hiking boots.

Labor Day

     Labor Day is also another great opportunity to purchase hiking boots.

Labor Day is a federal holiday observed on the First Monday in September in the United States to honor and appreciate the American Labor Movement and the Laborers’ contributions to the nation’s growth and successes.

It coincides with Labor Day weekend, a three-day weekend. Labor day has evolved into a significant weekend for discounts and concessions by many merchants in the United States, especially for back-to-school sales, to capitalize on a large number of potential customers with time to spend.

It is allegedly one of the biggest selling days of the year, second only to Black Friday during the holiday season.

Companies such as Osprey, Black Diamond, Marmot, Stio, Mountain Hardwear, The North Face, and Cotopaxi are some of the brands which offer discounts ranging from 40%-60% off on Hiking boots during the Labor Day sales.

   Memorial Day (originally called Decoration Day) is a federal holiday observed in the United States to honor the memory of the American Service members lost while serving in the armed services.

It is marked by putting flowers and American flags on the graves of the deceased military soldiers on the final Monday in May at national cemeteries.

Memorial Day is another great opportunity to get fantastic hiking boots discounts.

Brands such as Backcountry, Darn Tough, Forsake, Howler Brothers, Huckberry, Hydro Flask, Janji, Keen, Maho Shades, Osprey, Po Campo, REI, Yeti, and Amazon are companies that offer great deals and discounts on hiking boots.

The Memorial Day sales begin in May, and the specific date depends on the individual companies.

Hiking boots may be cheaper during winter in some places because their demand might be low.

Final Words

  When purchasing Hiking boots, one of the first things to look out for is quality; it is also important to note that the higher the quality of the boots, the more expensive it tends to be.

However, getting the best quality boots at a less expensive price is still possible.

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