Best Time To Buy Wood Flooring (Save 25-75%)

Winter is the perfect time to buy wood floors at a discount since most homeowners opt for installation in the spring and summer, so shop end-of-year sales in December and January when many retailers offer wood flooring at up to 25% off. Buying incomplete packs or finding discounted wood flooring online can also yield major savings – clearance flooring is often 75% cheaper than premium grades simply due to slight cosmetic defects or product overstock. Finally, buying unfinished wood provides the most cost-efficient option as you avoid paying extra for the stain and finish, allowing you to customize the look you want for hundreds less than prefinished floor boards.

Installing wood flooring can be a major investment, with costs quickly adding up. Finding ways to save money on wood floors without compromising on quality is key.

One of the best ways to reduce costs is to buy your wood flooring at the right time. With some strategic planning around timing your purchase , you can score discounts and deals to keep more money in your pocket.

This comprehensive buyer’s guide covers everything you need to know about the best times to buy wood flooring for maximum savings .

We’ll provide tips on planning your project timeline alongside peak discount seasons, outline sale trends throughout the year, and arm you with money-saving insider tricks.

Follow our advice to keep costs down without cutting corners on stylish new floors.

When Are The Best Sales On Wood Flooring?

Knowing when dealers and retailers offer the most aggressive discounts is half the battle when scoring a deal. Here is an overview of the annual wood flooring sales calendar:

January: New Year Sales

Coming off the high-demand winter holidays, January sees high inventory levels that retailers are eager to offload with New Year sales. Discounts up to 30% off are common.

February & March: Inventory Clearance Sales

Post-holiday slowdowns mean shops are focused on clearing out existing inventory before new stock arrives for spring. Great last-chance discounts before new product lines land.

April & May: Spring Discount Sales

The prime season for home renovation projects brings a ramp-up of flooring discounts ahead of peak summer demand. Save up to 25% off.

June: Father’s Day Sales & Discounts

Father’s Day promotions join inventory sell-downs making June a surprising bargain month, with deals over 20% off possible.

July & August: Mid-Summer Lull Sales

The summer heat keeps DIY-ers and pro installers at bay, letting buyers take advantage of up to 40% off sales during this slower business period.

September & October: Fall Home Improvement Sales

Retailers entice buyers into home upgrade projects like new floors as weather cools down. Competitive discounts give 15-20% off or more. 

November: Pre-Holiday Installation Sales

Shops attract procrastinating customers with deals optimal for completing installations before holiday house guest seasons start.

Beyond the usual shifts in supply and demand, keep an eye out for lumber price changes, which can spur additional unforeseen sales.

Strategize Based On Flooring Type

Savings opportunities also differ depending on the specific type of material you choose. Here’s how sale trends break down among popular wood flooring varieties:

Solid Hardwood Flooring

As a perpetually popular choice made from premium 100% wood, savings max out at around 25% even during peak deal seasons. Target the Fall to get discounts.

Engineered Wood Flooring 

With prices typically 15-30% lower than solid hardwood, engineered wood may offer fewer deals. But more affordable starting costs stretch budgets further. 

Laminate Wood Flooring

The most budget-friendly wood flooring sees the steepest discounts during Winter, Spring and Summer clearance sales, saving shoppers 40% or more.

Bamboo Flooring

As an eco-friendly option with spiking popularity, bamboo doesn’t go on sale often. Take advantage of end-of-season Winter and Summer discounts up to 20% off when you can.

Cork Flooring

Shop discount home improvement retailers for cork’s best markdowns of 20-25% during warmer weather installation-friendly Spring and Summer months.

Exotic Wood Flooring

Premium exotic wood options like Brazilian Cherry or Santos Mahogany already come with luxury price tags and see little to no seasonal deals.

Shop Retailer Promotions For Added Value

Beyond timing your wood flooring purchase around peak discount seasons, you can multiply savings by stacking sales with other retailer promotions for extra value:

  • Group Discounts: Some retailers offer tiered pricing with bulk purchase discounts, taking 5-15% off total costs when meeting square footage minimums.
  • Credit Card Promotions: Special financing deals of 12-18 months zero interest through store credit cards let you divide payments over time interest-free.
  • Loyalty Programs: Signing up for free flooring retailer membership programs unlocks exclusive member-only discounts, coupon codes and referral bonuses.
  • Bundle Deals: One-stop shops offer tiered package pricing on flooring plus professional installation services, transition pieces and underlayments. 
  • Referral Incentives: Retailers motivate word-of-mouth advertising with cash-back rewards or discount coupons valued from $25 up to $200 for client referrals attributed to your recommendation.

Install Flooring Off-Peak For Contractor Savings

Beyond product purchase discounts, savings opportunities from hiring professional flooring installers also fluctuate across seasons:

  • Avoid Peak Season: Contractors hit their highest rates during busy Spring/Summer demand. Schedule Fall/Winter to save 15-20%.
  • Ask For Off-Peak Discounts: Negotiate 10-15% discounts for scheduling installs during their slower weeks in July or January rather than leaving peak-demand slots open.
  • Incentivize Referrals: Renovation contractors may offer referral payment discounts around $200 for sending new clients their way during slower business periods. 
  • Meet Year-End Budget Goals: Installers may offer bigger discounts toward the end of their yearly projections to hit annual revenue targets, making late Fall an ideal negotiation window.

Create A Discount-Centered Project Timeline

Now that you know all the ideal discount windows, here are step-by-step guidelines to planning your flooring purchase and installation around maximum money-saving opportunities:

Choose Flooring Type & Set Budget 

Rank wood flooring options balancing costs, styles and functionality, with laminates and bamboo offering the most discount potential. Leave 20% extra room in budgets for sales.

Shop Early Season Sales

Hit Winter or Spring clearance events after the holidays or change of seasons when past-season leftovers see steep markdowns before new inventory arrives.

Delay Installation Schedules

Don’t feel rushed to install right away unless floors are visibly hazardous. Otherwise patiently store materials until ideal contractor discount seasons later on.

Hire Professional Installers 

Contract and schedule installers during their Fall or Winter slow periods when they offer better rates and incentives.

Inspect & Maintain Floors

Carefully check installed floors for any quality issues before payments are finalized, to ensure you still fully benefit from initial purchase discounts after the project is complete. Then be diligent about proper floor protection and maintenance to extend longevity.

Over To You: Smart Shopping For Flooring Savings

Follow this guide’s insider tips to unlock wood flooring discounts from 10-40% off or more compared to paying full price during high demand seasons — all without sacrificing on quality by cutting corners.

Plan purchases around annual retailer clearance events, stacked with promotional financing offers and contractor off-peak installation rate deals. Then give your new floors the care they need to look beautiful for years so you can fully appreciate their initial discounted value with long-lasting enjoyment.

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