Best Time To Buy Diamond Jewelry (40%+ Off)

Mark your calendars for end-of-year clearance sales – jewelers deeply discount older collections in December to spur holiday sales, with prices cut up to 40%. January is another prime sale month as stores make way for new merch. For certified stones, estate auctions and pawn shops offer dazzling deals at half the retail cost year-round. Always get appraisals; vintage settings can mask wear. With informed hunting, spectacular savings on diamond jewelry await! Let loose your inner magpie once the deals sparkle bright.

Diamond jewelry can be quite expensive, so finding ways to get the best deal is important if you want to save money. The good news is there are certain times of the year when you can score significant savings on diamond jewelry, often 20-30% or more compared to regular retail prices.

In this comprehensive buying guide, we’ll explore the details around the best times and ways to shop for diamond jewelry while spending the least amount of money. You’ll learn insider tips from jewelry experts as well as data and facts on diamond price trends.

If saving money is your top priority when diamond jewelry shopping, this guide will equip you to make the right buying decisions. Getting an excellent deal is possible with some strategic planning and timing your purchase right.

Let’s get started with the top 5 times of year when diamond jewelry goes on sale.

The 5 Best Times of Year to Buy Diamond Jewelry

  • January and February – After the Holidays Sales
  • March and April – Spring Inventory Clearance Sales
  • May and June – Summer Bridal Jewelry Sales
  • September and October – Holiday Inventory Ramp-up Sales 
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Events
  • January/February – After Holiday Clearance Sales

The holiday shopping season culminates from Black Friday through early January when consumers spend the most on gifts, including diamond jewelry. This spike in spending means jewelry stores need to clear out inventory in January and February to make way for new stock.

It’s the perfect chance to take advantage of post-holiday clearance sales. Discounts frequently reach 30-50% off or more! Be ready to act fast once these new year sales launch, as the very best deals on diamond jewelry sell out quickly.

Tip: Sign up for email newsletters from your favorite retailers in December so you’re the first to know when their big sales get announced in January.

March/April – Spring Inventory Sales

Jewelry retailers also ramp up promotions in March and April to clear out inventory from the holiday season. Discounts may not be quite as steep as the January clearance sales, but you can still save 20-30% typically. April also sees some spring-themed sales focused on pieces with colorful gemstones.

The other key reason March/April offers sales is so jewelers can raise cash to purchase new inventory arriving for summer, especially bridal sets. Again, selection will be best if you shop early in this sale period.

Tip: Search for coupon codes to add on top of the sale prices in March and April. Sales can sometimes overlap with sitewide or extra diamond savings promo codes too. 

May/June – Summer Bridal Jewelry Sales 

With spring in full swing in May and June, jewelers entice soon-to-be brides and grooms with special sales on engagement rings, wedding bands, and other bridal jewelry gift ideas for the wedding party. Discounts of 20-25% are common during bridal events and trunk shows.

The other jewelry sales you can shop during May and June are for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts. Prices on diamond earrings, pendants, bracelets, and men’s diamond bands often drop 10-15% or more.

Tip: Book an appointment at bridal sales during slower hours on weekdays to get the best service and selection. The associates can guide you through quality factors to find the right ring at the best price. 

September/October – Holiday Inventory Sales

The main huge sales you’ll find in September and October are related to jewelers preparing for the holidays and end-of-year engagements. Just like March, retailers want to sell off summer inventory for cash to purchase new holiday and bridal stock ramping up through December.

Early fall sales focus heavily on diamond basics – stud earrings, tennis bracelets, solitaire pendants, etc. November introduces more special gift sets and seasonal accents with colored gemstones to entice Christmas shoppers. Across September to November you’ll generally save 20-30% off diamond jewelry.

Tip: Don’t wait too long before holidays or peak bridal season starts when selection is lower. Shop September/October for best availability on discounted diamond jewelry. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

No surprise that two more big sale times ideal for diamond jewelry deals are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Especially over the past 5-10 years, the savings once exclusive to tech and electronics now includes all categories like fashion and fine jewelry.

Retailers launch their highest discounts of the year during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales weekend. It’s very common to get 30-50% off diamond jewelry, sometimes even up to 70% when they really need to clear old models and odd sizes.

The only catch is you have less than a month until the December holidays so make sure to filter for in-stock items with reliable delivery estimates.

Tip: Check return policies before you buy any diamond jewelry around the holidays. Some require earlier return dates for these mega sale prices. 

How to Get Even More Savings All Year Round

Beyond the main diamond jewelry sales listed above, you can save big all year round. Jewelry retailers launch sitewide promotions, loyalty programs, and other exclusive subscriber savings you can take advantage of. Here are extra ways to get your best price:

Join Email Lists

Be the first to know about upcoming sales, exclusive subscriber promo codes, and VIP access to private sales. Make sure you’re signed up for all major jewelry retailer email lists and pay attention to sale announcements. 

Open Credit Cards

Jewelry-specific credit cards offer big one-time discounts for new cardholders, like 25% off your first purchase. Just be sure to pay the balance off each month. Some best cards are from jewelers like Zales, Kay, Jared, etc. 

Shop Resale Sites

Gently-used and vintage diamond jewelry sells for less on sites like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and specialty resale sites. You get bigger discounts when people need to sell quickly. Authentication protects against fraud. 

Negotiate at Local Stores 

Independent local jewelers have more flexibility to negotiate one-of-a-kind or estate pieces. Do your homework on pricing based on cut, clarity, color, and carat factors. Bring cash to pay since financing costs them fees. 

Consider Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab diamonds have the same optical properties as mined at just 30-40% less cost on average. Savings comes from more efficient growing methods compared to expensive mining. Quality can equal or sometimes exceed a mined diamond. 

Buy Online 

Skip the store markup and overhead – buying diamond jewelry online is cheaper. Reliable retailers like James Allen and Blue Nile pass huge savings to customers. Make sure return policies fit your needs when you can’t see items in person first. 

Follow Seasonal Sales Trends

Remember the 5 best times listed up front to shop diamond jewelry sales all year round. Set calendar reminders on your phone 60 days ahead so you have time to research. Sign up for sales alerts too.

Getting the Best Deal on Diamond Jewelry by Understanding Price Factors

The key to guaranteeing you get the very best deal on diamond jewelry is simple – do your homework first before buying anything. Prices fluctuate widely depending on certain quality characteristics of the stone itself along with the precious metals and design details that make up the overall ring, necklace, or earrings.

Understand what makes up the price so you can compare apples to apples when deal hunting. Here are the main factors to evaluate:

Diamond Quality Grades

Diamonds get rated on color, clarity, cut and carat weight. The best and rarest diamonds score highest across these “4 Cs” which greatly impacts the price. Know the grade distinctions. 

Color: Rated D-Z on intensity of yellow tones – D, E and F colorless grades are premium but also way more expensive. Determine how faint yellow tints your eyes can tolerate while still saving money.

Clarity: FL to I3 from flawless down to visible inclusions to the naked eye. FL has incredible sparkle but is exceptionally pricey. Modestly included SI clarity grades offer huge savings while still eye clean when set. 

Cut: Factors in facet design, proportions and craftsmanship for light return. “Excellent” has premium brilliance and fire dispersion. “Very Good” grades also have sparkle for less.

Carat Weight: Not just about size – more so rarity. Prices rise exponentially because larger rough material is less common. Even with the same quality grades, carat weight differences greatly impact price per carat. 

Precious Metals

Platinum is premium but white gold alloyed with some nickel or palladium offers bright silvery shine for less. Research metabolic concerns. Rose gold mixes copper; yellow gold mixes silver plus zinc and copper for strength and diverse skin tone pairings. 

Ring Style and Accent Stones  

Plain classic solitaire or three-stone anniversary rings tend be most budget friendly. Adding extra diamond accent stones, halo designs, unique shapes or engraved detail increases the price but also the overall impression for a customized look.

Matching wedding bands also need consideration when combining new jewelry selections. Adding fancier bands, men’s rings with diamond accents, matching curve shapes all upgrades the total spend. Collect some inspiration from rings she admires.

Overall Craftsmanship

High quality craftsmanship contributes to cost – hand set micro pave, engraving, milgrain edges etc. Require skilled specialists and equipment. Cast mass manufactured has much lower quality and isn’t as durable long term. 

Brand Name Recognition 

Finally, branding plays a role in pricing even when underlying materials and construction quality is similar across retailers. Designer names like Tiffany charge premiums targeting affluent shoppers appreciating prestigious reputation and famous blue gift boxes.

Leverage insider tips in this guide to just get scintillating stones and metals without overpaying for prestige when your budget demands savings.

Things To Consider Before Buying

If reading this buying guide gets overwhelming with so many variables around diamond quality grades, ring components and retail pricing strategies, just remember these key points when deal hunting:

Set Your Budget First:

Be realistic – have honest conversations around affordable spending including rings, wedding bands and jewelry gifts for attendants if applicable. Don’t overextend your financial means going into debt. Determine clear priorities like size versus quality.

Do Tons of Research: 

Online is great for getting up to speed quickly on how quality factors and certification details impact pricing so you’re informed. Check jeweler sites for real examples with actual sticker prices attached so you train your eye. Don’t worry about memorizing technical specs – bookmark or screenshot pieces similar to your vision so you can reference when deal hunting later. 

Find Flexibility on Non-Essentials:

Lockdown the highest color, clarity and sparkle within budget as most visible diamond components that can’t compromise. Then offset with lower priority elements like dropping from platinum to white gold metal can still appear bright white. Or maybe opt for petite halo embellishments instead of mega carat weight – still impressive! 

Plot Your Purchase Strategy: 

Align the 5 major sale times we outlined with when you realistically want to buy your diamond jewelry. Planning 60-90 days out from those best deal cycles gives you sufficient window to prepare and preview inventory. Sign up for all relevant sales alerts so you’re the first notified when promotions launch.

Act Fast When the Best Deals Launch:

Shop early in holiday weekends or clearance events before hot deals expire or sell out in popular sizes. Have your credit card ready to check out swiftly and cement your sale price. Slower hesitation could lose out. 

Use All Discount Tactics Available:

Compound savings by layering sale prices with other promos like applying new cardholder percentages, monitoring for coupon codes valid on fine jewelry categories only or stacking loyalty points for maximum value. 

Enjoy Peace of Mind:

Reputable retailers provide certification reports from grading labs like GIA or AGS with unbiased analysis of diamond quality benchmarks. Review return timeframes and inspection policies upfront for your protection on major purchases.

final words

Following the tips in this thorough guide sets you up for diamond jewelry buying success! You now have the insider knowledge on not only when baselines discounts happen all year but also how to leverage additional savings tactics for huge total dollar and percentage off savings. Pair that with understanding diamond price drivers so you can adjust priorities that keep quality high while costs low relative to your budget. 

The final keys are giving yourself adequate prep time to research properly combined with quick action when ideal sales align with purchase plans. Get excited when you receive alerts for new promotions and clearance events. It’s the fruit of foundational work you put in to track the ideal seasons and monthly opportunities.

With some strategy and planning, you can save 20-50% off full prices on diamond jewelry so take advantage! The deeper your understanding and more tools you use from this guide, the more fun you’ll have securing amazing deals.

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