Best Time To Buy Golf Shoes (40-60%+ Off)

Hit the stores in January when new models roll out and last season’s shoes get marked down 40-60%. Also check for closeout sales in August when retailers make room for fall inventory. Sign up for email alerts so you don’t miss any sales or promo codes. Consider prior season designs on clearance racks year-round for the deepest discounts. Well-cared for used shoes can also offer great value if you don’t need the latest styles.

Are you an avid golfer looking to update your golf shoe game? With the high prices of performance golf shoes these days, finding ways to get quality shoes without breaking the bank can be a challenge.

Having the right shoes is essential for traction, comfort and support during your round, so you don’t want to skimp on features or durability.

The good news is that with some strategic planning around sales cycles and seasonal clearance events, there are ample opportunities throughout the year to score deals on top brands.

In this comprehensive buying guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find the best time to buy golf shoes and save the most money possible.

We’ll analyze major golf shoe sale events, explain when new model releases typically happen and when last season’s shoes get marked down.

With the insights below on the golf shoe market’s seasonal ebbs and flows, you’ll be able to upgrade your footwear without getting stuck paying full price. Let’s get started!

The Golf Shoe Market Overall

Before jumping into the calendar of golf shoe sales, it helps to understand some background on the golf shoe industry. Golf shoe technologies and styles are continually evolving similar to clubs, balls and other golf gear.

Major brands like Nike, Adidas, FootJoy and Ecco are in constant competition to release the hottest new designs packed with performance-enhancing features.

These companies also sponsor the world’s best professional golfers and rely on those athletes to showcase their latest offerings multiple times per year.

With the nonstop pace of new shoe launches, most models only have a shelf-life of one season before getting discounted or discontinued the following year.

Knowing this pattern of frequent change in the golf shoe market is key for planning your purchase. You can maximize value by focusing your search on the previous year’s models once new releases hit stores.

Even if a shoe is only six months old, it will often get marked down once something flashy and updated comes along to replace it.

Golf Shoe Yearly Sales Calendar

Now let’s get into the golf shoe sale events that routinely offer the steepest discounts and clearance prices at both brick-and-mortar golf retailers and online. Mark your calendar with these key recurring sales so you can shop at the optimal times every year:

January: New Year Sales

The calendar flips to January and most retailers are motivated to clear out remaining inventory before stocking up on new arrivals for Spring. Keep an eye out for clearance sales kicking off the new year with discounts of 50-75% off or more on discontinued golf shoe models from the prior year.

February & March: Early Spring Sales

Early Spring is a transitional period where you can catch overlap between lingering Winter closeouts and initial markdowns on last season’s warmer weather shoes. Look for sales like “End of Season Savings” and “Spring Kick-Off Deals” during this timeframe.

April & May: Spring Major Golf Sale Events

April and May host two massive annual golf gear sale events that always include steep discounts on top golf shoe brands:

– The Masters Tournament is played every April and brands will run special limited edition releases and green-colored Masters inspired shoes. Retailers also drop prices site wide and launch Masters ticket giveaway contests around this major event.

– Memorial Day Weekend in late May also sees some of the year’s best golf deals, as the industry looks to entice early season buyers. Look out for huge Memorial Day Blowout Sales with extra discounts stacked on top of already reduced clearance shoes.

June: Father’s Day Deals

Golf shoes make one of the most popular annual Father’s Day gift ideas. To drive interest around this holiday, retailers advertise Father’s Day promotions that may include bundles like shoes with balls or gloves, bonus store credit with shoe purchases or discounts upwards of 25% off.

July: Early Summer Seasonal Sales

Early summer sees the widest variety of newly released styles and technologies hit the market in preparation for peak golf season. This influx means brands and stores are eager move older models still occupying shelf space after Spring. Look for seasonal Fourth of July sales during this month as well.

August & September: End of Summer Clearance

With the return of school signaling that summer is winding down, August and September become desperate clearance months for golf retailers.

This is when you’ll find the steepest markdowns on golf shoes with discounts as high as 50-75% off. Look for clearout language like “Summer Blowout Sale” and “End of Season Clearance.”

October & November: Fall Golf Sales

October and November see more transitional sale events bridging the gap between Summer closeouts and early Winter deals around Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Veterans Day and Columbus Day holiday weekend sales often include savings on golf shoes during these months as well.

December: Holiday Sales, Gift Guides & Free Shipping Deals

December contains multiple overlapping golf shoe sale opportunities coinciding with the peak holiday shopping season. Retailers release gift guides with the most updated models of the current year and run holiday promotions guaranteeing delivery by Christmas.

Discounts may not be as steep as other clearance events but free shipping, BOGO (buy one get one) deals and gift with purchase bonuses are commonly offered this time of year.

As you can see, April, May and August/September host the most lucrative seasonal golf shoe events for serious bargain hunting. But even outside the big sales, you should always comparison shop for same model shoes across retailers.

Price variability is high, so one store might have a style marked 30% cheaper than competitors. Signing up for brand and store email lists will help you learn about sporadic flash sales as well.

Now that we’ve covered the sales calendar, let’s dive deeper into shopping strategies when new models launch compared to buying older clearance shoes.

We’ll unpack the Pros and Cons of each approach to help decide what works best for your personal budget and preferences.

Buying Brand New Release Golf Shoes

The hottest, most cutting edge golf shoes with all the latest performance innovations obviously come with excitement and appeal for gear junkies. Who doesn’t love that new shoe smell and styling right out of the box?

Before getting too trigger happy though, consider these factors when buying shoes the moment they launch:


  • You’re the first person rocking the newest colors/technology so it’s a status symbol
  • Full size availability since inventory hasn’t sold yet 
  • Manufacturer warranty intact
  • Can personally test and return if unsatisfied
  • High resell value if taking good care of shoes


  • Paying maximum retail pricing, rarely discounts on launch
  • Most sizes sell out forcing you to backorder
  • Must wait months for next restock if you miss the initial inventory


Plan ahead and be ready to buy aggressively at first release if you must have the latest and can swallow paying full price. Sign-up for notifications so you buy before stock disappears. Otherwise, wait 4-6 months until discounts hit.

Buying Last Season Discount Golf Shoes

For the budget-focused shopper, clearly the best monetary savings come from buying golf shoes from previous releases that are marked down on clearance. But there are some caveats to keep in mind when postponing your purchase:


  • Deepest discounts of the year, often 50% or more off original MSRP
  • Wider size availability as demand dies down 
  • Retailers motivated to empty inventory so they may negotiate pricing
  • Get excellent value even if used for one season 
  • Still hit key technology advancements from prior years


  • Limited color options on closeouts
  • Your preferred size may sell out early 
  • Minimal manufacturer warranty remaining
  • Cannot return shoes after excessive use


If you have patience and don’t need the absolute latest tech, target buying last season’s shoes during peak clearance months. Search multiple retailers to find your color and size still in stock. Move quickly before discontinued sizes disappear.

Hybrid Approach

A smart middle ground between the two strategies above blending new release features with clearance pricing is what we call the “Hybrid Approach.”

With this method, you skip buying from the initial launch. Then you wait for new colorways and special editions of an existing high-demand model to hit shelves.

Examples are Nike adding a new Tiger Woods inspired shoe, Adidas dropping golf shoes using Boost technology from running or FootJoy updating a franchise like the Flex XP.


  • Get new color options and minor tech tweaks
  • Pay 25-50% off versus launch MSRP
  • Leverage excitement around a proven top seller restyled
  • Still appears fresh to your golf partners


  • Discounts not quite as steep as true closeouts
  • Limited stock and sizes during smaller releases 
  • Requires closely tracking popular models


Use the Hybrid model to balance affordable prices and cutting edge looks plus performance. Target supplementary releases of mega popular franchises so you own exclusive styles in your size.

Now that we’ve weighed the opportunities and trade-offs of buying shoes at different times, let’s get into the critical factors you must evaluate when selecting a golf shoe itself. Keep these facets top of mind regardless of whether you pay full freight or snag a clearance pair.

How to Select the Best Golf Shoes For Your Game

With so many shoe brands, models and styles available these days built on a wide spectrum of features and technologies, it can get overwhelming determining what best suits your game.

You obviously want shoes that fit properly and feel comfortable walking 18 holes. But dialing in performance factors like traction, support and stability is also integral to consistent play.   

Let’s explore the key considerations when shopping for golf shoes so you select the right kicks:

Spike Configuration

Golf shoes traditionally came equipped with metal spikes offering maximum grip. But soft, plastic spike systems have become more prominent due to being more joint-friendly and allowing clubhouse access after rounds.

Determine the right spikes for your typical course conditions. Softer spikes better suit Senior golfers as well.

Waterproofing Ability

Don’t ruin a great round with wet, blistered feet thanks to leaky shoes during morning dew or sudden rain. If you play year-round in varying weather, prioritize waterproofing like Gore-Tex lining to keep feet dry the entire 18.

Ankle Height & Support

Links courses involve stepped terrain changes requiring stable uppers securing ankles while walking slopes. Opt for mid to high-top shoes offering increased mobility support if playing uneven lies or Senior golfers more injury prone. Lower, ultra flexible styles work for flat flatter layouts.

Athletic Fit Feel

The best golf shoes mimic technical running or basketball shoes now, built on advanced materials like lightweight knits offering that broken-in fit right away. Prioritize comfort walking miles during a round.


Grippy soles with prominent traction lugs, especially the outer edges, remain vital for preventing slips through your swing. Ensure your shoes deliver ample traction for divots, slopes and tricky stances.


While performance reigns supreme, today’s golf shoes look so dope that upgrading your leather dress classics may help you look forward to gearing up. Find modern shoes complementing your age, personality and typical course vibe.

Armed with those facets in your decision toolkit, let’s summarize the Best Golf Shoe Brands across performance, styling and value metrics:

Best Golf Shoe Brand Breakdown

Nike Golf

Between icon Tiger Woods’ franchise and advanced FlyKnit technology seen on Jordan Brand basketball shoes, Nike sits atop the golf shoe game emphasizing athletic styling and lightweight comfort.

Models with integrated forefoot Zarma-Tour cleats and full-length Phylon or React midsoles are hard to beat for versatility across ability levels. Shop Nike shoes especially leading up to new release drops for the Hybrid Approach discussed earlier.

Adidas Golf

Boasting category-leading Boost cushioning adopted from the coveted UltraBoost running franchise coupled with grippy spikeless designs, Adidas challenges Nike as the performance leader.

Adidas further leverages celebrity influencer endorsements from stars like Justin Thomas, Jon Rahm and Paula Creamer along with an array of 3-Stripe classic looks. Time Adidas shoe buys with major golf tournament promotions or clothing sales. 


Regarded for decades as the number one shoe in golf, FootJoy offers incredible technology like Ortholite Impressions Fit Beds molding to your exact foot shape and P.I.N.S. micro-peg traction systems.

While styling skews less athletic, FootJoy leads in stability and support with options ideal for Senior players. Catch FootJoy shoes on sale during bigger holiday weekends.

Ecco Golf

The understated Cadillac of golf shoes, Ecco utilizes supple leather shaping to feet and their MTN Grip outsole for traction rivaling spiked models. Ecco shoes come with heftier price tags but surge ahead in long term comfort sans break-in.

Snag your normal size when Ecco offers inventory clearance or bundled discount gift cards to offset costs.

While those four giants lead the market, golfers on tighter budgets should monitor sales around smaller brands like Skechers Go Golf, New Balance and Under Armour HOVR playing the value card.

Discounted outlet deals on previous models from Puma Golf and Callaway Footwear can also unlock big savings on quality shoes with some sticker peeling.   

Now that we’ve surveyed the entire golf shoe landscape, let’s connect the final dots on specific strategies to guarantee you score lowest pricing.

Tips & Hacks to Unlock Maximum Golf Shoe Savings

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations on your dedication to playing more golf while spending less money on gear! To punctuate this buying guide, here are some final Pro Tips to lock in crazy low prices on quality shoes:

Sign Up For Retail Email Lists

This initial step is mission critical for getting notified the second sales go live. Whether you prefer purchasing shoes online or in-store, email lists grant exclusive early access to the deepest deals. Sign up folder and inboxes accordingly.

Buy Off Season Styles During Clearance

Certain models cater specifically to Summer or Winter playing conditions. Use that to your advantage by buying Summer styles in Winter and vice versa to maximize savings up to 75% off when retailers slash prices on seasonally irrelevant shoes taking up rack space.

Buy Display Shoes or Online Returns

Retail stores typically showcase display samples allowing customers to test sizing and technologies. Same goes for online orders returned to fulfillment centers after some use.

If comfortable purchasing these technically used shoes, you can save big on discounted display and return models inspected and cleared for reselling.

Price Match Competing Retailers

Rarely does the same exact shoe sell for the same retail price between stores and websites. Leverage price matching policies when you find a lower price elsewhere on an equivalent model.

This includes calling support teams at online retailers if discovering a cheaper listing on Google Shopping not linked directly.

Use Live Chat Support

Speaking of direct retailer contact, when you have a promising lead on an available discount not advertising openly, use Live Chat boxes on retailer sites to engage support reps.

Explain exactly the shoe and size you want and inquire about any existing coupons or percent-off deals that could be manually applied to your order. You’d be surprised how much extra wiggle room this hack unlocks.

Bottom Line

Hopefully this comprehensive guide better equips you to attack the golf shoe market armed with insider knowledge on the best times to buy throughout the year.

Applying the layered sales calendar, early release vs closeout purchase decision analysis, top shoe brand breakdowns and discount-hunting hacks outlined above will fast track you to scoring prime footwear without draining your bank account.

Use the fresh insights here to set purchase alerts locking onto target clearance events and new model launches most appealing to your needs.

Study up on distinguishing characteristics across Nike, Adidas and more top labels so you recognize prime technologies and styles the moment they hit sites or store shelves. Then monitoring retailer emails and ads will feel more actionable rather than overwhelming.

Most importantly, enjoy the elevated confidence, comfort and consistency while wearing your new kicks all season thanks to seizing the moments highlighted in this guide!

Let us know in the comments if you achieve golf shoe nirvana on a steep markdown utilizing these tips. We’ll happily give a virtual high five. Now get out there, walk 36 holes and save some par along the way!

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